Physical Remedies for Depression

A problem of your own creation

Depression first off is something you have created in your own mind and if you feel that some one or some others are responsible for your state of mind, then you must know that you are a slave to that person or others.

The real freedom comes from truly knowing and taking responsibility for yourself, something that's easier said than done so much so that a guru is often needed to help you sort reality from fantasy.

But here we discuss physical things you can do to relieve depression. Just like our mind can affect our body, our body can affect our mind. Often times, anxiety and tension will build up in our bodies, making it even harder to overcome.

Practical things to do

  1. Be grateful, gratitude is a powerful and simple remedy for many problems.
  2. Do something different every day, a change can be as good as a holiday. Get up early, take a cold shower, take a different route, wear different colours, play different music.
  3. Spend time in nature, as far into the wilderness as possible, but your local park is fine when you can't get further.
  4. Avoid sugars and caffeinated drinks as these weaken body and mind.
  5. Avoid snacking between meals
  6. Eat fresh balanced meals devoid of sugars, chemicals and preservatives.
  7. Physical activities, yoga, running, dancing, swimming - any exercise refreshes the mind alleviating depression.
  8. Skipping, this often provides instant relief.
  9. Counselling to get a clearer perspective on your life and take control.


A holistic full body massage relaxes and integrates body and mind. Massage done well, among other things, is bring attention to your muscles so you can relax them most effectively. Any tension stored in the muscles compromises all physical and mental activity.

However finding a good therapist or affording treatment may be prohibitive, but self massage is also effective.

  1. Rub your entire body with your palms, as if you were soaping yourself in the shower, or actually do this in the shower. This feels good, it warms up your muscles and improves body awareness. You can do this vigorously or softly as you like but cover your entire body as you can reach. For where you can't reach, find or make a scratching/rubbing post. Door jams are often good.
  2. Identify tension spots in your body and rub them out. Knots feel like small lumps or cords in places where there is a lot of muscle but no bone. Use your fingertips to knead the area in a way that feels pleasant and relaxing.
  3. Massage your face, tension is often held in the jaw and massage can also help with sinus problems.
  4. Massage your feet, get stuck in and do everything that feels good but don't hurt yourself. There are many foot massage videos on youtube, so get stuck in.

As you learn about your body, this will become something you can do wherever you are and by shifting your focus away from your mind onto your body, you will find relief form anxiety and depression. .


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  • Bart

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 20 Americans over the age of 12 has some form of depression and I used to be one of them. Forcing myself to go out and get some exercise certainly helped yet even though depression is supposed to limit one’s libido and sex drive, I found that sex lifted me out of depression better than other exercise

  • Sexy Tits

    It’s remarkable that when men who have hte opportunity to frequently look at women’s breasts soon forget about being depressed.

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