Remembering 1947

The year of Partition and political expediency

Over the past ten years it's been estimated that over one million girls have been sexually assaulted, raped and forced into prostitution by gangs of Muslim men in Britain alone. Throughout this time the authorities have been trying to be nice to the peaceful Muslims and pretend that this is not happening. All these young women have been denied justice but the situation is becoming so bad that the authorities are being forced to act. Investigative journalists have done the hard work of exposing these gangs, but the authorities are extremely lenient toward these criminals.

It's not only in Britain, with the influx of Islamic refugees and migrants along with a hard core group of Jihadi's, red culture has exploded across the Western world and where they can the authorities will do their best to deny there is a problem. The Germans set a fine example in Cologne several years ago and since then it has been a journalists doing more to serve the public good than the authorities who still tried to deny there is a problem.

Back to India:

During the day of September 14th, 1947 as the most dreadful Holocaust in the Subcontinent was taking place in Pakistan, tens of thousands of Hindu and Sikh women were stripped naked and paraded through the streets of Lahore!

After the parade was complete, in front of the eyes of the cheerful Jihadi crowd who were enjoying the show to celebrate the creation of Pakistan, their private parts were mutilated and amputated! This occurring with the full support of the newly formed Pakistani Government and without protest from representatives of the Indian Government.

The women's punishment was meted out in keeping with the Sharia Law. They were suffering that punishment because they had vigorously objected to being raped by the Muslim men over month since the independence of Pakistan on the 14th of August, 1947. The same incidents and similar parades also occurred in the streets of Multan, Sialkot, Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Bahawalpur affecting many thousands of women!

This post is to remind the liberals, the Islamic apologists and their women of the price they will pay for their sedative and well calculated hypocrisy in the days to come as Islam and Sharia law continues to evolve around the world! Under Islamic law, women have no rights and no freedom...

Atrocities against women post 1947


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