Out takes 2

Anecdotal life experiences

Pool time

I used to enjoy going to the pool after school, myself and some my girlfriends wore the tiniest bikinis that we could get away with. Back then with the tops that I wore, my boobs often slipped out and I'd enjoy the reactions of the guys as they went by.

Other times when I wanted to be a tease, myself and some of the girls would hang around the deep end and when some nice looking guys swam up, we'd dive in. Of course sometimes when we did this more than our tits popped out, but that was just part of the fun.

The pool now I'm older, well old enough to play adult games has been upgraded and divided so that it had four or five lanes and the general play area for the kids who mostly stayed at the shallow end. I still wear a micro bikini that often suffers mishaps as I desire and so one afternoon as I left the pool there were a group of guys outside the entrance and one of them recognised me.

He called out "hey you with the nice tits, there's a pool party on the weekend do you wanna come?"  I was up for anything and said sure. I gave him my phone number and asked him to pick me up because it was far from my home.

I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him for not so I made a backup plan and I was surprised when he rang on Saturday morning. He asked me to pack my sexiest bikini and he'd pick me up in an hour.  I told mum I was going to a pool party and as usual she was unconcerned as she knows pretty well that I like fucking.

Anyhow these three guys arrived and we went to this really nice house that had a nice curvy pool on the terrace outback. A few guys were sitting around drinking beer, they were all wearing their swim shorts and the conversation all about sport. I was pleased to see a couple of naked girls sunning themselves on the other side of the pool because the thought of one of me having sex with six of them might be too much.

The guy Craig who'd driven me here told me to make myself at at home, so I slipped off my light summer dress as I was wearing my bikini underneath.  Then as the sport conversation was a bit boring I went into the pool and did some lazy laps.  One of the girls who was sunbathing joined me for a little while, but after a short chat she and her friend went inside the house.

I was a bit bored really and I was pleased when one of the guys joined me in the pool.  We swam round, chatted and played a little and when he got out, I went with him and sat listening to the guys as I drank one of their beers.  Then another five guys and two girls arrived, they were a bit more energetic. After another beer by which time I was a bit tipsy, we went and splashed around in the pool for a bit and my bikini such as it was came off.

It was all just a bit of a laugh really and when the other two girls came into the pool they just left their bikinis off and it was fun playing around naked. For a while we made a game of pulling down the guys shorts and then it seemed like everyone was in the pool. Like there were 10 guys and only three girls, and we spent the afternoon getting fucked. Of course we drank beer and had a couple of toilet breaks, but for most the time it was non-stop sex and riotous good fun.

Rippling hunk

Like most people, I occasionally watched Baywatch you know the TV series with Pamela Anderson and all those good-looking people in their bathers.

Anyhow our family went to the beach but not that beach, it was a bit quieter but the lifesaver guys were absolutely gorgeous.  From where we were staying, it was just a short walk to the beach and every day we were there I'd tried to flirt with the lifeguards.

I felt like I was of the end of the mile long queue but I discovered a workout area just off the beach and there were quite a few good-looking mostly guys working out there. One morning I was down early and there were mostly guys working out and they enjoyed watching them turn their press ups, pullups squats and other stuff.

One nice looking guy saw me watching and called me over. He got me to try a few things out and like press ups are pretty easy but trying to do a chinup on the bar was a challenge but I did it.  That was the first hour with him and I liked it so much I joined him the following morning.  He said he thought that I had promise and he invited me to join him for his afternoon workout. I naïvely said sure and before we went our separate ways he gave me a card with his address.

His apartment was only a few blocks away and I arrived on time.  I went up and he had a room set up as a home gym. I watched for a bit as he pushed some weights and then he set me up doing weights well he moved on to doing some other stuff. Within two minutes I was struggling and sweating, but he was powering into his exercise so I thought I should make a good attempt.

I was only wearing a tube dress with nothing underneath in the hope that as soon as he opened the door we'd fuck.  So it wasn't long before my tits and arse were hanging out what he didn't seem to take notice and I began to contemplate that he may be gay cos after all my body is pretty good.

Anyhow we worked out for over an hour and I was dying for a fuck, all that muscle pounding away within touching distance I was up for anything. So when we finished I suggested a shower and he pointed me toward the bathroom. I'd taken my dress off ages ago although he didn't seem to notice and I was dead curious to inspect the bulge in his pants.

Before he joined me, he turned the lights down really low and once he got into the shower with me, I discovered he had this really petite little cock.  I didn't comment and surprisingly the sex was quite nice.  Then he had other stuff to do for the evening so I left.  As I walked along the hotel frontages a few guys smiled and said hello and one of them looked kind of rich so I said hello back.

He was a bit pudgy and not really my type but in contrast he was the opposite of the bodybuilder.  After a brief chat he asked how much and without thinking I said $500. Five minutes later I was up in his room where I had a very nice fuck which also solved my pocket money problem.  The last couple of days of that holiday were more relaxed and sex free.


I never liked Vegas, but dad was going there for a conference and with mum somewhere else so I went with dad rather than stay home alone although once I got there dad was busy and I was bored.

Then I met Tina, she is quite a classy call girl who knew her way around the strip. Unfortunately I was still a minor so my options were limited. Anyhow she asked if I liked sex and told her that I loved it so much that I seldom get enough. So she asked me if I liked being paid to have sex as well and if you've few read my stories, you'll know that I do on occasion.

We had this conversation beside the hotel pool, it was rather a genteel place and Tina later told me that it was one of the best places to pick up men. So as we sat there, she checked her email and within a few minutes we had a double date.

We leisurely went back to my room where she helped me to dress and make up and as she talked about our prospective dates. I liked it that she called them dates instead of clients, made it sound much more fun and certainly less formal.  Our dates had a room higher up in the same hotel which made it really easy.  The guys were friendly, they knew the routine and I had a very nice fuck.

I spent the evening with dad and some of his colleagues which was nice but a bit boring and the next day I teamed up with Tina again and had sex with two guys.  Then Tina practically begged me to ditch my father for the evening to join her and some other girls for a bachelor party.  She said that it would be so much fun and the payment was two grand, but I had to let the guys could do almost anything they wanted if I was up for it.

I was dead keen, dad was grudgingly agreeable to my absence and I was so excited when I was picked up in a limo and taken to the venue.  I'd used some of the money I learned to buy a fabulous dress and shoes and I felt like a movie star.  We joined this group of rowdy men for dinner in a big restaurant. It seemed like there was about 100 guys and only 15 or 16 girls. This didn't worry me although in hindsight I didn't actually think about that at the time.

The food was nice and I enjoyed the banter with the guys around me, some of them were football players and one guy I chatted to said he was a venture capitalist.  After the meal we took the elevators up to a penthouse near the top floor.   Everyone was dancing and talking and it was kind of an ordinary party.  Some of the guys I talked to said they thought I was cute and a few of them touched me up a little and I began to think that maybe something was needed to break the ice.

The drinks that were flowing weren't enough and the icebreaker came in the form of six strippers. Then the next three or four hours I scarcely had a break and I completely lost count of how many guys fucked me. Of course some were better than others and I even let one guy with a smallish cock fuck my arse.  In all it was a great party and my only disappointment was that I didn't get to fuck the groom.

I caught up with Tina for lunch the next day and that afternoon we flew home and I was pleased that I'd had a fun time and been financially rewarded.


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