Rough Around the Edges

Dealing with men and trying to find one that'll do

nopretHi there, I'm sending you some of my insights and experiences because I enjoyed some of your posts and your readers might learn something. Anyhow, I guess I'm pretty much just an average girl from Lancashire, my parents tried to teach me manners and I gotta admit that they come in handy sometimes.

I've got no great expectations in life and like most people, I want to have fun and maybe a family one day. My sex life began when I was 13, I went to a party, the boys got me drunk and I ended up having sex with two of them. It wasn't all that nice, but it didn't really hurt and I was miffed that I'd been taken unfair advantage of.

I was really only just starting to think about boys at that stage, but after I'd dated a few I became rather disillusioned because they didn't really have a clue about how to relate or even have sex properly. I must admit that I didn't know what sex was supposed to be all about either, in the beginning I just lay there like a wet fish with my legs apart and after I'd seen a few porn films, I started acting and it was all rather amusing.

The guys liked the fact that I was amused and somehow careless in letting them have their way although I bloody made sure they used condoms so I learned to act more serious like. So by the time I was 16 I felt reasonably well accomplished at dating and screwing around, but I was learning to enjoy sex. By then school was boring and my reputation wasn't all that great, so I put in a year doing what I could to learn enough to get a better job than a floor cleaner and tried to restore my reputation.

That year was challenging and afterwards it didn't seem that I was any better off so I thought that maybe I should find myself a good fella. So I dated this nice looking guy but after a month it seemed clear that he simply wanted to use me and he wasn't very good at sex so we parted ways.

Then I started going out with another guy who was really clever, he was quite good at sex but he was also about perverted wanting anal and doing it in public places which wasn't quite my cup of tea. But I persevered for a few months until I started to feel like I was the object of some psychological experiment so I moved on.

I realised that I didn't know what I wanted or what was expected of me so I had a long period of one night stands in the guys were any good in bed, I see them a few times until they bored me which was usually only three or four dates.

I surprised myself by passing exams and decided to get a job. So I became a shop assistant for 90 days before I got the boot that that was more to do with politics. But after another job I decided that I needed to find a guy who knew how to make some money.

So I started dating this dude because he had a nice car and spent a few quid on me. I gathered straight away that his business was a bit shady but he was quite nice in bed. But he was also popular with other girls and after a couple of months I found myself working hard to compete for his attention. Then one night he had a party, everything was going nice and I was itching for a fuck. So I managed to get him aside and turned him on, then with me almost naked and were about to have sex a couple of his mates came in and he asked them to give him a hand.

I was stunned with disbelief and basically I was raped by these two guys and I learned later that my BF went and slept with some other girl. Fortunately the hurt was only in my mind and I quickly got over it and shagged one of those guys who'd raped me the following weekend.

So for a couple years I reverted back to one night stands because I just liked sex and I was perceiving life as a matter of screwing or being screwed. But I tried not to use or hurt people and yet there seemed to be no real point to life. Like everyone does what they must to stay alive which is a bit like living on porridge without salt everyday so in moments available we try to reach out and grab whatever pleasure we can.

But I realised that all these guys I was going out with only really identify themselves as bodies and they really only wanted pleasure with my body as well is a bit of pleasant conversation and support of their ideas.

So looking for answers I went to a few yoga classes and enjoyed the effects. Actually after some of those classes I felt much better than I did after a good screw so I persevered. My dates became intellectually more stimulating and even the sex took on a new dimension.

I'd moved out of home but I went back for a visit on dad's 60th, and over that weekend I got screwed by a few of the local lads who basically just wanted to have their way with me but then wanted me do their bidding. I could see that in my family relationships and even today I hope that's not going to be my fate.

A few months later and back into my own life with yoga and a nice selection of boyfriends, a figured that sex is a bit like coffee, some days it sets me up nicely and other days it just gives me a headache and that I guess also relates to the guys personality. But I got that the guys who are into yoga and spirituality are much better lovers and nicer to be with afterwards, but they're also less inclined towards settling down.

So now figuring that the world is far too overcrowded and I don't really need to have babies in order to fill complete is a woman and I certainly don't need to look after any man. Economic and social freedom is fairly limited, but yoga makes my life more pleasant despite the administrative territory that live under.

Charlene xx


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  • Trecia

    A girl sure does have to kiss a few toads 🙂

  • Edwin

    Hi there, not so long ago girls were just some kind of forbidden fruit, but after bedding a few, a completely new dimension of life opened up. I learned that girls like to be listened to even though they talk a lot of rubbish but once we’ve had really good sex, they’re really easy to be with. But the real problem is that because we are trapped in work and various beliefs, relating is really hard even when you find a girl that has similar beliefs

  • Brigitte

    It seems almost impossible to have a healthy sex life and a good reputation which I decided not to care about. Like you Charlene I started having sex when most considered I was far too young and I’m accustomed to boys and men taking a advantage, the only way to avoid that is to avoid having fun. Once I left school I figured the best way to make money and have fun was to charge guys for the girlfriend experience which means that if there no good, at least I got paid for my trouble.

  • Susan

    Candy makes a good point that you have to kiss a few toads. But the thing is that girls are somehow expected not to have sex before marriage while boys are supposed to stack up as much experience as possible. This idea is antiquated and very unfair because with good birth control and by having safe sex, girls have the freedom to enjoy as much sex as all the boys.
    The idea of kissing toads of course relates to men’s sexual competency and how well we fit together. It’s really only after having sex with 20 guys or more that a girl gets to appreciate what she really likes the man and knows what to look for.

  • Angela

    This story is like my life because after the first few times sex became really good fun and it’s really nice to have a party with three or four guys who know what they are doing

  • Charise Mortin

    Hello, there are certainly times to be modest like when at home with family, straight people or people who just don’t know how to behave immodestly.
    But my girlfriends and I have the most outrageous fun when we can go places wearing almost no clothes with a bunch of strong guys to protect us and look after us. You see modesty as a trap, it locks you into a particular role, a particular behaviour that’s ready limiting and sometimes unpleasant. So I would say to any girl that if she wants to have some really good fun and doesn’t have too many inhibitions, then she should experiment because it’s really good fun to be pleasured by a group of guys.

  • Candy

    Hey honey, there’s an old saying that you have to kiss a few toads before you find prince charming but I think in many cases today once you have kissed 30 or 40 toads you forget what a Prince looks like and just learn to make do.

  • Rowena

    Hey, thanks for sharing your story as it’s given me new hope

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