Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

A process of personal and social responsibility

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In today’s modern world there is a continuous argument going on about what it means or what is to be healthy and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.

For the sake of this argument, health is the absence of suffering which includes the absence of disease and social disharmony. In other words, the bodies and minds of every individual in society need to be healthy and able to function as they were designed.

Unfortunately we are living in an age where suffering is rampant and ignorance rules. The idea of democracy was that we would all become sufficiently enlightened to a happy, healthy and peaceful world. Unfortunately that has

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Islamic Health

All is God’s Will

Philippine Nurses in Saudi

If you happen to be travelling in an Islamic country as a welcome visitor and you need healthcare, you will find facilities as good as any western country. The doctors and nurses will most likely have been trained somewhere like the USA, the UK or Switzerland where they have learned the best of allopathic medicine and surgical procedures.

While some of the doctors and nurses will be native to the land, most will be from overseas and there on temporary work permits, but the modern medical facilities are generally reserved for the privileged few.

One of the concerns in many Western countries is that as Islamic populations increase, in some

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Trade Deals and Our Health

What’s the deal for our health?

In case you haven’t heard, there are two trade deals being negotiated. One is the Transatlantic Trade Agreement and the other is the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP). These deals are being promoted by governments to the people as a means of facilitating trade and improving the economies of the countries involved.

While government is supposed to be transparent and serve the needs of people, these trade deals have been negotiated in total secrecy. Part way through the negotiations, some of the detail on these trade agreements was published on WikiLeaks and it became clear that ordinary citizens are dispensable.

As more information was released into the public domain,

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The Future of Health Care

Where are we going?

Are we in love with death? by Yannick Bouchard

We still don’t know what life is and yet somehow we know we are alive. We know that the best conditions for life and evolution involve a recipe of peace, an adequate diet that provides proper nutrition and the freedom to form meaningful social relationships.

But on analysis of modern life, too many of us live on junk food that provides little more than enough nutrition to keep us alive; peace has become a luxury and those lucky enough to have jobs work long hours to make ends meet.

A consequence of our crazy lifestyle is that the increase in longevity and

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Smartphones and Health

Damage we are unaware of until…

With the arrival of cellular phones into the marketplace, there was a great deal of concern about the radiation exposure from these devices and some of them literally hurt people’s heads while others caught fire and burned holes in people’s clothing.

The radiation issue has not been completely resolved but with the new generation of smart phones, the devices can be held a reasonable distance away from the body making the radiation less of an issue.

But a new development and it’s very easy to see is that with the cell phone in front of the chest, people are walking around with their faces looking down at their devices.

This affects the body

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Yoga Benefits Health

The world’s most ancient science

Yes, Yoga is the world’s oldest science with a history dating back at least 15,000 years. In the Christianised Western culture, people may think this is impossible, but through the discoveries of archaeology and the translation of ancient texts, this is completely verified.

As a science, yoga does not set out to define or capitalise on anything, rather it is a step-by-step process, a system of self-study and evaluation through which health and vitality grows.

Although yoga developed in India, its practices are common to all people regardless of skin colour or gender. As the world opened up during the 19th century, seekers of truth began travelling to India and India yogis began travelling to

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Fashion and Health

The clothes we wear and social change

Anthropologist’s estimate that we began using clothing about 200,000 years ago, but we would unlikely recognise it as clothing today because it was crudely cut and stitched animal skins. Up until about 30,000 years ago, very little changed in terms of body coverings which only existed to protect against the cold.

In terms of how people saw each other in terms of anthropology, women were valued by the men for their ability to assist with food gathering and preparation, and producing strong healthy children. Women only saw men for their value as providers, but what anthropologist cannot say much about is that people probably had a similar sense of attraction towards each other

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Health in 2015

Life in a world at war

In order to be successful in the capitalist system, one must become hard headed and exploitative. Successful people today mould their personalities as weapons for success and then wonder why they suffer.

The leadership in this direction is provided by the United States of America. This country needs war because its economy is based on the manufacturing and supply of weapons of mass destruction. Through the leadership of the United States that has invaded more than 60 countries to set up their own puppet leaders who will favour US business interests, the world is spiralling towards destruction. The current conflicts in the Middle East were directly manufactured by the United States administrators.

While the

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Nutrition for breast health

The basis of self care

Women who are concerned about the health of their breasts, who are wanting to prevent breast cancer or undue sagging and deformation with age and breast feeding must take nutrition into account.

It’s well known that excess drugs and alcohol accelerate the ageing process and physical decay, so while these are things to avoid, good nutrition has a positive, supportive effect to not only maintain breast health, but the health of one’s entire body.

There are also certain foods which have been found to be ideal to support breast growth. Adding them to your diet and eating them regularly can help you maintain or even achieve larger bust size.

Though it is well documented that

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Destroying Kids Health

A Controversial sweetener being used in children’s medicines

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley says she is very concerned to discover that 81 medicines which may be used by children and young people contain the controversial additive aspartame, which has been linked to a range of adverse reactions.

This is arguably the most controversial additive in the food supply. Why would such an additive be permitted to be used in medicines, which are supposed to help children get better, especially when there are less controversial sweeteners available?”

In response to a written question, the Minister of Health has confirmed Medsafe has approved 124 medicines containing aspartame, including 81 with dosage instructions for children or young people.

It worries me that many

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