No Underwear

And should it be a problem?

Some people think that going without underwear is a taboo and an act of indecency, however it's so easy to forget unless underwear it's a feature of your outfit. Unless one's skirt is particularly short and you happen to bend over in someone's view or sit in view with your legs apart, no one is likely to notice and honestly its nice not to have panty lines and sometimes no lines in your skin at the end of the day.

Going braless in some societies can be more problematic if you have bigger boobs or wear revealing tops but society is moving on and going braless is more socially acceptable. My girlfriends thought I was brave or stupid, I liked the brave notion but really I didn't care. I was comfortable braless and while some guys occasionally stared, they were never a bother. I sometimes wear panties during my menses, sometimes I forget but I don't leak and this really is the only time panties I feel serve any purpose.

Kerri writes: I was in a hurry one morning and forgot. I fretted all day by no one noticed so sometimes I'd deliberately go without but I never told anyone. After a year of experimenting, I went totally without and then I started getting interested in boys. I knew the boys at my school would blab so I never dated them and I discovered that working men were highly appreciative. I'd advise everyone to try going commando and I like guys who leave off their jockeys.

Ruth writes: Back in the 1980s when I was growing up I'd often forget to put on my underwear, more often my panties. At school it was never an issue and when I left I was expected to wear a nice midiskirt, pantyhose or stockings and a blouse in the office. It seemed completely illogical to wear panties and pantyhose over the top so I never wore panties. I eventually graduated to stockings that would stay up by themselves and I enjoyed that my genitals could breathe. Even though I'm fairly well undoubtedly breasts department, it took a while but I gave up wearing a bra altogether because I was so much more comfortable. It was about then that boob tubes became more available and I'd often wear one when I was doing anything sporty to restrict the bounce. I hope this insight is helpful for someone.

Jess writes: I have often just forgotten to put on my bra or knickers although I don't need much persuasion to leave off my bra because they are so uncomfortable even though my boobs are C and jiggle as I walk. In my last couple of years at middle school I'd sometimes get told off but at high school few people took any notice even though I wore short skirts. A girl I hung out with also went without and she had a thing for one of our teaches and displayed herself more than me. Dealing with boys was more interesting, they all knew and some were horrid and acted superior, but most wanted to ask me out. Over the years I have usually exited on the exposed myself on occasions and the results always amusing.

Mandy writes: I was about 12 when I went to the beach one day with my family and a whole lot of friends and forgot to bring my bikini so I went swimming in my bra and panties. When it was time to go home of course I was somewhat sandy and anxious. I told mum that the sand my bra and panties along with their witness was uncomfortable and as we were the last to leave, she told me to have a quick skinny dip to wash the sand off so I did. I think dad and my brother were rather amused but they knew not to say anything. By the time we got home I'd forgotten all about my absence of underwear under what was a simple mini dress. It wasn't until that evening when I went to take a shower that I really noticed. Next morning when I put my bra on to go to school it was so uncomfortable I left it off and a school no one noticed. I was somewhat amused at having my own little secret, the weeks passed, I'd put a bra into the washing basket to keep up appearances and I also began living off my panties. All that time mum had known, she sat me down one day and told me that she often went without underwear. I expected to get told off and I was so surprised. She was actually supportive and talked about how she dealt with people who looked down on her or tried to take advantage. The only time a war a bra since those early school days was when I was breastfeeding because I had lots of milk and my booze would leak so I needed something to soak it up. Occasionally aware panties during my period and in contrast to some of my girlfriends who wear synthetic knickers and often complain about thrush, of never suffered that.

Marriette says: when I was quite young, about eight or nine I had an interest in fashion and looking through the photos of old movie stars and the flapper era, the highest sense of fashion seemed to be absence of underwear and displaying the smooth contours of the body. As a child I wasn't allowed to wear anything slinky in public, but as a latchkey kid I'd have a couple of hours after school to play dress up and sometimes just run around naked. I think about the year after I started doing that I also began going to school without underwear and no one seemed to notice and those who did didn't care so it was never an issue. When I got interested in boys it was kinda fun to flash them and I was sometimes a bit of a tease until I discovered sex and then it was all just part of the overall seduction. So I think girls need to at least experiment going without underwear and if it works for them, that's wonderful.

In summary: Social politics are tricky to negotiate, there is all this political and social pressure to conform, to spend money on what is generally unseen and has limited practical use. Going without panties is likely to reduce the incidence of thrush and other genital infections. Some argue that underwear represents a moral constraint, a kind of straitjacket and the Western equivalent of a hijab to keep women in their place. But if woman are going to claim their feminine power not to compete with men, but to stand beside them in partnership, we have to make your own decisions, make your own life choices and wireless one thing being told what to do by one's husband, there is always a choice to obey or not, but being told how to dress and how to live your life by some faceless corporation, that's way more obscene than the occasional person seeing what's under your skirt or blouse.


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