Persistent genital arousal disorder

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Women who have regular spontaneous orgasms, also called Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS).

PGAD is a very rare condition thought to affect about 1 in 1,000,000 women. This condition can begin before puberty and continue throughout life. Or it can start any time, like sometimes just before menopause. The medical establishment can find no cause or treatment, and any woman suffering from this condition may be subject to some experimentation at the hands of the medical establishment.

This condition makes many woman’s lives a misery and the fact that they are having a multiple of orgasms every day precludes them from enjoying normal sexual activity.

Not only are there no

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PMS and You

An Affliction Caused by Malnourishment and Poor Health

From about the the age of about twelve to fifty, women experience their menstrual cycle. In the course of a healthy woman’s life, this cycle rarely causes problems or discomfort. But unfortunately today, many women find the process difficult or even distressing as many physical and emotional symptoms collectively known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), [premenstrual tension (PMT) or stress (PMS)], appear in the days prior to bleeding.

PMS may include abdominal cramps, constipation, painful joints, backaches, bloating, breast tenderness, craving, moodiness, headaches, migraines, water retention, fatigue, acne, decreased work or social performance, altered libido, anxiety, depression and other symptoms.

PMS is a fact of many women’s lives

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Sex Addiction

A psychological ploy to confuse

Opinions vary and experts disagree as to what sex addiction is. The moral righteous may consider sex beyond the need to procreate abnormal, the average married couple may have sex every few days which helps maintain relationships. But healthy individuals may also have sex two or three times per day which may seem unusual, but its not abnormal.

Human beings are designed for sex.

Like other apes, humans don’t just have sex for reproduction, we have sex for social recreation and bonding. How much sex we have varies greatly between individuals and is a reflection of lifestyle, education and health.

Unfortunately human sexuality has become a commodity that is widely traded, moralists and experts have

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Girl with a One Track Mind

How To Be Hot When Your Not!

By JacquiB author of A Girl with a One Track Mind – Confessions of the Seductress Next Door

So I am Single. I have been dating since high school and have had a few boyfriends but nothing healthy or long lasting. I have had my heartbroken and honestly, can’t remember breaking any myself. I have met so many men from different backgrounds and different cultures. I rarely have a boyfriend long enough for my friends and family to meet them. Every so often someone gets a glimpse of one of my dates, and this is the only proof that some of them actually exist.

So I have had my

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Empowerment for Men

Empower your Love Life

There are always moments of brain fade – but men must get it together and take charge

Human relationships are becoming increasingly complex and challenging for many reasons. One reason is that human sexuality has been manipulated and controlled by church and state for many generations and the second major reason is the rapid sexuality that pervades our daily lives. These two aspects cause a great deal of confusion and when confused people try to have an intimate relationship, failure often results.

To be a good lover, you first need to establish yourself as a valid human being which can only be achieved through yoga and meditation. And through this process, one comes to

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Victoria's Adventures

Living with a strong libido pt 1

Victoria was a wayward girl and her parents thought the best thing to do was to get her married as soon as possible. So with the honeymoon over eighteen year old Victoria was getting restless. So far she had done really well at least from her parents perspective as she’d only had one indiscretion with someone other than her new husband.

But last night, Stephen came home late from work to find Victoria lusting after him. But he was so beat from his days work, he failed to meet her needs. She tried to be understanding and when he’d left for work the following morning she thought about getting a job to keep

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Victoria's Adventures

Living with a strong libido pt 2

From part one

Managing her decadent life

Victoria was creating a nice life for herself. On weekday mornings Stephen would go to work around 7:30 a.m. and one of the young men from the village would come in, help with the housework and of course they had plenty of time for sex.

When the young man left, Jason, an IT worker who worked from home in the village often called by for another sexual interlude before Victoria went to the pub for one or two glasses of wine. Then in the afternoon she got into the habit of going horse riding or walks with other men from the district.

As long as

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Sensual Massage

The gentleness of touch

Before getting into this touchy subject, please remember that we experience the world through our senses and our entire perception of life depends on our sense perception. In other words, everything we see, hear, touch or taste is conveyed through our senses to our minds for interpretation and sensual massage increases our ability to perceive.

Our senses are those of vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Just think, we exercise our bodies so that they perform more efficiently. We do mental exercises to keep our minds sharp and alert so why not sensual massage to enhance sensitivity?

Sensual massage is generally a soft massage over the entirety of the body that stimulates all the sense receptors

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Seduction and ForePlay

Tips to improve your lovemaking

We all want success but we can never know what that is until we’ve tasted it. Success applies to all walks of life, but here success is in the seduction, the getting noticed and facilitating that significant other to seek the success of your desire. In relating, it’s about getting attention and pleasure – this can be one sided, but ideally lets look at a sharing.


Unlike women who are into scent, touch, and taste, men are more into visuals. It means that they get turned on easily by what they see. Women can use this to their advantage by wearing sexy attire whenever they want to do the

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Vegetarians Make Better Lovers

More caring, connected and capable

Back in 2014 the dating site (formerly AYI) released information from a study about dating preferences. They found that men were 13% more likely to click on a woman’s profile is she was vegetarian.

So, it is pretty clear that men have a preference for vegetarian women but conversely, the opposite was true when it came to women who were 11% less likely to click on a man’s profile if he was vegetarian.

Perhaps this is due to men seeing vegetarian women as more down to earth and intelligent whereas women have been sucked into the idea that real men have some power over life and eating flesh gives them a competitive edge

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