Retirement Turns Sexy

And a new freedom

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A public domain image

Introduction: receiving a story like this in my mailbox is another insight into the strange beauty of human life and relationships. If you read this story, you may may weigh up the pros and cons from a moral perspective and yet we need to celebrate people like this who find joy in human companionship outside of the moral stereotype that many people are trapped in.

Hello Diana, I heard that you are looking for stories to illustrate that morality is not all that it's cracked up to be and that people can find happiness and even spiritual fulfilment outside of what are considered to be normal societal boundaries. You could say I'm rather fortunate in that I was able to retire when I turned 50. Our kids have left home and my wife and I moved further to a larger outer suburban property where I took up gardening in an expensive way.  It's a nice place almost an acre in size with lots of trees and while I maintain flowerbeds for my wife's pleasure, my real pleasure as a large veggie patch.

Most of the neighbours are blessed with extensive lawns and swimming pools to maintain, however my lawn is rather small given the size of the property. I should add that my back garden area is very private and a few friends who've visited stated that was ideal for a little nude sunbathing and I must admit that on the warmer days over that first summer, I got a nice allover tan.

My wife disapproved and although she didn't need to, she decided to keep on working which entailed her leaving home at 7:30 AM and sometimes not getting home before 6:30 PM. As our second summer was arriving with some beautiful sunny days, the property behind us was sold and one afternoon a rather charming young lady came out from the trees. There's no fence between our properties, just a thicket of fruit trees and the boundary line is just a couple of marker pegs. Anyhow, I saw her coming before she really saw me and she cut an absolutely lovely figure dressed in a singlet and very short shorts. I made her welcome and we had a nice neighbourly chat which quickly became rather flirtatious.

I tell you, she has a stunning body and I thought it rather sad that her face wasn't quite so pretty. Her and her husband had just moved in a week ago and they were still coming to terms with their acquisition. She said that he'd taken a few days off to move in but now he was back at work and had a more gruelling schedule than my wife's. Jane talked a lot and although I must admit I was distracted more by the giggling of her breasts that were scarcely covered and unconstrained by a bra.

After about 15 minutes I felt myself surprisingly getting a little aroused and I hoped that she didn't notice the developing bulge in my shorts.  Then she invited me to see her property.  To be honest, I was probably more interested in that that her, so I followed her through the trees and she gave me the grand tour. But it wasn't just the property, a few times she happened to bend over, I got a nice view of her boobs and from behind, a good portion of her arse was hanging out and a few times I had to discreetly readjust myself.

Our conversation was pleasant, a little flirtatious and she was fairly knowledgeable yet appreciated my advice.  But she found opportunities to brush up against me and after she had done that several times I commented that she was very tactile. She laughed and said she was then pressed herself against in a coy way. I wasn't sure about what to do because we were both married and I wasn't looking to have an affair, but I must admit to my interest.  Like most of the neighbours, she had a pool and invited me for a swim but I chickened out because I wasn't ready to go skinny dipping and I wasn't sure if she was seriously hitting on me or just leading me on. I said "perhaps another time" as I wanted to finish planting another crop of corn before the day got too hot. So I excused myself but invited her to call over anytime. She said that she may come over tomorrow but she was going to have a swim even if I didn't.

You can imagine, I was feeling some regret as I turned away and my parting view was of her top sliding up to release her amazing bust. After I walked into the trees, I looked back and she was butt naked in that moment of hesitation before diving back into the pool. I couldn't believe how aroused I felt, it was like the return the excitement of being a teenager and as it was already midday, I had lunch and called my wife just to take my mind off of her and that evening I pressured my wife for sex. She turns it up occasionally but over the past 15 years, she hasn't been particularly enthused.

I'd became rather concerned about this and after talking about it with her, she said that perhaps I should see a sex therapist. So I did, I had six very delightful sessions with a very lovely woman with a powerful libido. Until then I thought sex therapy was all about talking, but the doing was fantastic although I didn't tell my wife much of the detail. Since then my wife and I only indulged every couple of months if I insisted.

The day after I'd met Jane it rained, so I went out and did some shopping and the day following wasn't much better but I spent a few hours putting branches through a chipper. It's noisy, dirty and dusty work but it left me with a nice big pile of mulch. The following day I hadn't even thought about Jane and as I sometimes did, I worked in the buff weeding and spreading mulch around the trees in the orchard.

The timing was perfect because I was getting thirsty when I heard someone say "hi there". I looked up and there was Jane equally naked with a pitcher of lemonade and a small container. There was no point in being embarrassed so I said hi and that it was nice to see her again complementing her perfect timing. She said she had a knack for knowing so we sat and talked over a glass of lemonade and some cookies that she'd made.

Almost everything about her except her face seemed to be a reflection of Kate Upton, and after chatting for 15 minutes or so, I suggested that I needed to get back to work because a part of me was becoming increasingly distracted. She agreed and offered to help, and that's an offer I thought I couldn't refuse. We got started, I loosened weeds with a fork and she pulled them out and we both laughed the couple times that she fell on her arse within the first five minutes and I could feel myself getting a little peculiar or should I say horny and struggling to suppress it.

We carried on for a half-hour and it was more hilarious than productive, and then there was a shrub that was in the wrong place and needed to be pulled out. She tried so I stepped in and had a go but I wasn't quite strong enough so we both pulled together that created some bodily contact. After several heaves and some body contact, we had to stop to take a breath and she leaned herself against me complementing my strength. I was beginning to get a boner so I suggested we had another crack at it.

The tree had become looser but it took all of our combined effort to come free and as it did, she fell back into my arms glowing with excitement and her seductive smile told me that we'd gone beyond the point of no return. On occasion she'd taken surreptitious glances at my equipment and she carried herself in a way that invited detailed observation, but then she massaged my balls and I began to reciprocate. From there, nature just took over and we fucked right there on the bare dirt.

Usually I restrain myself because my cock is a little larger than average and I don't want to cause pain, but somehow I couldn't constrain myself and I performed like the energiser bunny. But somehow, she just lapped it all up and sometime later, even though I was still unbelievably hard and horny but physically tiring from the exercise, I rested my weight on her and slowed my rhythm. Then after a couple of minutes deep kissing, she was urging me to intensify my strokes. I told her that it was her turned to do some work and rolled to bring her on top, then for probably a good half hour or more she treated my cock to every imaginable delight until her legs got tired.

By then I'd figured that she must have put something in the lemonade because usually I'm all done and dusted after about an hour. But here I was still going strong and feeling that there was no way I could even stop. But we had to stop to catch our breath and then we realised that we were covered in sweat and soil so we walked up the garden and closed each other down. It was gloriously good fun yet I still had 9 inches of meat standing strong and she was making sure I kept focus on her.

I asked her what was in the lemonade besides lemonade. She innocently said that it was just normal lemonade with nothing special, but she sometimes had this effect on men and then she was rubbing herself against me looking for more. I gave it to her right there on the wet grass and because I was still surprised that she was so internally accommodating, I asked how she could take it. She laughed and said it was practice then reassured me that I was a perfect fit and believe me, that fit felt ever so nice.

Sometime later she seemed pleased when I suggest we take a break for lunch, so after another cold shower and drying off, I took her into the house where we had lunch and I fucked her arse before we tidied the house and went back with the intention of doing some more work in the garden. By this time, my erection had started to subside slightly which was a good thing because I had to take a leak although she was rather amused by my difficulty and then she knelt in front of me and somehow after she'd rubbed my cock and fondled my balls, she seemed to enjoy the fact that I was pissing on her.

After that she set to working with her mouth and it took a while, but she made me come and after fucking for about four hours, that release felt absolutely amazing. In some ways, I was relieved when she'd gone and I began getting myself together. That evening, even though I was physically tired I was still incredibly aroused and I pressured my wife for sex. She was surprised and asked why so I said that a couple of very sexy looking young woman had passed by when I was fetching the mail earlier. She gave me a gentle scolding and as I was still pressing her, she consented and even surprised herself in her level of enjoyment.

Jane visited every two or three days which I appreciated because my wife settled back into her reluctant self and it's great to have such an accommodating and competent lover. One afternoon after I hadn't seen Jane for a few days, I went over to see how she was and I encountered her and a girlfriend butt naked and working in the garden. The girlfriend she introduced as Sasha was very pretty with very large boobs out of proportion on her slim body, they invited me to help but after a brief chat, I retreated to my own tasks.

Next morning my wife had only just left for work when Jane arrived acting all hot and horny so we had a really good fuck before I'd done my chores around the house. Afterwards she told me she had to go shopping and suggested I might like to entertain Sasha while she was gone.  I laughed that she was so small that I might break her. Jane said there was no chance of that and as soon as Jane had gone I completed all my chores around the house and had a cup of coffee and ate the cookies she'd left before going into the garden.

Within a half-hour I was imagining this slight young woman wrapped around my shaft and I guess that Jane put some of her magic potion into those cookies. (I later learned that it was Prosolution Pills that she either added to drinks and food.)  I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for as I made my way through the orchard, but on the other side there was Sasha, naked as a jay with a wand making soap bubbles that floated then crashed and burst. The scene was rather enchanting so I watched for a couple of minutes until she saw me then she dropped her bubble stuff and jumped into my arms.

I had never experienced such enthusiasm and abandon or desire for sex. She was truly amazing although at times I wondered why she did not break as I thrust into her. Apart from a few brief rests, we fucked almost continuously for about four hours and when we came to point we were about to climax,  she hesitated said that I had to go quickly with such persuasion so we broke off and as I disappeared into the trees with my clothing under my arm, I heard the sounds of car doors and voices.

With the impression that I'd just got out of there in the nick of time, I poured myself into some heavy physical work and my erection slowly subsided. Later as I was just about to get dinner ready, my wife called she'd be to say that she'd be late home for may even stay in town overnight which in some ways was a relief. Before it got completely dark, I walked through the orchard and studied Jane's house. There was some sort of party going on and I had no intention of intruding, but as I was about to retreat, I saw Jane and Sasha walk out beside the pool where they were partly obscured from the house and I could tell they were seriously making out.

I walked back to the house cursing myself getting so involved with these younger women though I it was great fun. The phone was ringing as I walked into the house, it was my wife saying that she was staying in the city overnight but her sister was coming to stay and would I please be nice to her. Actually I found that Brooke was quite pleasant when she and her older sister were apart. They often argued in a way that annoyed everyone around them and I briefly entertained the idea of bedding her but then thought there was no way. So I got the spare room ready and had another shower to make sure I'd washed off all the sex.

She arrived a few minutes after I'd finished showering and I'd left my shirt tail hanging out to camouflage the bulge in my trousers that wouldn't completely subside. Brooke is 38 and much prettier than her big sister, and I was rather taken aback by her rather sexy appearance and usually affectionate hug although I felt nervous when I felt my cock pressed against her thigh. It seemed like that hug lasted a bit longer than normal then I politely carried her bag into the spare room as we shared a little news.

After putting down her stuff we went through to the living room where she accepted my offer of a glass of wine and stood beside me as I was pouring. It seemed odd that she put her arm around my waist, she'd never have done that had her sister been there. But honestly, I appreciated her touch and melted against into her and as I half turned to offer her the glass I'd just filled, my cock was squeezed between us and she asked me how I was coping with life and her frigid sister.

We kind of hung together with our thighs holding my cock in a way that hinted of a greater promise as she took the first sip of her drink. I reiterated that I deeply loved her sister but lamented that sex was often a little scarce. We moved to the couch and a few minutes into the conversation about my wife, her fingers travelled up my thigh to feel the shape of my cock. Moments later, our clothes came off and we fucked wildly on the floor before she became concerned about getting carpet burns and we retreated to bed.

When we woke up the next morning we kissed, cuddled and she told me that she had just separated from her husband, was wondering to do with her life and coming to visit was something to get a bit of space and perspective. Then she said that it was hard for her to believe that her sister wasn't interested in sex, especially since I was so nice and had such a nice cock. I was of the opinion that it was a bit big for most women and I'd always been worried about hurting girls as that and happened a few times when I was at college.

But she was eager for more sex and later as I tidied up the bedroom  ensuring there was no evidence remaining, she messed up her own bed in the spare room and made breakfast and we sat out in the morning sun to eat. She had her back to the garden and I saw Jane amongst the trees, but she could clearly see that I had company and would probably assume that it was my wife sitting there. After breakfast I gave Brooke a tour of the garden after which she pressured me for more sex which I was all too delighted to indulge even though I thought I'd about had enough. In fact we'd only just finished and made ourselves look respectable when my wife arrived home for lunch. She was expected and felt that she needed to take time off to catch up with her sister and he is her pain but Brooke was ecstatically happy which made my wife think there was something wrong with her because breakups were supposed be painful.

I escaped into the garden for the afternoon and I was interrupted by Jane who called out from within the orchard. I joined her and we had a quickie, shared our news and she expressed the hope that I'd be available over the next few days. I couldn't promise because I had no idea what Brooke's plans were and I felt I had some sort of duty there.  Brooke stayed for six weeks and we had a fantastic time while my wife was at work and for the entire week that she went to London for a conference. Brooke was also keen to help in the garden and he didn't take any persuading to and enjoy being naked out doors. A few times I saw Jane watching and there were a few days when I was able to slip away and see her.

After Brooke left, life returned to a rather boring normality interspersed with occasional liaisons with Jane and another with Sasha and Jane together. They are both insatiable and we have great fun as out time spent together is a combination of good humour, meaningful discussion and almost non-stop sex. So the summer sped by and my wife who was spending a more nights in the city gave me the freedom to have Jane stay the nights when her husband was away.

I am not sure what will happen over the next few years, but in the next few months my wife is spending six weeks abroad and Brooke has volunteered to keep me company, so my life is full of promise.


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