The Kama Shastra: Beyond Sex

Sexuality and the human condition in spiritual context

By Gauri Mataji Devi

Many people have heard about the Kama sutra, but generally the ideas that circulate are rather distorted, vague and confused by ignorance and prejudice. Such prejudice is mostly due to the cultural superimposition of layers of prude bigotry and self-righteous moralism brought by iconoclastic Islamic dominator’s and later by Victorian British Christians.

Enforced by the abrahamic invaders, the wholesale condemnation of the intrinsic beauty and joy of the natural form and activities of the body, effectively destroyed the Vedic expressions of beauty and joy, or covered them with the thick plaster of shame.

And that’s not simply a manner of speaking: plaster physically obliterated

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A History of Lomi Lomi

An ancient art for modern times

The Lomi Lomi style of holistic bodywork is often referred to as ‘the Rolls Royce of massage’ that’s best known for the deeply relaxing long strokes that sweep the body from tip to toe, over and under, massaging two areas simultaneously and fully engaging the senses so that stress evaporates. As well as being deeply healing, this massage style can also be a divine or transcendental experience.

While Lomi Lomi or Kahuna style massage is thought of as having its roots in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands, it’s actual beginnings were likely bought from India as Hindu’s have been sailing the Pacific for thousands of years. This massage has many modern counterparts; in the

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Sex Positions For Female Orgasm

Physical technology for better loving

Sex positions image courtesy of Freevector

Orgasm for men and women is a peak of sexual pleasure that engenders a sense of well-being and connectedness with one’s sexual partner. But according to recent sex surveys, only about 20% of women reach orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis, some say they can climax from time to time but many have never or rarely orgasm.

There are many reasons why women in particular fail to achieve a satisfactory orgasm during intercourse. These include a level of dysfunction and a lack of pleasantness within the relationship, other stress factors which are occupying her mind, the physical aspects about her body and

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Rape Culture

A sex crime and a loss of humanity

A 2010 jeans commercial giving boys wrong ideas that girls are their toys

Around the world every day and even as you read this, it’s mostly women that are being raped. In case you don’t know, rape is the forcing of someone to engage in the act of sexual intercourse, but rape can also be the desecration of any person or place.

The rapist, the person or persons who commit rape act because they feel or believe that they have the right and that the person they are raping does not have the right to resist. Rape can also be seen as theft, of taking or indulging in an action

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Tantra Yoga

A path to end suffering

Green Tara, a divine feminine element within tantra

Tantra was originally developed as a spiritual practice and became accepted as a shortcut path to Enlightenment. It was adopted into Hinduism and was taken to Tibet where it became the central practice in Tibetan Buddhism and has survived in its original form until today, the teachings being passed on from teacher to student.

Tantra had nothing to do with sexuality other than tantra is about all aspects of life, It is the sexual terminology used to explain tantra that causes confusion.

To understand Classical Tantra in this context it helps to understand the concept of the archetypes of our characters that were made better

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Goddess Rati

Did we need Rati to endorse the subject of passion and sexual pleasure?

Rati is the Goddess of Love and Passion. In Hindu thoughts, she represents love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure. The name Rati in Sanskrit means ‘the pleasure of love, sexual passion or union and amorous enjoyment’, all of which she personifies, and that is, ‘to delight in’. Her other names will tell us who and what she is: Kama-kala, part of kama; Kama-priya, beloved of kama; Raga-lata, wine of love; Priti-kama, naturally sexy, Reva-kami, wife of Kama; Rati-priti; naturally aroused; Mayavati the, deceiver; Kelikila. As Subjangi, she is fair-limbed.Kama-kala is being part of Kama. As wife of Kama, she is Kama-patni. Rati is also symbolic

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What is Buddhism?

A practise that leads to freedom

An 8th century relief at Borobudur showing Prince Siddhartha shaving his hair to become an ascetic. Wiki

Buddhism is the term used to describe the philosophy and teachings of a Hindu Prince. Buddha’s birth name was Siddhārtha Gautama and he was born as a royal prince. There is much uncertainty as to the date of his birth.

Some say he was born about 600 BC or as early as 1258 BC (India Facts) But most agree his birth places was at Lumbini in what is now southern Nepal. His mother’s name was Queen Mayadevi and his father’s name was King Shuddhodana. ‘Shakya’ is the

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Goddess Tara

Representing Feminist Ideals in Buddhism

Green Tara, a divine feminine element within tantra

Goddess Tara, a female Buddha and meditational deity, is arguably the most popular goddess in the Buddhist pantheon. She is considered to be the goddess of universal compassion who represents virtuous and enlightened activity.

The word Tara itself is derived from the root ‘tri’ (to cross), hence the implied meaning:’ the one who enables living beings to cross the Ocean of Existence and Suffering’. Her compassion for living beings, her desire to save them from suffering, is said to be even stronger than a mother’s love for her children.

The story of Tara’s origin, according to the Tara Tantra, recounts that aeons ago she was

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