Remaining Sane in an Insane World

A guide for survival


We face so many challenges today, it's simply mind-boggling to try and find any perspective. Everyone has a different opinion about what's going on in life, especially politics, crime, poverty and what is about Muslims?

We know that life is finite and there is almost nothing that any ordinary individual can do or say that's going to have any positive effect on the state of the world. Therefore the majority of people except that life is fate and we simply have to do the best we can to be the type of person we want to be.

Another word for fate is karma meaning 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. The Western use of the word fate implies an inevitability that the eastern word karma offers the possibility of change. But for change to happen, anyone who finds themselves in any unpleasant situation needs to work to overcome their karma whereas fate is inevitable.

Our collective karma as a species is based on our history and education which unfortunately leaves most people ignorant of the truth of the past. Every conqueror destroys the public records and rewrites history to suit themselves, therefore humanity has lost a great deal over the past few thousand years.

What is the world coming to?

paris2016We have reached a stage in our evolution where we have more luxury and manufactured technology that has been created that has ever existed at any time in human history. This is caused a great deal of pollution, it's rapidly draining the resources of the planet and is unsustainable. The way we are going, we may well be extinct within 100 years through climate change and fighting over resources.

Human development over the past 2000 years has been based on certain beliefs. People used to believe that the Earth was flat and that the Earth was the centre of the universe around which all the galaxies revolved. People believe that some people had more rights than others, and this is something true today.

So many people today believe they are right, they believe that they know the truth when in fact they don't. There is no one alive who can look up into the sky above us and tell us the shape of the universe. Similarly, no one can define what life is. But modern commercialism has worked out how to profit from life which unfortunately is actually destroying life and some say that over the past 500 years, about one half of all species on earth have already gone extinct.

When it comes to our sociology and social structure, everything is based on people's opinions. Opinions like everyone has a right to life is widely accepted, yet the followers of Islam say that only people who believe in Islam have a right to life and everyone else must die.

This of course is a fallacy, yet Islam is rapidly spreading around the world. Yet our politicians support this in the hope that Islamists will vote for them. Politicians generate their own beliefs in accord with their desired outcome which is usually to be re-elected. Within the capitalist system which we used to call democracy, politicians are also in power to meet the needs of their business partners who in return we'll see that the politician is financially rewarded.

Islam is not the only social injustice, the very forces of capitalism create injustice in the form of divisions in society and the ever-increasing economic gap between rich and poor. Capitalism and the way we arrange our society is forcing more and more people into abject poverty and it's only a good education combined with friends in high places that can guarantee that you I have a reasonable quality of life.

A life of fear or avoidance

When we look at the harsh reality of life, there is no fairness and justice only exists as a tool for the rich and powerful to retain their positions. There are many corporations in the world who are clearly committing crimes against humanity through the manipulation of financial systems or massive environmental poisoning. Yet these corporations are too big to prosecute or hold responsible, therefore the global population is at their mercy.

Similarly with Islam and American imperialism, few people will openly criticise was going on. With Islam, people who protest against the spread of Islam and its injustices are held to be politically incorrect Islamaphobes and often ridiculed. With American imperialism and indeed the Chinese imperialism that is developing, people are labelled as being conspiracy theorists and dismissed.

People are not stupid, anyone watching the news on mainstream media will get a tiny glimpse of what is really going on in the world. But those who watch alternative news media such as RT will get a deeper insight and realise that the war in the Middle East was in fact orchestrated rather stupidly by US, British and European imperialism but today it is primarily funded through the US State Department and NATO.

If you happen to live in any city far from any war zone and without any Muslim refugees or migrants, you are physically safer than anyone living in Brussels, Paris or London. But it doesn't matter where you live in terms of economic aggression because the finance markets are very volatile and as in Greece or Cyprus, governments can take away the savings of any or every individual should they desire.

The people who know the truth live in fear and work hard to comply with all the rules and regulations so as to appease their masters. This is the same for anyone living under the law of Islam, you do or die. Unfortunately in the West many prefer to avoid these unpleasant truths. They live their lives cultivating addictions to alcohol and trivial entertainment. When the war comes to them, they will meekly accept their fate whereas those who are able to perceive and overcome their fear will become fighters of the resistance.

Resistance is not futile

In terms of economics, there is nothing to fight because we're all tied into the system, therefore everyone needs to play the system so as to eventually become independent of it. For example, the housing market is rigged by economic forces and is very hard for anyone to buy a house without entering into a lifetime of debt slavery. Therefore people need to organise as businesses or cooperatives to purchase properties and pay them off as quickly as possible. Even in today's market a collective of 20 or 30 people is capable of achieving freehold purchase within 12 months. The ownership of one asset then gives leverage to quickly build a large property portfolio to satisfy the living requirements of the whole community.

In terms of food, most processed food is full of chemicals and toxic to the human body. Therefore growing what food you can even though it is becoming illegal in some societies reduces living costs and is better for health. Supporting local farmers markets is another good option because it's taking money out of the corporate sector and putting back into your local community.

True resistance is the self sustainability and a degree of independence from the corrupt economic systems that govern the world. The second part a resistance is becoming an independent person. Most of the world exists within the state of codependency which leaves everyone involved at the mercy of social change.

The independence of self brings about a shift from codependency to interdependence. The codependent has no control but the person who understands interdependence is much freer and more able to adapt to social and economic change. In terms of defence against Islam, you need to read the Koran and understand what Islam is from an intelligent perspective. And to defend yourself and your family, six months of training in a martial art would give you the necessary resources.

Total self responsibility is the ultimate goal of every human being

Religions were established to help maintain social and political controls over populations and the churches or the priesthood came to act as a go-between between the people and the divine. Unfortunately this cannot actually happen, but because religions form a hub around which a society develops, religions provide a sense of security and comfort for those who belong.

Unfortunately by keeping people ignorant of their true spiritual nature, the people become dependent on the church and its philosophy as well is the broader social structure. Therefore to become independent and responsible for one's own self, one must abandon that belief system and seek direct spiritual knowledge.

At its simplest, spirituality can be developed simply through disassociation of the body and mind through relaxation. What is slightly more involved is developing a degree of physical fitness and meditation. This process is helped by reading spiritual texts and by having a guru in order to help separate fact from fiction.

By becoming spiritually more realised, the idea of interdependency is more readily perceived and one becomes more able to cooperate with others in a communal way (but not Communist). By becoming an independent person, you then have the choice of participating in the chaos of modern life or simply sitting back and watching it unfold.

By becoming more spiritually realised, you will have a choice whether or not to accept the collective fate of humanity or to create your own destiny which is something that every human being is designed for. Then if sufficient people work up to their reality and became responsible, our existing democratic processes could be made to function as they should and peace and equitable justice could be restored?


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