Oh Fatso

A Christmas Tale

Part one of a Xmas let go

On Christmas Eve we'd organised Christmas for the kids, and had everything packed for them to spend the holiday break with their cousins upstate. But for me being the junior partner in a law firm, I had been elected to work over on a few cases due in court in the coming weeks.

But on that Christmas eve night I dreamt of making out with Santa Claus which was weird because not only did I not believe but I also loathed fat men.  I woke up feeling totally turned on and if the kids hadn't been running round in excitement I would have satisfied myself with Rick, my husband.

So we all got up and in the space of a few hours had breakfast, loaded up the car and I waved goodbye to my family. After a quick tidy up of the house, I had a long hot shower and masturbated which partly relieved my itch before dressing and driving into work.

I was an hour late although that didn't really matter because I was there by myself. I read up on the case files for my new client who had a 1 p.m. appointment. He was taking a suit against someone else and arrived 10 minutes later.  But what surprised me was that he was a jolly fat man and he actually came in wearing a Santa hat. He apologised saying that he'd had trouble getting away from a kids party.

As we started reviewing his case, I kept remembering that dream to the point where I was feeling a little flushed. As I continued taking notes and cross-referencing everything in readiness for the court, our conversation became a little more personal and although he was professional, his eyes were checking out my figure.

Because I'd been in a hurry this morning and because it was holiday season, I hadn't taken quite so much care dressing. After I'd done my make up, I'd put on my usual office suit with a shorter skirt and nothing underneath the jacket in a style that the senior partners liked when they were sending me to woo a new client. I never thought about it much but I guess I looked pretty hot.

After an hour, we'd covered the important aspects of his case and I offered him a drink. I was thinking of coffee but he said that since it is the holiday season, how about something stronger? As I walked over to the cabinet in my office, he told me I had a nice legs and as I poured drinks it just felt really nice being appreciated. I thanked him for the compliment and we continued chatting but before I picked up the drinks, I undid my top button and when I leaned over to pass him his drink he got an unexpected view down my cleavage.

Instead of sitting behind my desk, I sat on it and turned the conversation to his background and life experiences in part to understand where he was coming from in pressing his case, But I was amused as his eyes flickered up and down my body. I could see that he had the hots for me and that dream kept intruding into my thoughts.

I was only halfway through my drink when he finished his and asked for another. By then I knew we were gonna fuck so I drained my own glass before taking his.  I knew he could almost completely see my boobs which gave me quite a thrill. Of course sitting on the table my skirt had written up slightly and as I walked away he complimented my body again.

Despite having had three kids, I've been fortunate and kept myself in good shape. As I was pouring the drinks he came up beside me, put his hand on my arse and told me I was the sexiest lawyer he'd ever met.  Ignoring his hand on my arse I half turned to pass his drink and I realised he actually smelt rather nice. As I turned his hand slid from my arse, up over my waist and his fingers pulled the front of my jacket open a little more.

He was an inch taller than me but more than twice as round. I noticed that his face was nicely shaved but he had a few grey hairs showing on his chest. Even though it was inappropriate, his fingers stroking the top of my boob felt nice and there was that dream again intruding into my mind. Instead of pulling away as I knew I should, I stood there facing him, put my finger on the base of his neck and just slowly let it slide down to his top button as I asked if there was anything else I needed to know about his case.

By then he was undoing the remaining buttons on my jacket while my fingers played with the hair on his chest and I undid several of his buttons.  He put his drink down, fondled my boobs with both hands and then started sucking one of my nipples as his hands struggled to push my jacket back off my shoulders.

I was back in my dream and Santa was undressing me, I took my hand away from his chest and shrugged my shoulders back allowing my jacket to fall to the floor. His mouth was busy with my nipples, I could feel them erecting and my body flushing in anticipation. I felt his hands slide down over my waist and as my fingers stroked  through his hair and down over his massive shoulders, he found the button on my skirt and moments later it fell to the floor.

In my dream Santa had a nice big cock, so I hoped this guy was reasonably well endowed. I've been married to Rick for eight years and the first few times we had sex I was a bit disappointed by his performance although he is reasonably well endowed, but after having sex regularly for a few weeks, he found his confidence and stamina.  Anyhow, I opened his shirt and stroked his big belly for a moment before his hands found my arse and he pulled me against him.

We were still maintaining the semblance of a conversation, his business and my good looks.  After a few flattering comments from him we kissed and then he was kissing his way down over my boobs and sliding my knickers down.  He sank down to his knees and I liked the way his mouth and tongue caressed my skin. As soon as my knickers were off, he asked me to turn around so he could appreciate my arse.

There was something about him, a nice manner and I think I would have done almost anything. As he nibbled and kissed his way over my fanny, I leaned forward a little and his tongue just reached my pussy.  For a moment I remembered Santa had a big tongue like a reindeer's pushing up inside of me. But then he was getting to his feet and dropping his trousers as I was still fantasising about Santa in my dream and I half turned so I could rest my hands on the counter and bend forwards.

I turned my face then smiled as I watched him pull off his trousers. I was pleased to see that his cock although it wasn't huge, it looked perfectly adequate. Moments later his fingers were exploring between my legs then his thumb slipped up inside me and his fingers rubbed my clit.  He had a nice touch so I opened my legs a little wider.

He said I had the most perfect arse and I smiled to myself as his tongue began sliding up and down between my cheeks. I sensed he was going to try and use his mouth so I said "come on big boy, fuck me."

Moments later he entered me, thrusting slowly at first and slowly building momentum. Every now and again I'd adjust my hips to change the angle and increase the pleasure, but after 10 minutes I wanted something more. I stood up and suggested we try something else. He was already perspiring but a very happy man. I led him over to the couch, got him to lay down and I climbed on top.

I knelt over him and took his cock inside then bounced up and down for a while. But when I leaned forward to lay on top of him, his belly made it difficult and I had a sense of concern that if he was on top of me, I might get squashed. Unsure of exactly what I wanted to do, I teased him for a bit then repositioned myself so that I could slide right off and then slide back down until he was inside to his full depth. I kept it for a while and his hands played with my boobs.

But I wanted more intensity so I turned around and rode him in the reverse cowgirl which was better and I almost made myself come. We talked about sex and what we liked as I fucked him and after a while he pushed me onto the floor then got on top of me. Fortunately he took his weight on his arms and it was just his belly pressing against mine as he put his cock back inside.

It felt great and then he knelt up, picked up my legs, rested them over his shoulders and then he really began to fuck me. Oh my god, it was so good with his strong arms holding my legs and each time he thrust he also pulled me back against him so I got his full depth. Amazingly we both came together and the ending was something like I remembered from my dream.

Our meeting had gone way over time and I had another client due any moment. While he was getting dressed, we finished our drinks and then he was gone. I felt wonderful and enjoyed the novelty of being naked in my own office. That feeling was so great I walked out into the public area, used the bathroom and then returned to tidy up ready for my next client. I was interrupted by a call from Rick on Skype, I quickly checked my face in the mirror and put my jacket on before sitting behind the desk and taking the call. I saw the kids and many of our extended family, but the call was interrupted by the security announcing my next client.

I quickly said goodbye and was just about to put on my skirt when I saw a shadow from the hallway.

Part two... Enter Nigel


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