Politically Correct sayings

Modern insanity

Drunk = Spacially Perplexed
Insane People = Comprehensibility Selective
Insane People = Selectively Perceptive
Bisexual = Sexually Non-preferential
Bald = Folically Challenged
Bald = Comb-Free
Girl = Pre-Woman Fat = Calorifically Enhanced Alternatively,
Fat = Horizontally Challenged Alternatively,
Fat = Gravitationally Challenged
Short = Vertically Challenged
Airhead = Reality Impaired
Sarah Brightman = Alternatively Talented
Dead = Metabolically Challenged
Poor = Economically Deficient
Poor = Economically Unprepared
Slum = Economic Oppression Zone
Hunter = Animal Assassin
Old People = Gerentologically Advanced
Homeless = Optionally Residential
Hooker = Sexual-Care Provider
Hooker = Sex Surrogate
Housewife = Domestic Technician
Handicapped = Differently Abled
Deaf = Visually Oriented
Blind = Photonically Non-receptive
Drug Addict = Chemically Challenged
Ugly = Attractively Impaired
Obnoxious = Charismatically Impeded

A gentleman washing the dishes:

I called an old college friend and asked what he was doing now?

He replied that he was currently working on :

*Aqua-thermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium and steel under a constrained environment*

_*I was impressed ....*_

*... The beauty of English is infinite !*


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