Preparing for Worlds End

Can we do anything right?

Make love - not war

Make love - not war

If there was any benevolent God has spoken of within the world's religions, you would think that it, him or her would have stepped in to tell people how to solve their problems. But since people have believed in God, there has never been any evidence of any God and it seems clear that we have been left to our own devices.

As the global conflict escalates, more and more people are being confined to their homes because it is not safe to go out at night, and even in relatively peaceful countries, anxieties and frustrations are growing.

While there are simple solutions to fix the financial crisis and end the war of terror, those who control the world don't want peace, and some scientists are predicting that humanity will go extinct over the next 10 to 20 years.

This website sets out to provide information about how to better look after our health, but if we are about to go extinct, there's no point. Perhaps we should all do exactly as we want to and hasten the process because we cannot have health without peace.

It is characteristic of religious peoples to wish peace for everyone yet peace is only a starting point and a reprieve from suffering. We suffer our families, jobs and lifestyles, we suffer not getting what we want out of life and we suffer ill health which is a consequence of all the above sufferings.

Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth before we destroy it:
In fact, taken collectively, Hawking’s numerous warnings are aimed directly at the careless hubris of the ruling elites and their tendency to act in favour of profit — in a variety of fields — without consideration given to long-term consequences resulting from such hastily implemented projects. BBC

While many people say that suffering is a choice, we have allowed institutions to develop that in effect enforce the growth of suffering. One of these groups are our governments whose social and economic policies disenfranchise entire populations. If you happen to be one of the club, you don't have to worry too much until the time comes when your employees don't come to work because they've become ill or succumbed to the war of terror.

Until everyone in the world sits down and realises that they have been making a catastrophic mistake, there can be no solution to prevent complete environmental, financial and social collapse. Financial forces are pushing the once affluent middle-class of developed countries into poverty as the so-called Third World is still being pillaged.

So the question arises as, do we go down fighting or do we opt out and seek a pleasant haven until the storm arrives on our step?

John Lennon in one of his songs said that we should give peace a chance and I wish our leadership would take that advice on board but they're not. But in terms of human experience, peace was intended to be our foundation from which happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy would be able to flourish.

However it is because our elected leaders have sold us out through their ignorance and corruption that the world is in this mess. Individually we can sit down and meditate because the answer to life's problems can be found only by looking inwards. We can build safe havens that will put off the inevitable demise of civilisation for a short while which could be time enough to become fully self realised from where there is an option to step out of samsara (the cycle of life and death).

Easing the pain

We humans have two favourite pastimes one is food and the other is sex. We need to be thankful if we have a full belly and know where our next meal is coming from. Unfortunately excessive eating makes us sick, so what about sex?

Once health and safety considerations are taken care of, sex is one of the most rewarding of all human activities. When one doesn't have a any particular agenda beyond sharing the time and intimacy, sex of one is life's most rewarding experiences.  Good sex helps to bond couples within a relationship and on a more casual basis reminds people that they are human. Good sex helps to dispel anxiety, depression and fear, and it helps to maintain a sense of sanity in today's insane world.

When we consider the environment, when we consider our social system, when we consider our relationships with other people and when we consider our relationship to our self, it's all about intimacy.

Some people can do yoga and meditate where they can explore that internal world, but so many are so lost and confused that the yoga of sex referred to as tantra can be a vehicle to liberation from the confusion and suffering within our lives.

So if we look at the world and the escalating war of terror, the denial of basic human rights and freedoms, the world does not look very pretty. No individual can solve the problems facing all life on this planet and no one can deny that mankind is the cause of the problem. Therefore if we're all going to die, we should do our best to die happily by cultivating her relationships with ourselves.

When we have created our own inner peace, and if enough of us do this, then mankind may get another chance on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

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