Reflections on Sunday Morning

Do you want to live and be happy?

ddfWere it not for our technology, the knowledge of the world at War and all the atrocities that go on would be a distant rumour that would have taken months to circle the globe. But last week when a naive and excited young girl went on a date with a Muslim man she thought charming and safe, images of her dismembered corpse appeared in the world media the next day.

While our media is full of horror stories and it seems like Doomsday is fast approaching, how do we make sense or even retain any semblance of sanity? Our politicians are playing games with our lives for the betterment of their own short term survival. They do care to some degree but their policy-making is subject to political bias and like most people, they are largely ignorant of life and unqualified to lead.

In this modern age we are all encouraged to speak up and yet few people are heard in the crowd let alone listened to. The political and social structures which have evolved over the past 70 years have been about promoting individualism and encouraging consumption while depriving the world of the right to life even though that statement 'right to life' is held high.

While we continue to believe in God's, human rights and the drivel of our politicians, nothing is going to change. We have seen the banking crisis which is not really a crisis, rather a manipulation of the global finances and everyone is living at a level of debt that can never be repaid. At the end of the day, all the profits of the big corporate's are from converting resources of the planet that have never been paid for and to profitable, disposable commodities at the expense of our environment.

We have reached a point where our social and economic systems are broken beyond repair and the only possible restoration is to stop everything and begin again. Every country carries a level of debt that can never ever be repaid and the best financial wizards cannot even track the world's finances.

There are three levels of people in the world, those who have who pull the strings, those who work for the man and consider themselves free even though they are debt slaves, and those who are entirely dispossessed and must beg, borrow or steal to survive.

In most countries our law's say that we all have equal rights, but that's just a convenient lie and the real truth is inconvenient for those in power and their power is so great they can dismiss protests. Should the population become slightly more responsible, as we see in the USA it's not hard to rig the elections and the police can be militarised.

None of us as individuals can change the course of civilisation unless we climb the rungs of power, a process that generally corrupts the most noble of souls. So the question is how to experience the wonder and joy of being human without being sucked in and trapped by the many forms of suffering that we have created?

What ever your place in life, you need to recognise what sustains you and what binds you. Improving your lifestyle helps, then casting aside things that may make you feel good for a brief time but ultimately serve you not can be a challenge but must be done. Some people think they need 10 cups of coffee to get through their day, but realistically if they improved their diet, exercised and took a little more responsibility for their lives, then they may enjoy one or two cups per day without being bound such a destructive need.

We are creatures of habit and it is these habits that bind us, unhealthy food and other elements of our lifestyle make our bodies and minds sluggish which makes it more difficult to respond to life. In this age of conflict, being sharp and alert may mean the difference between listening to an impulse to avoid that mall and avoid being blown up.

You may live in what you think is a safe country, but even here in New Zealand we are experiencing a crime wave which is largely due to government policy and corporate deregulation. Now with China on the war path and Islam spreading its tentacles into every country, the strife we are seeing in Europe and the USA is coming to a neighbourhood near you sometime soon.

The only individual solution

The only way to not only save yourself, but to continue your evolution is to involve yourself in learning the nature of your existence. There's an old saying that 'one can only change the world by first changing one's self' and really, it's true. When you impose your will on someone else, it's called aggression which is counter-productive and at the end of the day all this conflict in the world is over ideas and territory, nothing more.

Therefore to save yourself and remember you can't take anything or anyone with us when you die, you must come to understand or experience the nature of life as it is. It's not good enough to simply believe that something may be true, it's not good enough to believe in God, you really have to experience and conclusively prove that your experiences are genuine and not just mental constructs or hallucinations.

There have been quite a few people who have believed that they could fly and fell to their deaths from high places, see that you're not one of them. Yet if we look at our history there are countless individuals who have experienced what is sometimes referred to as Enlightenment, as the direct experience of the divine and this is what every individual must aspire to.

We have an inbuilt impulse to replicate ourselves which nature supports by making the act of sexual intercourse pleasurable, we also have an innate desire to know and understand the nature of our reality. Every year scientists invest trillions of dollars and vast amounts of time trying to work out the nature of existence, and to a certain extent they are succeeding. But in fact they have reached a point where they have discovered that the universe that we see as solid and tangible is in fact an illusion being played out within our minds.

But there is also a tradition that we call yoga whereby large numbers of people have recognised and surrendered those things that do not serve them. They have adopted a lifestyle that is less harmful the planet and the people they live amongst. They exercise their bodies and their minds in part by not doing and being intensely aware of their existence.

These men and women we call yogis and yoginis who are still far ahead of modern science in knowing the nature of existence. The modern scientific method of analysis is perhaps more exacting in some areas of research, yet the yogic (Hindu) calculations from 5000 years ago are still more advanced than what has been discovered in modern science.

Not everyone is going to become a great meditator, but everyone should know that this planet is our home and our bodies arise from the dust of the earth only to return when this short life is over. This planet we call home will continue for millions of years and yet our individual life is brief. There is a level of knowledge that says that all life is indestructible and that we shall continue, but if we continue the way we are at the moment then there will be no earth to return to and unless we respect and celebrate our mothers, there will be no mechanism for rebirth.

The four ways you can approach the ultimate knowledge.

  • Through the physical body and the path of kind action known as Karma‬ Yoga.
  • Through your mind using intelligence to know the nature of life which is known as Jana (Gyan) Yoga.
  • Through your emotions and celebrating life which is known as Bhakti Yoga
  • Through your energies and the exploration of the subtle nature of being which is known as Kriya‬ Yoga.
Celebrate life in colour

A cup of coffee may lift your energy and improve your sense of well-being for a short time, having sex when it goes well can leave you feeling good for many days. But all these physical things we do only produce a temporary happiness that needs constant repetition, and over time to achieve the same level of happiness that one once experienced, one often needs more coffee, more sex, or money or whatever it is that turns you on.

Throughout the knowledge of history, the path of yoga has been the only solution to ending the ignorance and suffering that most people endure for a lifetime. Yoga is not difficult, in its simplest form all that is required is to stop and relax, yet remain alert. It is when one is relaxed and receptive that the truth reveals itself giving rise to a sense of well-being and joy that is only tarnished by the foolishness of man. When the truth is known one only does what is required to sustain and celebrate life.


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