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Political Correctness

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obamaWe've been hearing a lot about “PC Culture” from the conservative media and presidential candidates lately, and the consensus seems to be that all of this political correctness is stifling our right to freedom of speech. But when has speaking out against discrimination and hate ever stripped someone else of their ability to voice their opinion? You still have the freedom to say whatever you want, and the “PC Police” still have the right to tell you how wrong you are.

Political correctness is just a fancy term for not telling the truth and preventing others from being truthful. The term was originally used within the Communist Party in Stalin’s Russia to describe which opinions on government were approved to hold and which were not.

A form of Political correctness was once all about respecting other people's rights and freedoms, but today it's all about trying to avoid offending all the dreams and fantasies that people carry in their minds. In times gone by, if a person happened to be a communist you could still make Communist jokes but use wouldn't tell them they were less of a human being for being a Communist. Even today you can still do that to a certain extent and is reasonably okay to do that with Christianity, but make a joke about Islam and you'll get your head chopped off.


Conservatives ironically make the biggest fuss over political correctness, while being the biggest beneficiaries of PC culture. For instance, it’s not politically correct to call Republicans big fucking liars on national television, so journalists and Democrats politely choose not to." ~ Levi Olson

But it's become even more ridiculous because in some segments of society you can't say anything about anyone unless it flatters or pleases their ego. Or as Stephen Fry put it," t’s sad how oversimplified and infantilistic ethics has become. Yes it’s sad that people suffer from abuse, but being an abuse survivor does NOT give you the right to try and censor all works of art and media that portray abuse. Censorship does not help cure the evils of the world and self pity is a deleterious vice."

"Intellectual integrity and truth are obviously unwanted in our times. These have been displaced by political correctness. Why this happened is a mystery, but mainstream media and other agencies vehemently enforce the politically correct opinion. They drum into us powerfully what we should think even if it goes against common sense." Maria Wirth

Now what does this do for our state of mind?

People have taken on the idea that they have some sort of divine right to have their ego continuously appeased and never contradicted. This takes the fun out of life because the ego is only there to be made fun of because it's not real. Without an ego, there could be no satire and probably no comedy at all.

It makes minds incredibly fragile, it makes ego is incredibly sensitive and it creates attachments to false realities. So really political correctness has passed its use by date and needs to be abolished.

  • Chuck: Political correctness is makin' this country soft! You can't just tell it like it is anymore; always worried about hurtin' someone's feelings!
  • John: Right? Like how I want to call out bullshit religious faith being used to prop up willful ignorance, discrimination, misogyny, violence, child abuse, and all types of fraud and decept—
  • Chuck: What?! Heavens No! Now you're just being offensive! You don't question someone's Faith.
  • John: Oh. Do you just miss the days when you could openly use slurs and derogatory stereotypes without question?
  • Chuck: Basically..
George Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism
pretending to be Manners

Some have said that "it's hard to sit in lectures where professors were openly racist, sexist, homophobic and/or transphobic. It's exhausting. And no one deserves to have their identity invalidated, especially at a university where they're dishing out thousands of dollars just to be there." This is not so much about political correctness, it's more about plain insensitivity and could even be construed as bullying. The people who are overly sensitive and feel that others are not respecting their thoughts should advertise and make clear what their thoughts are so that people know those thoughts and don't have to be mind readers.

If you have a right to respect, that means other people don’t have a right to their own opinions.

Okay, if you've survived the rundown, but what do you need to do if you subscribe to political correctness?

A good beginning would be to meditate and begin to understand life as it is because if you are offended by non-politically correct people, people who have different opinions and people who don't care about your feelings, you deed to wake up.

Whatever someone says to you or about you is really none of your business unless you choose to make it so. If someone calls you stupid and you clearly know that you are not and the assertion is completely false, you have choices. You can react and get all upset or you can respond by arguing your case if it matters, or letting the remarks slide on by.

Meditation and re-engineering your mind puts you in touch with a deeper reality which means that you become more deeply grounded in the reality of who you are. It makes you less sensitive and a reactive way but no less perceptive. You will know very well if someone is simply being a douche bag, but because you have a more discriminating awareness you can play your options without being upset.


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  • Norman Vandyk

    Surely political correctness is just an adaption to survival as when you’ve got nothing and you’re around people have lots, you can sometimes survive by just being nice and I’m not sure if that’s politically correct about

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