Our Environment

What sustains us

aramoWe must think of our environment in a wide range of scales. In the broader perspective we have the entirety of our universe or possibly universes coming down to our immediate solar system. When we see this in scale, our solar system is a tiny speck in a much greater whole.

Then when we see our planet we call Earth in context of our solar system, again it is a small speck in relation to the whole and then we look at ourselves and in some ways we are the most insignificant creatures in this universe.

When we think about the other life forms that we share this planet with, this consider ants, those tiny little creatures that have are well organised social structure and their lives are all about ensuring the survival of their species. In the course of their survival they also help to shape the environment so that countless other species can also exist.

The same is true of the organisms and fish in the sea, the birds and the bees because life supports life. In fact all life stems from and is nourished by a creative principal that we tend to ignore and yet every other lifeform in this universe is in fact intelligent. The only difference between humans and other life forms is that we have unique physical characteristics that enable us to be the world's top predator, but we also have vivid imaginations and we have come to believe that we are in fact in control of this existence.

That has to be one of the grandest delusions because if we look a little more carefully at life on earth, it is human beings who are steadily exterminating all other forms of life and in the not to distant future, if we continue as we are there will also engineer our own destruction.

Many people are aware of this, and unfortunately our imagination and our failure to act responsibly has resulted in powerful destructive forces dominating all of life including that of other humans who have an environmental conscience.


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