Raw Power Diet

The ultimate recovery diet

hmrJoel Wallach and Dr. Esselstyn and many others have proved that changes in diet and nutrition can actually cure diseases. As a result of their advice and other impulses, people have been experimenting with different ways of eating raw food.

Then many people remembered that when we were ill, we were given soups and broths that were filled with nutrition and easy to digests. Many people turn to fruit and vegetable juices as a way of providing the body with essential nutrients, however fruit and vegetable juice without the essential fibre can sometimes do as much harm as good.

Some of the critics of the raw vegetarian diet are that it takes an awful long time to sit down and munch through large quantities of salad. So enter the food processor:

Any nutritious vegetable or vegetable combination can be tossed into a food processor along with sufficient quantity of water to produce a liquid to the required consistency. A liquid can be produced to any desired consistency or flavour which unlike extracted juice, it contains all the vegetable fibre, (or fruit) which helps to renovate the digestive tract.

As part of a maintenance diet for good health

Blend a selection of your favourite vegetables daily, or just several times a week as a substitute meal. If you are in good health, you can explore all manner of combinations and even combine fruits and vegetables.

If you are suffering from any illness or disease, it is best to seek advice from a medical professional; ideally someone who has experience of using foods to cure disease and who can prescribe recipes for your optimal recovery.

Sample recipes
Note you likely need to add a little water to get a smooth blend and a pinch of salt and in cold weather, these can be served warm.

  1. Beetroot and kale
    wash and dice a medium-sized beetroot
    wash a bowl of kale leaves
    add to the food processor with half a cup of water and a pinch of salt process and enjoy.
  2. Power Max
    wash and dice one whole beetroot, one carrot and a large bunch of spinach or kale add half a cup of water to your food processor add half a cup of mixed nuts, seeds and a little dried fruit add a pinch of salt, your favourite herbs or even fresh chilli, then power it up and consume immediately.
  3. Kale or any leafy green plus parsley or other herb/spices, carrot, apple plus a few dates or raisins.

The only limit to the recipes is your imagination and adding salt is optional. We believe that a little salt is healthy whereas sugar is the real poison. Some people find that carrots and beets are too sweet, in such cases use more leafy greens. For those on recovery diets, the quantity of leafy greens needs to be increased and it is especially important that produce is free of all agricultural chemicals including pesticides and fertilisers.

One of the first things that people try this diet find is that their digestive tract gets a cleanout. This often means several bowel movements a day for a while. If you are healthy, this quickly normalises and if you are overweight, you may shed a few pounds, your skin and hair they also look noticeably improved.

To support this lifestyle change, it's a good opportunity to reduce consumption of sweets and starches, especially breads and cakes. If you eat meat, you may find that you are satisfied by eating less.

By following this more wholesome diet, you may also find that your thinking becomes a little more wholesome and may also be a good opportunity to wean yourself away from those people who have an adverse effect on your psyche.

In winter or cooler weather, adding a half cup of warm or even hot water results in a fresh and nutritious soup and for healthy individuals in summer, these blended smoothies can be served cold. But it's important that they are consumed immediately as the key nutrients will deteriorate rapidly as they have been exposed to air.


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