The greatest responsibility

rngkidsYou may have not thought about this, but we are a species amongst many and our collective survival is more important than the individual, yet it is up to every individual to cooperate so that we may perpetuate our species into a far different future.

Yet today we live in an age of individualism and the role of parenting subjected to political whims and fancies. You could say that civilisation has gone astray because we are destroying our planetary environment that future generations will depend on for their lives, so the question remains, will the selfishness and shortsightedness of this generation spell the end of humanity?

Parents today are divided and yet the greatest wish is that their children will grow to be happy and successful, and to give them grandchildren. But the current shape of our world is working against this because most children go up to fill a role in life that is more for the benefit of their employer than them.

Therefore parents have two responsibilities, the first is working towards an environment conducive for the survival of future generations and the second is to educate their children that they are a part of life and that the game of capitalism which dominates the world is in fact the Grim Reaper that will terminate our species.


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