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Defining relationships

I've been reading through other people's stories and ideas about the changes in human relationships.  The Christian moral perspective is that anything other than a unrelated male-female relationship is somehow a crime, an attitude that denies the fact that love can exist independently of this ideal. Disease is not discussed, but must be remembered.

So let's look at some of these situations.

Incest between a father and daughter, or mother and son:

Within some branches of Islam, sex between fathers and daughters, older brothers and sisters is legal and encouraged as is marriage between cousins. But when these relationships produce children, genetic weaknesses and mutations occur giving rise to physical deformities and mental illnesses. This has also happened in royal families who wanted to keep the money in house so to speak and learned the hard way that after a few generations of inbreeding  within the same family unit leads to biological weakness and extinction.

Gay or homosexual relationships:

There is no harm in these relationships, no children can be produced and therefore this relationship is one of social convenience which may embody real love.  The only objection is from those whose moral dignity is offended and as such no one has a right to criticise.


Polygamy is promoted within Islam and it's where one man will have more than one or even many wives,  this practice evolved in order to help a man raise a large family and accrue wealth rapidly.  In cultures that practised polygamy, and man may have ten wives who each have ten children every year, within ten years, those children are beginning work and contributing to the household.  Over twenty years, the man may have a hundred or more children and it is through these children that kingdoms are born.

Within today's social systems, this idea does not sit well with many people however as long as the women are not being forced into participating, there should be no legal or moral argument against it.


This is where a woman will have several husbands.  This practice evolved in places where the land was not capable of supporting a large population.  Here, a woman can usually only have one child per year and this stops the human population from putting too much strain on resources and has allowed communities to survive in harsh climatic places like the Tibetan plateau.

Abortion and other practices:

It's far kinder to terminate a pregnancy in that first month or six weeks then to give birth to a child is not wanted.  Many of those who complain loudest that this is against God's laws and a social offence are those whose economic and social policies contribute to those many unwanted children who die every second of the day from starvation, thirst and disease.

There is no God that governs human relationships or intervenes to prevent human suffering.  Our relationships and our suffering our own creation, but it's far more worthwhile to focus on happiness and social equity then beach about what we don't like, because that bitchiness diminishes our humanity.

We don't know if humanity came into being through chance, accident or creation.  The only guidance we find is that within our own hearts and minds, so it's time to put the idea of God aside and recognise that we are gods in our own right and that it is our duty to work towards the continuity of our species, and the only way to do that is to find harmony within ourselves and then share it with each other.

One of the best ways to find harmony with each other is in having sex. But relationships must be consensual, outside of Islam, rape remains a crime.


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