Prostitution defined

A prostitute is any person who casts aside their values for profit

Model images cause many to over diet

Model images cause many to over diet

Prostitutes today are most often thought of as sex workers or escorts, but anyone can be a prostitute by going against their better judgement, beliefs or values.

Common prostitutes:

  • The politician who puts personal survival needs before the needs of people that he or she represents
  • The machine operator who destroys pristine habitat.
  • The sex worker who does what they dislike
  • The corporates who destroy for profit.
  • Those who espouse peace and advance war

The difference between a sex worker and a prostitute

Sex workers, escorts, consorts, courtesans, masseuses, and tantrika are not prostitutes when they believe in what they are doing and enjoy the work. In other words where someone is providing a service that is of benefit to the client as well is being beneficial for the well-being of the person supplying that service and not contradicting the laws of nature, that person is not a prostitute.

The prostitute is a person who has given up a part of themselves. If we stay with the area of sex work, the person who offers themselves for sex is just for the money and does not enjoy the experience is a prostitute. Similarly any person who provides a service will commence an action that is against the laws of nature is in fact prostituting themselves because the act generates a negative karma doing harm to themselves and those around them.

Many people start their careers with good intent and end up becoming prostitutes, but to prostitute oneself as a failing to one's own humanity.


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