The controversial yogi

oshoOsho was born 11 December 1931 and departed this life 19 January 1990

Born Chandra Mohan Jain, and like a chameleon, Osho was known as Acharya Rajneesh during the 1960s, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the 1970s and 1980s and as Osho from 1989. Over his lifetime, he became an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher (guru) with a large international following.

As a professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker and his outspoken criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religions which made him controversial. He also advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality: a stance that earned him the sobriquet "sex guru" in the Indian and later international press.

In 1970, Osho settled for a while in Bombay. He began initiating disciples (known as neo-sannyasins) and took on the role of a spiritual teacher. In his discourses, he reinterpreted writings of religious traditions, mystics, and philosophers from around the world.

He moved to Poona in 1974 where he established an ashram that attracted increasing numbers of Westerners. The ashram offered therapies derived from the Human Potential Movement to its Western audience and made news in India and abroad, chiefly because of its permissive climate and Osho's provocative lectures. By the end of the 1970s, tensions with the Indian government and the surrounding society were mounted to the extent that in 1981, Osho relocated to the United States and his followers established an intentional community, later known as Rajneeshpuram, in the state of Oregon.

Within a year, the leadership of the commune became embroiled in a conflict with local residents, primarily over land use, which was marked by hostility on both sides. The large collection of Rolls-Royce cars purchased for his use by his followers also attracted notoriety. The Oregon commune collapsed in 1985 when Osho revealed that the commune leadership had committed a number of serious crimes. He was arrested shortly afterwards and charged with immigration violations., then deported from the United States in accordance with a plea bargain. Twenty-one countries denied him entry, causing Osho to travel the world before returning to Poona, where he died in 1990.

His ashram is today known as the Osho International Meditation Resort. His syncretic teachings emphasise the importance of meditation, awareness, love, celebration, courage, creativity and humour—qualities that he viewed as being suppressed by adherence to static belief systems, religious tradition and socialisation. Osho's teachings have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought, and their popularity has increased markedly since his death.

His teachings reflect and understanding that life is temporary, that we exist and that all  that we take for granted is arbitrary - an illusion yet the continuity of the human species is important. As individuals we must learn to see through the veil and learn to be here now without self judgement and without imposing our values on others.

In death, the publications put out by his followers have steadily increased in popularity and in some ways his teachings have matured. Followers of Osho maintain an institution in Pune India and the Humaniversity, an international school of personal development in the Netherlands based on Osho's teachings.

Each society, each culture throughout time, created it's own standards of right and wrong. These standards have been imposed on us; but lack universality.
The authentic man will have to pass through these conditionings to find the truth; the real understanding. Osho reveals how to attain this state this growth; this freedom. It comes when we enter the world of Being!

God is not a solution but a problem. Evolution, creation and freedom. Can we ourselves create our own destiny or our path has been already predetermined? If god has created the universe who is responsible for all that is happening in todays world? Sharing his vision upon these issues Osho takes us to the very roots of the ancient relationship between man and god. Osho helps us to see that only by dropping all illusions and taking back the total responsibility for our own lives can we become authentically religious and free.

Repression the basic strategy of all religions.
From magical religions to pseudo-religions. If we want to be free from our repressions, it is essential to know the source of them.

Unfortunately, as many believe, Osho was fatally poisoned while in custody of the US government who had an intense dislike for him. Osho on Mother Teresa
Osho on Corruption


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