And why things are the way they are

Most of us are familiar with ideas like politicians are the most untrustworthy species and that our world is in a mess due to their incompetence. But to understand why the world is the way it is and the failure of your political systems, we need to step back and summarise the evolutionary process that brought us to this point.

It's fairly well known that we evolved from hunter gatherer tribes where sometimes one person was the leader and sometimes decision-making was more democratic. There is no one fits all description but things changed more quickly with the advent of agriculture and perhaps more importantly, the use of money and the development of the class/caste system within society.

As populations increased, the foundations of societies remained tribal and we could argue that this remains the case today. People form themselves into collectives around shared ideas and ideologies about how to organise themselves. We have gone through a long period of kingdoms and experimented with communism, socialism, democracy and capitalism. All of these systems work for a few - those on top of the heap who by a mixture of cunning, coercion and force have managed to dominate.

Yet none of these philosophies are particularly holistic. At best they are nationalistic and while democratic capitalism claims to be working for peoples best interests, it only works for the best interests of those who sit on top of the heap. Yet it has given the global population access to communication technology and the ability to presume to know the thoughts and actions of our leaders.

Communism promised social equity and justice for all. It sounds like a nice idea except that to make a society work, one has to have a hierarchy of administrators who as it turned out were easily corrupted. Then democracy was supposed to be the panacea but as we see in every democracy today, elite groups within society have been able to utilise that to their own advantage to gain power, influence and wealth.

All of these systems failed because they were distracted from serving the people they were sworn to serve. But now they serve the economy and people are expendable. This corruption of what should have been social order and harmony in all countries has been exacerbated by capitalism which is neither fair, just or kind. It’s cruel, selfish and a place where the strong dominate, exploit, use and even kill the weak.

Many argue that this is the natural order of things; for the weak to be ruled by the strong and to submit to them or to suffer the consequences. Of course people don't willingly submit, they are tricked, coerced and bullied into submission. This plays out in the wars, the great privatisation of state-owned assets, decreasing wages in contrast with inflation and the accumulation of power in the hands of a tiny minority. To some this is a natural process in nature where compassion and kindness are wrong, while cruelty and indifference to suffering is right. Strength helps survival; weakness hinders it. That’s why it’s morally right to punish the weak just for being weak and those in power have no remorse.

However, the way this process is playing out, the .1 of 1% who survive the apocalypse that they are bringing down on the world may revert to savages should they survive what they are directly causing through their failure to be human. In most countries, the politicians are selling state assets, the property of the people to the highest bidder despite the fact that their duty is to serve the needs of the people. In fact, not only are they failing in their duty, they are actually traitors who believe they have little chance of being held to account because thanks to the corporate turning door policies, they can quietly disappear into some well-paid job at the end of their political career while the taxpayers who voted for them are left to pick up the tab.

At the end of the political day, the corporations who have claimed ownership over the earth may realise they have failed and destroyed everything. The only real winners in this game are those who were clever enough to opt out and seek enlightenment.

The only real answer is for as many people as possible to embrace their humanity and resist. All that needs doing is boycott th corporations and hold leaders to account. Can you be that responsible?


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