Our Sick Society

Undermining the health of the world

whatsfair"Do as I say stupid humans and suffer while I take my pleasure. "

You may well think of this as the voice of moral authority but it's time to wake up and realise that the world is becoming increasingly unjust. Most of us as children are told what not to do and yet we see those older than us doing those things. These things by the way are not necessarily harmful, we just told not to do them.

The issue of breastfeeding really highlights how sick this world really is and it's just as bad as every good Christian bent on killing their neighbours. To find out how we have gone so badly wrong would require an extended for a into the development of civilisation, but the short story is one of greed and desire for power which comes out of an inferiority complex.

As our world is being increasingly corporatised, human rights are being steadily eroded. Corporations like nestles want to capitalise on the necessities for life, profit from water, and even the air we breathe.


Despite what some people think, not only is the body not sinful, it is the divine vehicle that gives us life.

The religions have for many years taught that nature and the human body is sinful and a crime against God. They teach that we must suffer and learn to endure suffering in order to earn salvation sometime after death.

But just think for a moment, if we look up at the universe, we have no way of knowing which way is up. All we can do is look out from this little speck of rock that we call Earth. As a collective we have in the past 200 years destroyed almost a half of all life on earth and the planet is degenerating at such a rate that scientists are predicting that it's unlikely that any life on this planet we call home will be possible within the next 100 years.

Political power has played into the hands of the financiers and the world is now governed by what I would call the 'profit motive'. This is unbridled capitalism where profit must be acquired at any cost. You would think that if there is any god who created the universe, he created us in this far distant place very far from the centre of the universe because frankly, we have a tendency to destroy everything we touch.


You may recognise this woman who tried to deny rights to non-Christians in the United States.

Our religions, our politicians and our scientists are divorced from life. They are manipulating life for their own profit and pleasure while making up insufferable rules for the less fortunate to live by.

According to the latest figures in circulation, the wealthiest 100 people alive today own half of this entire planet's net wealth. Yet it's very clear that capitalism has been a total failure although strangely the majority seem to still believe in it.

Admittedly, the problems we face as a species are enormous. We are living in a world teetering on social and economic collapse, and the majority are an allergist to having their heads buried in the sand on the beach about to be swept over by a mega tsunami.

If you play the videos below, you'll see the most dumb arse people expressing their opinions about something which is none of their business which is expressed quite eloquently in the top image on this page where the public nudity of the rich and famous is acceptable whereas the nurturing of a new life through breastfeeding is reprehensible to some.

This really is the height of all stupidity, but it goes to show how screwed up this world really is. So if we're going to have any chance of surviving, something really needs to happen.

But if you dig into the fabric of society, there are things happening that support life. New technologies are being developed that require less energy and more efficient renewable energy technologies are being created. In many cases it's a matter of two steps forwards and one step backwards as in places like Florida and other states, they are setting up legislative opposition to renewable energy.

A glimpse of social history

After World War II a new sense of nationalism and real feeling that the world had been liberated set in. The English speaking countries took on a new lease of life and national pride under benevolent social governments. But as socialism began to give way to capitalism, the hippies and other freethinkers began seeking the truth of life.

This seeking led to India and a culture that has endured for tens of thousands of years despite numerous invasions and years of oppressive colonial rule. This is quite interesting because scientists who have been attempting to discover our human origins are beginning to see India as the very root of Western society. In other words, the idea that we migrated out of Africa and became white skinned is wrong. In a logical sense, it would be much easier for light brown skin to become white than black to become white.

Life on earth

So here we are on this little planet in some remote part of some great big universe and we have no idea where we came from or why we are here. Our ancestors came up with the idea of gods and that they somehow had a hand in creating us. Or you could go the other way and say that life just happened and we have evolved from the amoeba and through the apes to finally become what we call human beings.
However you think of our history, some things are abundantly clear. The first is that we have no means of leaving this small planet we call home which makes us completely dependent on this planet for our life. The second point is that if we screw up life on earth so as to cause a mass extinction, we will no longer exist as a species and there will have been no point to any of what we're going through.

A little story: sometime ago humans were as powerful as the gods but they were so badly behaved that the gods took away the humans godly powers. They didn't know what to do with all this power and as they sat up on high debating the problem, it was suggested that these powers be put outside the planet, another God suggested on top of the highest mountain and another suggested the bottom of the deepest sea. But the wisest of the gods thought that no matter where this power was hidden, mankind would eventually find it and it was finally decided to hide this power inside each and every human being because that was the only place they were reluctant to look.

The wisdom of India is that we must turn and look inside, and those who have taken that inward journey have found a happiness and joy that is self fulfilling. They have discovered that the power inside is one of eternal peace and a happiness that does not need the compliance of others.
What has been found in India is the fountain of youth and the way to everlasting life. If you want to experience that joy and happiness, if you want to experience a freedom from the oppression of capitalism and stupid people, and perhaps it's time you looked to the east and recognised that you are a piece of life.

When you know yourself as a living being, you will become valid without needing anyone else's say so. You may be temporarily embarrassed by how stupid you really have been, but when you are secure within yourself then there is no need to judge and condemn anyone else.

When you are in touch with life and you know yourself as a part of life, then you discover a universe within you and a joy that overflows. The human body will no longer be a fetish and the sight of a child suckling its mother's breast will warm your heart with even greater joy. But if you continue to see a woman's breast and babies suckling as something disgusting, then you stupid beyond compare.


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