Nuru massage

Pure decadence and a sensual indulgence

nu07aNuru massage can be seen as a rather exotic Asian delicacy because this is where the massage originates. In some ways it is an extension of the world famous 'rub and tug' massage, but there is more to it than that.

Nuru is an erotic style of massage designed to get the client as highly aroused as possible and then have sex. The massage begins with the establishment of the massage protocol and the client paying a rather hefty fee and the therapist who is likely more experienced at having sex then giving massage gets to work.

The first stage of the treatment is a shower with the masseur or masseuse (therapist). The therapist will be naked in the shower or bath with the client and proceed to give him or her a very complete wash down with a good deal of flirting and erotic (mutual) touching.

The massage most often takes place on a plastic air bed or a similar washable surface. The massage medium is a seaweed gel which is usually pre-warmed. It is applied almost by the litre and it's a very slippery medium.

At the beginning of the massage, as with most massage styles, the client is normally facedown. Many practitioners of this style dribble or pour the seaweed gel over the client, spread it a little with their hands and maybe even perform some regular massage techniques before using their own body as a massage and device.

To put it simply, the masseur or masseuse slip-slides all over the client with emphasis on using their breasts and genitals against the client's body. They may also use their hands and fingers to stimulate erogenous zones and massage the clients genitals.

When the client turns over, the massage often becomes more intimate and depending on the rapport between client and therapist, the massage moves to oral sex and full intercourse.

The fees clients pay for the service range from about $50 in some Asian cities to over $1000 in the USA. This massage also delights people who like to watch and it has become another channel within the porn industry.

Does this massage have any therapeutic value?

This is an erotic massage that lacks the values of sensual, and tantra massage, but it gives people an opportunity to live out a fantasy and as such this type of physical pleasure is generally harmless. There is a high degree of sensual stimulation, however the energy generated during a massage flows into eroticism before it is finally dissipated by the act of intercourse or sexual release.

So in terms of the therapeutic values of what most people consider to be legitimate massage, the value of Nuru massage is low.

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