On the road

The story of a runaway in search of a better life

Aged 13, I'd just run away from home with a spare dress in my small hand bag I'd not long begun toting as I hadn't wanted to arouse suspicion as  left. I climbed up on the highway and stuck out my thumb, the second car that went by pulled over and I nervously got in beside the guy who turned out to be a travelling salesman. He was only going as far as the next town and I told him that I was going to the next town beyond that. He was quite nice and after he'd dropped me off, I had a long walk to the edge of town.

My next ride was with a truckie, he was going all the way up to Chicago whereas I had a mind to head for California coz I had an aunt in Sacramento. We got talking and I told him I was 18. Sometime later, he had to stop for gas and invited me into the restaurant. I only had $12 and the meal he ordered cost him $6.50 that I thought that was far too much to spend so I made do with a small packet of chips. Back in the truck, we talked for a bit and I think I might've slept for a while because then it was dark.

It was late when we pulled into a roadhouse, he gassed up his truck and asked me where I was planning on spending the night. I said I had no idea so he invited me to share his room. I felt really nervous, but I didn't seem to have much choice and I figured if it came to sex, it couldn't be much worse than with Stephen and his father.

He asked me to stay out of sight as he booked the room and got some food. I sneaked in and sat watching the TV while he took a shower. We ate something and then he told me to take a shower. It seemed reasonable and I did although I felt embarrassed when he said I should leave the door open. When I'd done, we sat together watching the TV with just the towels wrapped around us and he said that he thought I was a runaway child. I tried to pretend I was not, but I don't think I fooled him. Then he said if I was nice, he'd drive me further on.

I did as he asked, I posed naked for him and then we had sex. His cock was way bigger than Stephen and his father who'd been using my body and we reasons I'd run away  It really hurt at first, but afterwards it felt nice. He kept fucking me for a long time and I felt so amazingly good that I was disappointed when he finally come. But I'd bled a lot and I was concerned about the blood on the sheets. I did my best to wash it off and it was a bit uncomfortable sleeping on the wet patch.

He was awake and ready to go at first light, I could have slept for ages but I washed the sleep from my eyes and sat in the cab beside him. We continued on up route 57 and about noon we pulled into a layby, he had sex with me again and then dropped me off near Saint Louis. I walked for half an hour before a farmer picked me up and dropped me in the city. I didn't want to stop there and I managed to find a bus to the outskirts of town.

The rides I got were little more than from town to town and by the time I got to Denver, I'd had sex with another three men, lost all my underwear and only had one dress. None of them had used condoms and I dreaded the consequences of becoming pregnant, but I was also enjoying the fact that I was having an adventure and could make my own decisions. After sleeping out for a couple of nights, I was pleased this guy invited me back to his tiny apartment. He said he loved me and we must have had sex about 10 times. I felt a bit groggy the next morning but he gave me some dollars for a meal and bus fare.

I took a bus to the edge of town, but I had to walk a couple of miles to get onto Highway 70, and by the time I got there, I was so tired I crawled under a bush and slept for a while. It was after noon when I woke and I was picked up by a couple of guys in a combi van. They said they were going to San Francisco which excited me. We drove into Idaho Springs and parked in a layby area. They said they'd no money and needed gas, so the plan was to wait until the town was quiet and then sneak into a roadhouse and steal some. I was against that in principle, but I was also feeling that the world had done me an injustice, so while I didn't agree to help, I said that I wouldn't stand in their way.

We went for a walk and I used my money to buy some bottles of coke, but while I was paying at the counter, they stole some food.  Back at the van half an hour later, they were celebrating the achievement and then we had sex. They were talking about everything wrong with the world and later in the evening I told them why I'd run away. They were sympathetic and told me that I didn't need a family as we were all one brotherhood of man and then they had sex with me again.

Later in the evening when everything was quiet, I walked into a road house with one of them. We walked around like we were going to buy something and I chatted to the guy behind the counter. He was nice and in the end all I bought were three more bottles of coke and a couple of bags of crisps. While this was happening, the other guy gassed up the van and then parked down the road. The theft had gone like clockwork. The price of coke in those days was only five cents a bottle and I got a two cent refund for our empties.

We drove for a couple of hours before we pulled into a layby and slept. We pulled the same trick a few times and we spent two weeks wandering through the mountains. We even hiked some of the easier mountain trails, met some crazy people including one guy who gave us some pot. Getting stoned in the mountains was amazing, and we began talking a lot more about philosophy. The guys pulled out books on socialism and the emerging popular culture and I was given a few clothes but I was enjoying the freedom of no underwear as were a few other girls I met and I got some contraception sorted.

One night we parked on the shore of Walker Lake, there were a couple of brightly painted buses that were being used as kind of mobile homes as well as a few other Combi's and big cars that has arrived overloaded with people. Everyone was getting stoned and I had my first LSD trip. I felt totally connected to the entire universe and many of us skinny dipped in the lake even though the water was freezing. I felt as though I was a free spirit.

We'd spent two days there and although there was lots of loving, there wasn't very much to eat and in the middle of the night, the guys I was with decided we had to go and get some food. We went to a town called Fallon and while I used the ladies room, the guys got caught trying to steal gas. All my stuff was still in the van, and although I was terrified, I managed to sneak by the cops and get away.

I continued west, the rides were short, and mostly with men who wanted sex. I figured that I was a child of the universe and I let them have their way without protest, but I was also beginning to think about what I liked best about sex. There was nothing much else to think about. I didn't care much about the men, it was the pleasurable buildup and the orgasm that I liked the most, but to get that, I had to endure the men and be nice to them.

Then I got picked up by a family who had a place at Lake Tahoe and they invited me to stay. It was nice to be with a family again and I fitted in much as I had at home. I helped out in the kitchen and looked after the little ones. I think the adults appreciated that and in the evening when all the kids were asleep, I'd sit up and chat for a while.

On the third day there, the lady wanted to take her kids to town and do some shopping and he wanted to stay and service their boat. I didn't have any money to go shopping,  I was down to my last four dollars so I volunteered to stay and clean the house while she was away. No sooner was her car out of sight when he came in wanting sex. I let him have his way even though it was rather boring and when I'd cleaned the house, I made lunch for him and we had sex again.

I left the next morning and it took me all day to get to Auburn. I was driven there by a couple of ladies and they offered me a place to sleep. They lived together and told me all about how they despised men, how they'd ditched their husbands and pooled their resources to buy a modest house. They were both teachers at a local school and their behaviour had to be impeccable because everybody talked. But they knew some people who are fond of hiking and they put me in touch.

The hikers were a friendly laid-back bunch and someone gave me some walking shoes. I enjoyed a week walking around the Auburn Hills. When I left there, I got picked up by a cop. I felt almost terrified as I climbed into his car. But I was able to say that I'd been visiting friends in Auburn and I was going back to my aunts in Sacramento. He was so kind or suspicious, he delivered me to her door.

My aunt said I could stay for a while and I told her why I'd runaway. She was sympathetic and said it was unfair that whenever girls were raped, it was always their fault. She told me how she'd been raped a number of times and learned to endure it. She was my mother's sister, but her husband was not so nice. But she made it clear to him that I was welcome to stay and they found me a part-time job in a café.

I spent six months there working as a waitress. I bought a few new clothes and saved my money. I suspected my aunts husband was a dirty old man, but she made sure I was never left alone with him. I corresponded with my mother who wanted me to come home, but I refused. One afternoon I was just about to go to work and it rang an alarm bell in my mind, I wrote a nice thank you note to my aunt and took a bus into downtown San Francisco. I was just about to exit the station when I met two beautiful young girls wearing flowers in their hair and they invited me to their place up at Haight-Ashbury, but that's going to be another story.


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