Partner Yoga

Moving from Doing together to Being together

Partner yoga has been termed AcroYoga. There are many aspects and methodologies of which the most common is supporting and being supported in the performance of yoga asana. Yet it can also involve meditation and non-contact activities. But all aspects of acroyoga involve body to body and mind to mind communication at a subtle level beyond everyday consciousness.

By practising asana together as for instance in this right image, one develops trust and confidence in one's partner which in turn fosters a better relationship. Where partners are of similar stature and flexibility, the practice is generally more balanced but when one is more supple, more stronger or of a different stature, some of the exercises are more about creative play in movement as well as being a trust building exercise.

Many people who are not well versed in asana have great difficulty with this as do people who believe they know best. To begin with one has to know one's own strength and abilities and begin to experiment with safety in mind so as not to hurt one's partner or oneself. In the beginning this is mostly about playing safe and establishing what one can do before becoming more adventurous.

Communion is perhaps the most important aspect as you need to achieve a state of 'no mind' in order to maintain a collective balance and develop trust. Working together creates bonds and partner yoga for couples helps to strengthen and explore relationships, and it can led into linked perceptions.

"A major asset to achieving your health/fitness goals is having an accountability partner to motivate you and support your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. When your fitness partner also happens to be your spouse, you better connect on a number of levels, both mentally and logistically.

Prioritizing a healthy diet and regular work outs when your partner commits to making the same lifestyle choices.
This joint commitment to fitness not only supports personal growth, but also improves your relationship and overall outlook in your household.“You’re going to need encouragement along the way.If your workout buddy is your spouse, it’s easier to stay motivated and accountable to each other.

Setting a couple goal together is empowering for both partners. Couples who sweat together stay together.
When you work out with your spouse, a cooperative spirit, shared passion and feelings of synchronization emerge. Sharing the same health and fitness goals can be a real powerhouse for any relationship.”  Dakini Devi Bliss.

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