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Information sharing or propaganda?

So much news is clearly wrong, but many live in hope tat it's right and they have formed their opinions correctly

So much news is clearly wrong, but many live in hope that it's right and they have formed their opinions correctly

We like to think that we are free to choose, but are we really?

Before the advent of writing and our modern technology, we simply exchanged our news and ideas by talking to each other. How much people believed was dependent on their character as everyone instinctively knew who to believe in who not to believe when it came to sharing news.

In the age before modern media, the person who told the story was responsible and if they were not responsible, they were likely to be chastised by the community for misleading them.  With the advent of science and the development of the consumer society where we live in worlds of experts, political intrigue and mass communication, it is difficult to know who to believe.  We live in a divided society and we take sides on many issues as, for instance, some people are in favour of genetic manipulation of our foods and some are not. Some people favour one political system and some favour another which is also reflected in our media.

Some media organisations are in favour of the government and will not write anything against them, while some media organisations are opposed to the government and will write negatively about, provided they have the freedom to do so. The public freedom to criticise the government comes and goes. Following the Second World War the end of the new age of reason and cooperation as the world recovered.

It seems that all media are reactionary, and thereby add unnecessary fuel to whatever fire is burning. Given the way media is owned, much of this is deliberate to fuel sales/ratings and thereby profits.

But it seems today that we have come full circle, we are once again in an age where criticising government and government policy is going out of fashion as it did in Germany during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Media control is of course censorship and a denial of information and the truth.  There is still truth in some of the media, it is true that the factory blew up, so many people died and certain persons are responsible and of course our media is full of the sort of truth, they really love it, as it gives them a clear conscience about their role in the world.

In fact, the media love anything to do with death, pain and suffering; such reporting is straightforward and yet the hype that they attach to it engenders a certain degree of fear in society as well is the degree of contentment that those all things are not happening to us.  Governments of course love this factual reporting as well, it really suits them to think that the people in their society are a little afraid of things going on around them and that by passing new legislation they will in some small way, give the people a little more protection under the law.

Unfortunately we live in an age where there are so many rules, laws and regulations that living is stifled and the actual costs of living increased, which further divides the gap between rich and poor. You could say that the media is actually now a political smokescreen because with all the information at our fingertips between television and newspapers, periodicals and Internet blogs, it is very hard to know what to believe.

The war on terror, of course, is a very good case in point. The American government spent hundreds of millions of dollars to track down and capture the two men they believe were responsible and yet there was scarcely a ripple of concern when a fertiliser factory blew up and almost destroyed a complete town killing many more people than the Boston bombers as on the face of it both situations were acts of terror from the perspective of those at the scene.

Somehow the media perspective is all wrong

The deaths of individuals can take up for five minutes of prime-time news, while the fact that a child a minute dies of hunger is never reported outside of some obscure documentary.  It is my opinion that today the news and entertainment media exists as a tool of government and Corporation to keep people lined the truth. It is quite clear that those in power desire to stay in power for as long as possible and they will use whatever means it takes to do so, regardless of any impact on the population. This is apparent in the militarisation of the American police force, the changes in law to allow most governments to legitimately spy on their own population and the continued growth of the gap between rich and poor.

If you want to know the truth about who died where and when, the media news is a reasonable guide, if you want to know that a particular person was sentenced for a crime, you must remember that there is a 3% error in that for every hundred people sentenced of committing a crime, three of those people may be innocent and wrongly convicted.

If you want to know the wherefore and why of politics and political decision-making, you really need to fine tune your perception and enhance your ESP. in most Western countries, politicians stopped making decisions on behalf the people and instead stepped up making policy and changes to suit their friends in power as well as to hold onto their own power as long as they can.

Fortunately, there are still two sides to every argument and when you are taking an interest in world politics and events, don't rely on your own TV news, change channel and listen to what other reporters have to say because it's surely going to be different from what you first thought.

If you think this is all a bit crazy, it is and at the end of the day, it's just my opinion and if you want a contrast to the American and British line that most media companies around the world simply parrot without researching, switch-over and have a listen to Russian Television and social media.

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