Pleasure and Beauty

Beauty; an interaction that pleases the senses

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Beauty is a trick of the mind

Our minds and lives continually seek balance and beauty is seen when there are balanced proportions.  We look for it in everyone’s face and body,  and we feel pleasure at the sight of balance as balance equals beauty and beauty is related to the golden number.

Not everyone remembers Bob Marley, the charismatic and popular musician. If you did not know him and passed him in the street, he may pass unnoticed. Like all people, there is beauty in the face but in Bob’s case, the beauty in his music; the sound, the meaning and the delivery. The beauty in the person has gone, yet the beauty and the pleasure afforded by his music lives on.

We imagine the hidden side of this face matches what we see

We imagine the hidden side of this face matches what we see

The golden number

The golden number is also called the golden ratio, the golden section or golden mean. Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section, golden proportion, golden cut, and golden number

The golden is a balanced proportion of all sides, the  balance between all feature left and right, of the body, the smoothness of the curve, the sound and the concept.

Beauty in the human form

Beauty in the idea of the female form

Beauty in the idea of the female form

Our greatest interest is in that of ourselves and it is within ourselves we seek to create beauty and experience pleasure. Full body is our ground, the root of our lifetime experience without which we would not exist.

There are no two people on earth who are identical, we are all uniquely different from each other and we are all born with varying degrees of natural beauty and capacity for pleasure.

Men are more often described as handsome were as women are more often described as beautiful weather description fits. But in the field of human beauty, the woman’s body takes precedence because after all, she is the source of life.

All new life comes through the female form and regardless of a woman’s appearance, the fact that she is a woman is at the core of her beauty which is also symbolic of the ability to give life.

Creation is something we all stand in awe of, so much so that we even imagine a creator God while the enlightened say that we are gods in our own right.

When we look at the female body, there are many different criteria that need to match an order to signify beauty and give pleasure. Ideally, the left and right side of the face will be balanced, her hair will look healthy and her breasts be even and sufficient for their purpose of lactation.

Her waist will be slim and her hips adequate for birthing, her legs will be strong and her overall features will give pleasure to the eyes.

The handsome football player Italian Fabio Cannavaro

The handsome football player Italian Fabio Cannavaro

The beauty of the male body is seen in the balance of his face, but also in the definition of this strength and musculature.

When we look at each other, we are looking for balanced and our sense of perfection. Of course we we don’t find perfection, we learn to make do as not everyone passes the beauty test in the broad picture.

What about survival strategies is to find beauty outside or beyond the physical realm. We can find beauty in the intellectual character of others as we are looking for an overall best fit.

The broader concept

The physically beautiful give pleasure to our minds via our eyes, but there is the old expression beauty is only skin deep, therefore we most often look beyond the skin into the nature of the person.

While there are many aspects to beauty, the beauty gives us the greatest pleasure is that that we can relate to.

The search for balance

We are driven to find balance in many ways to find balance between work and play, recreation and leisure. We accept that we have to suffer work, some people, injustice, intolerance, bigotry,  ageing, illness and eventually death.

Pleasure provides a contrast to our suffering and enables us to carry on as few have the freedom to devote our lives to pleasure and create a heaven on earth as many think is our reason for being.  As explained in the post about dopamine, our purpose has been hijacked and we have become slaves to the pleasure of others.


Our constant search for beauty, pleasure and perfection can drive us mad as every time we experience pleasure through beauty, it becomes a resting place from which we aspire to even greater appreciation and pleasure.

The road to hoe has no end and our sanity depends on the acceptance and humility that we shape through compassion towards self and others.



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