Patriarchy versus Matriarchy

Patriarchy represents the root of human failure. Matriarchy represents an eternal possibility

Please do not be misled into thinking of matriarchy in terms of modern feminism, this is more to do with women adopting a patriarchal attitude and going to war with men. The matriarch in all societies, insect, animal and human leads her species, community or society on a path of sustainability for long-term survival. In other words she wants to create a comfortable nest, ensure a future for future generations and pass on the wisdom required to ensure continuity.

Patriarchy on the other hand is more egotistical and selfish. Men want to compete, to be heroes and lord over things with very little concern for their survival unless of course they continue to be useful. Men are prone to roaring, boasting and impregnating women, but not necessarily contributing to the children's welfare.

The woman does the bulk of the work in any society, carrying, birthing, nurturing and sustaining the family while the men sometimes provide and chase after temporary pleasure. Of course this is a broad generalisation and there are unaccountable exceptions but this is the gist of the differences.
From a metaphysical perspective these differences diminish the more masculine and feminine aspects are united within the individual psyche and a more sustainable partnership between men, woman and the environment evolves.

Europe has been patriarchal for several thousand years and the patriarchy was consolidated by the removal of the goddess from religious literature and more deeply consolidated in the psyche of the population by the burning of so-called witches. Churches, governments and tyrants knew all about governing through fear.

Before the British arrived and enacted their laws in India, India was a matriarchal society. That was something the British couldn't abide because Englishwoman could not get to vote and participate in government before 1918.

One aspect of Hindu society was that of the dowry, this was a wedding gift given to the bride at her wedding and within a matriarchal society this was her possession, her wealth with which to open a business or give her a degree of independence throughout her life. The British changed this law by making the wife and her wealth the property of the husband to do as he pleased.

The men quickly learned to take advantage, marriage became a business for the man to see how much money they could get from their new bride and there are many men who once they got their hands on the money quickly disposed of their brides to remarry and collect another dowry. Of course this contributed greatly to the breakdown of Hindu society as did the issue of land ownership.

To many this may seem like the most radical of ideas however given that Hindu civilisation has existed for such a long time, and that it has continued to exist over the past thousand years despite the best efforts of the Muslims and even greater efforts by the British (of all the colonialists) to destroy it. Even though India today is an independent nation, the economic and conversion colonialism currently wrecking havoc across the world continues trying to wreck India and bring it under the control of the modern and highly corrupt economic system.

While we live under a patriarchal civilisation, the most urgent need is not to destroy but rather to educate men and women that we are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist without each other. Even as individuals, we have varying amounts of masculine and feminine energy flowing through our bodies. The men need to take a leaf from the story of iron John and embrace the shadow within, the feminine whereas women need to disentangle themselves from irrational aggressiveness toward anyone who doesn't conform to their ideas.

It's time to remember that we come into life through our mothers and because our physicality comes from the earth, the earth is also our mother. She is what gives us life and sustains us so instead of arguing between ourselves, we should bring our palms together, bow our heads and give thanks to the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine, and then we may better harmonise with each other.


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