Revising the Koran

An antique book overdue for an update

Anyone watching the news today will be familiar with Islamic fanatics rampaging with vehicles and using all manner of weapons to kill or maim generating fear and populations because this ideology is written into the Koran. The people who carry out acts falsely believe that this is the will of a Allah or God and they must convert every individual into believers and those who refused to convert ultimately must die.

In 2018, around 300 prominent French citizens, including former president Sarkozy, actors, singers and philosophers have written an open letter in which they declared that verses calling for 'murder and punishment of Jews, Christians and disbelievers' should be deleted on the grounds that they are 'obsolete'.

A remarkable development, not so much because there is hope that a change in the Quran really can happen, but because more people, including Muslims, would become aware of the content of their doctrine and realize that this cannot possibly be the will of the creator of this vast universe with its billions galaxies.

The open letter has already sparked anger among Muslim leaders who say it subjects French Islam 'to an unbelievable and unfair trial'. The Observatory for Islamophobia called its contents 'hateful racism'.

Many may not know, but in 1985, a petition was submitted to the Calcutta High Court for banning the Quran and dismissed. Wikipedia writes that the CM of West Bengal called the petition a despicable act. Lok Sabha members also condemned it.

Pakistan’s minister of state for religious and minority affairs claimed that the petition was the ‘worst example of religious intolerance’, and he urged the Indian government to ‘follow the example of Pakistan’ in ensuring freedom of religion…

Sitaram Goel and Chandmal Chopra (the petitioner) brought out a book in 1986 titled “The Calcutta Quran Petition”. Chopra was arrested for publishing this book and Goel went absconding to avoid arrest.
Duriing this time, ToI wrote 3 articles praising the Quran…
Riots, too broke out, where around 100 mainly poor Hindus were killed.

Now, since the west gets first-hand experience with Islam, there may be more openness to scrutinise the texts… maybe....

Muslim outrage at French attempt to REWRITE the Koran to delete verses calling for 'murder of Jews, Christians and unbelievers' ~ Daily Mail

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