Our Changing World

It’s time to show you care

In case you have not noticed, we live in a world at war, the powers that be divided us against ourselves, and yet it is our human duty to become whole and to learn to cooperate with each other, because without doing this humanity will never evolve beyond animalism.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s Youtube Biography and her website.

What are you doing?

Time to remember that we are human beings and not simply humans doing stuff. The things we are doing to each other and to this planet are moving us rapidly toward the precipice of extinction.

Many scientists earned onlookers are beginning to feel that it’s already too late because fear and greed and hostility is so ingrained in the human psyche that a turnaround is impossible.

What life is there for our children and their children as our planet becomes lifeless due to our own selfish actions? Forget about smelling the coffee, it is probably better we stopped drinking coffee and let the children who helped to grow in harvest coffee grow vegetables instead so that their community will have a better standard of living.

The wealth in the luxury enjoyed by so many is only possible because crime, corruption and exploitation exists. It is the work of the children and slave labourers, the poorest places on the planet who provide the raw materials to make our cellphones and computers. It is the children in these four places to harvest the coffee and cocoa so many enjoy and yet they are fed leftover scraps as their corrupt governments deny them a reasonable standard of living.

It is all well and good to pursue the ideal of wholeness and good physiological health, but it is only when the entire world is healthy and whole will we truly understand what it is to be fully human.


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