Politics and holism

There is no holism without freedom

It's well known that the US military machine rules the world and from their fear they are instituting a global police state.  If you've not been keeping up with world events, have a listen to this video which is an honest overview of how the human crisis is deepening as Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute is interviewed by ABC Australia Adelaide on NSA spying, Edward Snowden, the military-industrial complex, and world wars.

Today we live in a world where rules are made by corporate giants out to make a profit and governments are complicit.  The result is that we as individuals loose our freedom and free will. We are  also loosing our rights to fresh food and clean  water as the corporates take ownership  of resources and the prices we pay for everything increase.

The only prices that come down today are for things which keep us entertained, the real cost of living is steadily increasing as the quality of life is deteriorating.

Sacrifice freedom or take a stand

In this video from Trends, the implications are spelled out in more detail about what governments are doing than the one above. Does this affect you?

Yes it does, governments walk hand in hand with corporate giants like Nestle who wants control of the worlds water, Monsanto and Dupont who want control of the worlds entire food resources, the bankers who as in Cyprus may take our money and who gamble in high risk share trading.

Why are we here?

Know one really knows, but to learn why seems like a good reason, and the way to knowing is by following a path toward enlightenment and the fullness of our human potentiality. This path requires peace, good nutrition, a healthy environment and shelter. It does not require the chaos present in today’s world although for some it’s a motivator to start the journey, but most I fear simply bury their heads in the sand (drugs, ignorance and temporary self fulfilling interests). Are you awake?

Wake up folks, currently we live in a world war sponsored by the USA who’s military machine requires war to survive and keep the last of the US industrial base operation and hence the economy. Unless we take a stand and learn our recent history without attachment and take affirmative action by boycotting corporate criminals, voting for honest politicians and getting on with your neighbours, our world will continue to deteriorate.

What will you do and how do you find truth in a world of disinformation?  To be holistic requires that we embrace all of life with discriminating awareness, it’s not just diet and nutrition, it also take in politics, sociology and the how if all life.

“Since you will definitely have to depart without the wealth you have accumulated, do not accumulate negativity for the sake of wealth.”

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