Our greatest love

Is created in our minds

pregLove is an idea and like all great ideas, it takes place inside our mind. Remember that perception is something that happens through our senses and our mind that interprets what we see, feel, taste, smell and hear. All experience of our world is internal.

When you fall in love with someone you can interact with physically, in other words love a person you regularly spend time with, who they are even though they exist independently of you is only ever an idea (or a collection of ideas) within our mind. As your mind forms ideas of that person, one of the tragedies of modern relationships is that when that significant other begins to behave in ways that do not suit the picture that you have in your mind, you put pressure is put on them to conform to your ideas of who they are.

Romantic love is wonderful and it can endure for a lifetime although today more than half of all romantic marriages fail. The failure rate is because even though initially that emotional connection was very strong, some of the other factors required to create a long-term relationship were absent.

Because the world around us is perceived only within our own minds, it is impossible to have any external experience. Our minds are all powerful, so powerful in fact that they often run our lives in ways that make us unhappy.

Our greatest love is that which is not

When someone is physically close by, they are only ever an idea within our own mind, but because they have their own mind they may act in ways contrary to how we see them. This can be upsetting and it's often easier to love someone who is absent. Here the long-distance relationship often works perfectly and one can feel head over heels in love with another person as far away.

The another long distance what relationship we have is with nature; the forests, whales, dolphins and other endangered species. We can see their images in our media and occasionally in real life. Some people love these things for their capital value while others love them as an aspect of creation to be marvelled at. The more important aspect of love and respect to all living things is to appreciate them as living things that are connected to us and essential to our own lives. This of course applies to people as well because so many people love the wildlife but are incapable of loving other people unless they conform to prescribed rules.

But for a great many people, the greatest love is the love of God. God is only ever an idea and because God is only an idea, God can be whatever you want. It's easy to love Jesus because he's not here. If he was here, he'd probably be a thorn in your side and so many men and women of peace have been executed for pointing out the errors in peoples ways.  God only ever exists in one's own mind and therefore it can be a bastion of peace or justification for mankind's inhumanity to man and the destruction of our environment.

As long as we look upward and outward, as long as we indulge in our fanciful gods and fail to understand and operate our own minds correctly, we will never experience real joy and happiness. Loving God, loving Jesus, loving absent friends and loving our dearest departed is okay.  But when you see them as being external to yourself that love is only superficial, but it can become more meaningful when you manifest those divine qualities within yourself.

This is the bottom line, this is what we need to become healthy.

As long as we look at things outside of ourselves and attempt to identify with them, we will always remain ignorant, we will forever be doomed to unhappiness and suffering. We can have great love affairs with ideas about what is outside of our own body and mind, but there is a far greater love be found by looking inwards.

By turning and looking inside, this is a process deeper than contemplation, this is a path of yoga, it is about meditating and determining the nature of your own existence.

By looking inside and realising one's self one finds choices. There is a choice to be happy or to be sad and slowly one comes to understand that being is a state of mind that we have control over. As one proceeds deeper on this path one begins to experience the interconnectedness of life, that what we are part of the life we perceive outside of ourselves.

It is only by knowing oneself in this way that one can develop a loving disposition. From this perspective relationships come easy. But instead of falling in love and losing yourself, loving becomes a conscious process. This means that the person with whom you partner to create a family is seen much more clearly, and that relationship is more likely to endure.

ltLook outside, see the world in all its suffering. All this praying to God has not created any solution, it has only created more suffering. Like capitalism that only suffering that is eased is for those who are able to enforce their will over nature, but that happiness is brief.

It is only by turning inwards and developing a loving disposition towards all life that the greatest love can be known. This greatest love for the want of a better word could be called God or the creative principal. Because when one is in touch with one's own divine centre, joy and bliss flows naturally and freely, and this is the fountain of youth or everlasting life.


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