Politics and Health

Medicine is an experimental science

foodsHealth care as with every aspect of humanity is controlled and affected by Politics and Money. The politicians decide what health care we have access to, how much it will cost, and of course where there is money and power, we also get conspiracies.

Throughout history humanity has been structured with either leaders and followers or rulers and subjects, but what about democracy?

You may live in what you consider a democracy where you can vote for your government representative, but amongst millions, your vote means little and in many democracies governments are elected to rule with a very small percentage of the populations vote and for those who voted for other than the ruling party, they may experience a tyranny of the majority who voted.

While some kingdoms and Sultanates have produced more harmonious and equitable societies, we cannot do away with democracy, all we can do is ask the rulers to rule with equal consideration and compassion for all citizens and not just feather their own nests and look after their mates.

How does government affect health?

Governments typically make the laws and dictate what the rules of business exist within a country. These rules also include health care, but there is far more to health care than at first meets the eye... Just think: We are what we eat and if we do not get adequate nutrition from safe and non toxic sources, our health will suffer.

  • We are what we eat
    If a government allows any degradation of our food supply, which includes genetic engineering and chemicalized agribusiness and contamination of our food supply with other pollutants which have detrimental effects on animal and human health, our health and the health of our children will suffer.
  • If a government restricts access to affordable preventative medicine as the EU and Australia restrict access to natural vitamins, peoples health will suffer.
  • If a government restricts access to the wilderness or allows the wilderness to degrade, peoples health will suffer. The over fishing of our rivers and oceans, pollution of land, rivers and oceans by agribusiness and deforestation are all examples.


The health-care system is funded by money, however it is the desire for profits over true human concern that is causing the breakdown in the health-care system we are experiencing today. You can argue that yes, we are getting better health care than most of out forefathers, but the most annoying feature of health care is that it is based on treating symptoms and not treating the cause of illness or putting money into preventative medicine.

You probably know the expression "money talks" and this took on a more sinister implication as Germany launched its mass-vaccination program against the H1N1 flu virus in October 2009 where the government was accused of favoritism because it offered one vaccine believed to have fewer side effects to civil servants, politicians and soldiers, and another, potentially riskier vaccine to everyone else, read more.


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