Our Shrinking World

Where to holiday in 2016

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, India

In terms of travel and communication, our world for a long time has been getting more accessible. Package holidays from Europe and North America to many exotic destinations have been popular for many years but unfortunately many of these destinations are becoming inaccessible due to the escalation of global conflict.

Many North African resorts and Middle Eastern heritage sites have become conflict zones, but many of the worlds great cities are becoming increasingly unsafe which also make the USA an unsafe destination. In regard to all this conflict which is generally labelled as terrorism, neither side is going to give ground, therefore it's something we'll have to adapt to.

When you do choose to travel, the increase in security checks may mean that you have to arrive at your airport three hours before the flight departs, and as European borders are closing, there will be more delays, passport checks and random baggage inspections.

Places to go in this unsafe world

If your home is safe, then it is quite a good place to be and you can use your holiday time to improve your own relationship with yourself as well as relationships with your friends and neighbours. You might think that sounds a bit weird, but if your home and community life is not always happy, it's time to ask why not?

The Mediterranean remains a great option for Europeans and Russians. Greece has been screwed by the EU, so spending your holiday there would support the Greek people. Now that the news is out that Turkey has been sponsoring terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, and that Turkey is also a terrorist target, it's less safe to visit.

Portugal, Spain, the South of France and Italy are still relatively safe although some of the popular hedonistic resorts could become targets as happened with the concert in Paris.

Instead of going south, you could go north to Russia where despite all the politically motivated by a press about this country, it has some amazing places and some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world although it may be a tad expensive for some.

To those people who don't mind a little extra flight time, India and Southeast Asia are perhaps the world's greatest tourist meccas. India is a great place to deepen your appreciation of life and places like Pattaya in Thailand and cater for those hedonistic revellers.

Australia is a great place if you are white skinned, speak good English and have money. I say that because they hate Blacks and they have an apartheid system which no one talks about that is probably as bad as South Africa was many years ago.

But you can get even further from the maddening crowd by heading off to places like New Zealand. Great skiing from July to August, magnificent outdoors and almost perfect beach whether from December through to March.

You can get even more remote on the Pacific Islands like Samoa and Rarotonga, but then there's all of South America. Brazil of course is famous for its carnival, exotic beach life and although it doesn't like to admit it, sex tourism.

Peru has a ways been a popular destination, it's quite civil and renowned for places like Machu Picchu although the actual site of the Incas last stand may be a more rewarding destination for the spiritually minded. But if you really want to get away from everything, the list of places in South America is too vast to describe here.

If you do have the means to travel, then you clearly live in the economic top 10% of the worlds population and no matter where in the world you travel now, you will see increased homelessness and poverty. That's because an injustice is being done to the world buying your government and mine, but that's another story.

But there's more, there's North America. Mexico and the Caribbean contain a great many destinations although Acapulco has become something of a dive. Then there is Canada with it's great wilderness slowly succumbing to pollution and large areas are being converted into wasteland through oil sands extraction. You'll find the USA there as well, but it's a risky place to go as they are the principal sponsor of terrorism in the world.  There are shootings there every day, and if you are a person of colour you might end up being shot in a police drive by shooting because like Australia, far too many white Americans suffer from racial prejudice.

Then you could have your holidays within Europe, but as there will likely be an increase in terrorist activities with disruptions to flight schedules and entertainments due to bomb threats, and the major European powers are also responsible for some of the terrorism in the world. If you want to go further north, Norway and Finland are a little more benign.


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