Russia's at Fault

Our tribal culture

Over the years we have seen a litany of accusations, Saddam Hussein had his weapons of mass destruction and so many other leaders have previously and since fallen foul of people's opinions who felt justified in their beliefs enough to go to war and execute people.

This is nothing new, this has being going on for centuries. It begins really with people realising they don't know and feeling inferior beside those who pretend to know. The thing about being human is that we live on this little planet in some out the way corner of our vast universe and we think we are so goddamn important that we really know stuff of importance. But really, we have made a convention that 2+2 = 4 and such simple knowledge helps us to get along and to a certain extent be creative.

All the academic knowledge that we have as useful in terms of establishing one's presents with an civilisation yet it has nothing to do with life and of course life is something we participate in but we do not know and cannot describe. We can dissect the atom and give the various parts we perceive different names and we can manipulate atomic energy you we still don't know what it says we are manipulating, all we know is that there are certain causes and effects relating to different actions or experimentations.

The birth of the tribe and our attachment to it

This our distant ancestors were hunter gatherers competing amongst other animals and it was not uncommon for people to be eaten as food by other animals or even other people. The need to survive push people into cooperative units or tribes in which they evolved their own particular lifestyles. As language and communications technology developed, people opted into belief systems and when competition was fierce for status within the tribe or resources the tribe needed to survive, physical strength and fitness.

Step into the modern world we have a collection of tribes based on social status that are more rigidly controlled than the mythical Hindu caste system. There is some mixing between tribes in the search for pleasure but those from a poor tribe tend to be used and discarded but those from poor tribes are quick to jump on the bandwagon to point the finger casting doubt and blame at someone else.

There is the psychological case as well where in order to justify one's actions one must have an enemy which reinforces the attachment to the tribe. Of course this is all smoke and mirrors, and illusion that is promoted and maintained by our media because after all, news sells.

The other side of the coin is the desire for power and world domination. These characters may well base themselves on Hollywood ideals but essentially they are cheats and thieves, little more than common thugs who have acquired power and to maintain their power, they even have their subjects living in a state of perpetual fear. Fear of losing job, fear of losing face et cetera and this breeds and enforced loyalty and indeed complicity.

Why Russia?

The US authorities had a great fear of communism after World War II and they use that fear to justify war in North Korea and Vietnam. Both wars along with Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were instigated based on lies but the clever use of media justified those conflicts in the public mind and insured profits for the corporations who make the weapons of war.

When the Cold War ended, the USA was momentarily at a loss but it continued to amuse itself in Central America, Africa and it replaced the elected Iranian government along with many others. The general public were complicit because they were being lied to and were forced to bond to various tribal groups supporting the US regime.

Yet Russia remains the greatest challenge, a war with Russia would mean huge profits for the weapons makers and the rulers of the world. A few million casualties are inconsequential even though the risk is a nuclear war and the near extinction of our species.

As I write this, Iraq has been reduced to ruins, Libya is in chaos, Syria is crumbling while the US is turning it sights on Iran while continuing to goad Russia into open warfare Europe as the frontline. There is nothing for civilisation to gain but everything to lose except those who pull the strings of the world economy and decide who lives or dies will stand above the world in empty grandeur for a few seconds before they too are reduced to ashes.

The people of the world need to understand that Russia represents no threat and in fact the USA militarily dominates the world. The USA is the world's number one terrorist, in effect it is the bully in the playground ruling by intimidation and by direct conflict. Russia annoyed the USA by abandoning the US dollar as a means of conducting international trade.

Russia is like most countries, it has its own tribes, its collectives of rich and poor and its own share of criminals some of whom may be of interest to foreign police forces. But unlike the USA it does not have tens of thousands of troops stationed all around the world prepared to strike any country that disobeys a US command.


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