Our rights and the TPP

Without freedom, there is no choice


Foreign owned under TPP

The move by the US administration to rule the world is being done in such a way that those who are not rich will become slaves without rights. Without rights and basic freedoms there will be no choice about what we eat, or about where and how we live.

This is not a criticism of the American people, they have been totally fooled and screwed over and as new facts come to light thanks to Edward Snowdon, Wikileaks and many others we can see how. In case you don't know, here's a quick look at our history:

After world war two, the US took over the British strategic assets and then became even more paranoid about communism than before the war. So it set out to police the world to keep itself safe and in doing so gave itself the right to wage war in any country without provocation. The US was instigative in setting up the world bank and international monetary fund which it uses to its own ends.

The interesting and most insidious thing is that the power lies beyond or should I say above government as governments are simply pieces on a global chess board with little real power.

Eroding the bill of rights

The next step in world domination is the TPP
The Trans-Pacific Partnership would create a super-treaty which would jeopardize the sovereignty of the nations involved by giving that power to large corporations like Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Halliburton, Philip Morris, GE, GM, Apple and others.

  • There are currently 11 nations involved: U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico and Canada. Japan has shown interest.
  • The economic power of this group is more than 40% larger than the 27- nation European Union.
  • TPP will offshore millions of good-paying jobs to low-wage nations, undercutting working conditions globally and increasing unemployment.
  • TPP will expand pharmaceutical monopoly protections and institute longer patents that will decrease access to affordable medications
  • TPP will limit food GMO labeling and allow the import of goods that do not meet US safe standards.
  • TPP will institute SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA-like regulations and Internet measures which restrict our right to free speech.
  • TPP will roll back Wall Street regulations, and prohibit bans on risky financial services.
  • TPP will give multinational corporations and private investors the right to sue nations in private tribunals. These tribunals have the power to overturn environmental, labour, or any other laws that limit profit, awarding taxpayer funded damages.
  • TPP will encourage the privatization of lands and natural resources in areas where indigenous people live.

We are already seeing this happening in New Zealand and Australia as the US opens a new military base to help monitor and enforce the treaty. The NZ government is actively restricting the rights of the people and is pushing hard to pass legislation legitimising it's role in collecting data (spying) on everyone and passing all information to the American bosses that has been going on for many years. The people of the US are already becoming slaves to this system and the next step is the US/EU trade deal which will give total control of the Western world to the corporations.

OnceĀ in debt, sovereignty is lost

Wake up folks,

without sovereignty, we will loose the right to choose

Why are our leaders doing this?

I don''t know, but we do know that high powered politicians after office have an open door to a highly paid corporate position which is often responsible for the workings of or supply of goods and services to government. The simple term is cronyism.

To get sucked into a deal like the TPP indicates they are either total morons without any political savvy, or they are knowingly selling out the country and are in effect traitors. Politicians are supposedly in office to serve the people, but more often they seem to be serving their own needs or their masters and not the people.

For you and me, we will die young, choking on genetically modified foods because the best organic foods will go to the world masters. When we become ill, natural medicines and even nutritional supplements will likely be banned. The Aussis have already tried to force this on New Zealand.


  • Vote green and help them undo the damage
  • boycott products made by corporate criminals
  • grow your own food and support organic growers
  • share this message

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Eroding the bill of rights


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