Sasha's Confession Continued

The joy of student life

Hello again Diana, a few months has passed since my last narrative and my life continues to get more interesting. At school on doing well academically however since spring break of discarded most of my former friends and as much as I sometimes want to make a statement by being provocative, I have been dressing down and hanging out with more nerdy types with whom I can have more meaningful conversations. I also hang out fairly regularly with my stoner friends because out of everyone, the make more sense that there seems to have no real solutions for society's problems other than dropping out. You may recall I went to a swingers party with Bill and as well as having a nice time, I gave my phone number to a few people.

So over the past few months I've found myself a whole new circle of sex buddies and I've been having sex once or twice a week but I've not been putting out too much and while guys from the pool and continually hit on me, I nearly always decline them and they've pretty much stopped asking. Some of my nicer experiences have been with my stoner friends, we have been walking in the desert some weekends which I really like and on a few of those occasions had sex out in the wilderness.

I've also been to a few more swingers parties and just love hanging out naked with a bunch of people and most of them are really nice, I even met up with one woman who I kind of clicked with and we put on a sexy show making out, oral sex and then fucking each other with a strap on dildo that initially I found almost uncomfortably large. But that was a great night after which I got a lot more invites to go out.

So I had to play a little hard to get and as the guys were offering me some small compensation I didn't always say no.  The guy Bill from Havasu took me to a building tradeshow which I found mildly interesting and afterwards he had a plane to catch but with a few minutes to spare when he dropped me off, I invited him in for a fuck. I hadn't seen mum since Thursday and I was never sure when she was going to be home, but she walked in on us just when it was getting really good. I only saw her out the corner of my eye because I'd not closed my door and afterwards when Bill had gone she said it was nice to see I was getting some.

Like, most normal parents would have chastised their daughters but mum didn't seem to care that way which seemed so unusual. I said I hoped that she didn't mind me having boyfriends and she said "of course not, there'd be something wrong with you if you didn't." So we fixed dinner and ate together which rarely happened these days and we talked more about her work and plans to sell the house. After eating she went out, she never ever really told me where she was going and I never thought about it.

I was thinking I'd have an early night because there wasn't much on TV and it didn't feel like studying but I got a call from this guy Barry I'd been out with one other the time, he was well-equipped and great fun in bed. He was inviting me to go to the lake with some friends of his in the morning so I invited him over. That suited him because he lived over in Avondale and an hour later he arrived. We spent half the night fucking and in the morning I was on cloud nine and wanted more, but he was sleepy. I was about to fix some breakfast when one of the other guys who was going with is called up to see where he was so gave them my address and told him to come over.

Half an hour later two guys arrived, Barry was still asleep and I enjoyed being fucked by them before we drove up to the lake. It was a little funny because Barry didn't know that I'd fucked his friends and we all chatted as if we'd known each other for years. After putting the boat in and we got underway the guys conversation turned more business see so I stripped off and sunbathed on the front deck. We were meeting up with some of their other friends and after an hours drive and the guys asking me to put my bikini on, we pulled up on a beach to join them.

But like on so many of these get-togethers the party consisted of a dozen men and only five girls who they expected to look pretty and not have too many original ideas. The guys seemed more interested in talking about yesterday's game so I invited the girls to go for a swim but only one of them accepted. After getting acquainted, Rosa and I walked out behind the boats and after telling her my bikini felt uncomfortable, I took it off and she seemed almost shocked. So pointed out that the guys were not even looking and after I repeated how nice it was to swim naked, she reluctantly left off her top.

We swam deeper into the canyon for 20 minutes andI was impressed that Rosa could keep up with me, it was really lovely. We swam slowly and talked on the way back, she worked as a shop assistant and although she didn't look it, she was five years older than me. I told her a little about University and I also let slip that I loved having sex but she said she thought that sex was sometimes really nice but is what went with it that was difficult to deal with sometimes. I told her that I avoided that problem by not getting too involved in men's lives and preferred more casual arrangements.

By then we were back at the boats so I dutifully put my bikini back on and Rosa conceded that she had actually enjoyed swimming topless. Everyone was busy eating and afterwards some of the guys wanted to climb to the top of the canyon and I was the only girl who agreed to join them. Before leaving, I exchanged my bikini bottom for a more comfortable miniskirt and almost had to run to catch up with the guys. I caught up with them and tagged along behind as we scrambled up the fairly rudimentary trail.

Part way up they stopped for a breather after which I walked between them and the guys behind me noticed my bare arse and for the rest of the climb they commented and told dirty jokes which I found amusing. Actually my skirt kept riding up slightly so my arse was really hung out at times not that I cared. It took about an hour and a half to get up to the first rim of the canyon and we stood on this big flattish rock. As we looked out on the view and the guys were pointing out the features, one of the guys undid my bikini top and announced that my boobs were nice hills to look at.

I said that I expected they'd all seen lots of boobs before and asked what was so special about mine? They just said they never tired of looking at boobs by which time they were all fondling me. A couple of times I broke away and told them I didn't mind being looked at, but touching was a different matter. But then a finger landed bulls eye on my clit, my whole body trembled and they all saw it and I guess they all kind of got turned on. Eight guys seemed a bit much, but after just that few seconds of rubbing my clit, I just couldn't say no.

I just turned to the guy who'd started fingering me and put my hands in his pants ignoring all the other hands and speculation as to whether I could or couldn't handle all of them. They were all polite and orderly and I fucked each of them, and apart from one guy with an unusually long cock, they were all pretty easy and I think because they were a bit shy in front of each other they didn't last very long. So little over an hour later we set out back down the trail in what seemed rather strange mood.

Ten minutes away from the boats I felt concerned enough to ask them to stop and I said "I'd like to thank you for sharing your bodies and filling me up with your sperm, I really enjoyed that. But I noticed on the way down that the mood's been a bit strange and if we walk back into camp like this, everyone is going to wonder what went on." I dressed as I continued, "I am not a hooker, I don't regard myself as a whore or a slut, I am not a prostitute, I'm just a girl who likes sex and as I'm not in any relationship, I'm not cheating on anyone and a little bit of fun with you guys today was very enjoyable and I'm not damaged in any way. But human sexuality is very misrepresented and this society of ours is totally screwed up. So I hope that you guys can realise that you can have sex without feeling guilty about it or wanting to possess me just because we've done it, and I shouldn't need to say that personal business like this should always be kept confidential and not discussed beyond ourselves."

We chatted for a few more minutes and then slowly made our way back to camp where much to my relief the party were skinny-dipping. I was delighted to strip off and swim out into the lake for 10 minutes before returning and joining the party where the girls were trying to avoid sex so I suggested a competition. It took a few minutes and we measured a 100 yard course and I stood on the beach making sure it went smoothly.

Rosa was fastest of the girls and surprisingly Rod was fastest of all the men but I tried not to compete because I knew I was faster, but Barry insisted so I swam slowly but still beat him. After that it was time to go home and a couple of hours later as I was dropped off, I decided it had been a very interesting day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that mum had a man friend visiting, something that didn't happen very often so I went to my room and spent the evening studying.

The couple of weeks that followed were less eventful, I continued my routine of swimming two or three mornings a week before school and doing lots of reading in the evenings. Mum seemed a little friendlier than usual and even enquired as to when I might entertain another boyfriend. I had a very pleasant visit from Ken, the bi guy I'd met up at Havasu who was in town for a few nights. He was fairly busy so I went to his hotel and spent the night. He was such great fun in bed and delightful company I was delighted when he invited me to spend the following day with him.

That meant we had to get up a little earlier than planned for to buy me something more appropriate to wear. With that mission accomplished and me looking fabulous, I accompanied him into his aeronautical conference. He was worried that I might be bored, but apart from some technical stuff, I was fascinated the whole time. At the conclusion of the afternoon he bought me a new dress to wear to dinner and I felt right at home as we mingled with businessmen and scientists before concluding the evening with some really enthusiastic sex.

He had quite a few one-on-one meetings the following day so I went home and then to school, but I joined him again straight after school and he'd bought me another dress which was a really nice surprise as I didn't know any guys so competent at buying women's clothes. The dress was simple, black and sophisticated but also very sexy and I felt fabulous wearing it. The evening was fairly informal but everyone was dressed nicely and I'd picked up enough information about aeronautics that I could hold a better conversation than a few other floozies I encountered although I didn't really consider myself one of them.

After another fabulous night together he was catching an early flight so I managed to fit in a swim on the way home and mum happened to be there when I arrived. She asked where I'd been the past few days so I told her and showed her my new clothes. She seemed almost impressed but then I had to rush to get to my Friday class. On the Saturday some of my nerdy friends were having a party, I wasn't particularly close to any of them and most of our conversations were fairly limited to academic work but they were friendly and interesting so I decided to go.

There was some pretence at normal student style partying with lots of booze, but I found the conversations kept returning to what we were studying and in particular, different belief systems from around the world. There was some consensus that belief didn't really affect life much and it was more a of a reflection of whichever tribe you happened to belong to and helped to create some sort of tribal unity. The problem I have with that is that it divides people from each other and somehow we all realised that society and even civilisation itself was just some kind of an experiment. We got so engrossed in this conversation that I forgot about flirting and dancing. Soon after midnight I decided it was time to go home. I could have asked someone for a lift or called a cab, but instead I chose to walk.

I like the coolness of the night and it was nice walking. I encountered a couple of friendly dogs and I got a few catcalls and whistles from guys driving by as well as an invite to a party. While some cars slowed down, no one actually stopped but a block away from where I lived I came across a house that clearly had a party going on and a group of guys standing out front drinking beer. One of them called out "hey sexy" and someone else asked if I wanted a fuck, but for some reason when a vaguely familiar looking guy called my name and invited me in I stopped.

It was Ethan, one of the guys I'd had sex with at Canyon Lake. If felt quite nice to see him again and I took no notice of the slightly drunken guys who continued making rude comments as we went inside. It was a guys 20th birthday and the birthday boy had just emerged from a bedroom with a hooker hired for the occasion. Ethan, the guy with the rather long cock I'd met at the lake kept hold of me to kind of let everyone know that I belonged to him. The only other girls there were playing and acting fairly defensively amid the press of juvenile young men. I accepted a drink out of politeness, I got introduced to Levi the party boy who mistook me for being another prostitute and tried to grope me but thankfully Ethan stood up for me.

But after half an hour I'd had enough and asked Ethan to walk me home. He was more than agreeable and I couldn't really not invite him in. Mum was home with another guy that made him feel a bit awkward, but once we got into my room he relaxed and I experimented with his rather long cock. We talked about mechanics of how he was fitting up inside me and an hour later we had a very satisfying ending. I would have liked him to have stayed over but I think he was unsure of how to relate with my mother and he was gone.

I woke up early in the morning just from habit, ran to the pool, swam for an hour and came home to see mum's car had gone. I thought it was a bit early for her to go out on Sunday morning, so I went in stepped out of my clothes and started making breakfast. I was sitting eating and exchanging texts with a friend from school when this equally naked guy walked in. He was going to beat a quick retreat but I told him not to be shy as its nice to be naked before asking where mum was. He said that she'd gone to an early appointment and hoped to be back before lunch. He was clearly out of his depth so I offered to make coffee which he accepted. So I jumped up and probably jiggled my boobs a little more than necessary, but he was a nice looking guy.

I put some more water in the kettle and switched it on as I asked where he was from and learned that he worked in the same company as mum but he was based in Tucson. By then he was standing quite close and leaning against the kitchen bench, then as I went to fill him a glass of water because I decided that he needed to drink some water first thing, my hip caught against his cock as I turned and he kind of almost froze until I put the glass of water in his hand by which time I was facing him and we stood 2 inches apart. I tried to keep a straight face as I stepped back and advised him that it's a healthy practice to drink a big glass of water first thing after waking by which time he'd kind of recovered and agreed with me as I organised him a cup of coffee and swallowed the last few mouthfuls of my breakfast.

I turned the conversation to real estate that I think he was much more comfortable with and when I gave him his coffee, I intruded slightly more into his space than necessary. Then I enquired how he'd gotten to know mum. As he sipped his coffee he began to have trouble keeping his eyes up and I wasn't helping as I stood leaning against the counter and kind of posing. I said something about real estate being a fairly sexy job and I might like to get into it one-day and for some reason a little coffee went down the wrong way which made him cough. He put down the mug, leaned on the bench and as he coughed I gave him a few fairly firm pats on the back. Mike probably coughed six or seven times and as he recovered and stood up, I remained standing so close behind him that I almost hugged him and as I stepped away, I kept my hand on his back then let it slide down over his arse.

As he turned to face me I noticed he had a tear in the corner of one I and I empathised that having anything go down the wrong way can be a bit uncomfortable and in a kind of motherly way I stepped in close and wiped away the tear. With the way he was standing, I just touched his cock with my pussy before stepping back and we picked up our conversation. We didn't have much more to say about real estate although I'm sure if I'd let him, he would have gone on about some of the properties he'd sold and industry gossip, but I let my eyes wander over his body as I asked what he thought of mum. He started saying she was a really nice person and a good businesswoman he was pleased to be working with.

I didn't know if I should not, but I asked if he thought my mom was sexy. He laughed and said definitely adding that he could see were I got my good looks. I tried to play down his flattery and slid my hands down the front of my body as I said that I thought I was only fairly average then I picked up my boobs in both hands and bounced them as I told him that even my boobs weren't very big. He laughed and said they looked like a perfect handful so I squeezed them a few times. They were more than what my hands could cover so I said "my hands aren't big enough, try yours." He laughed and hesitated but when I took my hands away his took their place and I was amused that he couldn't quite close's hands around them.

Sometimes I don't know what it is about men and boobs although and I've thought that there's some throwback to the nurturing they received as babies or maybe a lack of nurturing. Anyhow he was telling me how great my boobs were so I ran my fingers through the hair on his chest and squeezed his nipples. By then his cock was getting hard and pressing against my pussy. I told of I liked his strong muscles and asked if he'd ever had a mother daughter fantasy. He laughed and dodged the question by saying most men have that fantasy but it rarely happens.

I could feel his cock getting harder and I was resisting the urge to push against it so I continued playing with this chest as I said "I know mum is not here so it wouldn't actually be a threesome" and I gave him what I thought was a fairly seductive look. That took us beyond the point of no return and I began gently working my hips and enjoying the feeling of this cock sliding back and forwards between my legs as it kept increasing in size. I stood up on tiptoes and pressed myself against him as his hands slid down and grabbed my arse. He's quite a thickset guy and I loved the sense of power in his body. He reached round and fingered me from behind so I lifted one leg to give him better access and wriggled my hips to make it feel nicer. Then he lifted me up onto the bench, we kissed a little and I reached down to grab a handful of cock.

It felt fairly substantial so I wrapped my legs around his waist and he stepped back with me clinging to him and it was almost a shock as he lowered me and that cock shot up inside me. I lifted myself up and down a few times then suggested he take me to bed. He gave me a really nice time for about half an hour before he filled me up with this come. But I wasn't letting him away with that and I put my mouth to work trying to get him hard again. He seemed so satisfied that he couldn't be bothered doing any more so I started wrestling him but it seemed like I was getting nowhere. Then I had to use the bathroom so I asked if he'd like another cup of coffee and I knew that mum had some aphrodisiacs in her room so I crushed one and added it to his coffee and tried some myself to see what they did.

Somehow we found plenty to chat about as we drink coffee and when we'd finished I joked that since he was a lot older than me he'd probably had enough sex a one-day. He called me a horny tart, grabbed me started eating me out which was ever so nice. I was just able to reach and hold his cock which slowly returned to life in my hand. Soon after that he stuck it up inside me and gave me a really good pounding.

I loved every moment of it even though it almost hurt a few times, and when he was finally done I felt I was almost floating out of my body which of itself felt amazingly light and free. Mum still wasn't back fortunately, but he had things to do so he got dressed and left. He'd not long gone when mum returned and I hoped that she didn't notice. But I still felt incredibly horny so I decided to visit my old neighbour who I hadn't seen much of for about six weeks or so. He seemed a little sore as I'd kind of rejected him so we didn't get round to having sex and I didn't stay long.

As I walked home I realised I had several messages and one was from that guy Ethan inviting me to hang out with him and a few guys just around at the house of that 20th birthday party. You must realise by now that me being me I was just wearing a miniskirt and an old sleeveless shirt that tied under my boobs and showed probably more cleavage than what some people thought decent. I was really hoping that Ethan would be alone although I knew it wasn't his house and therefore unlikely. The half-dozen guys were all out in the backyard drinking beer and a couple were doing some work under the hood of a truck.

I was introduced and given a beer but it seemed clear that I'd been invited as a piece of eye candy. So said that I couldn't stay long because mum wanted some help and a few minutes later I whispered to Ethan if he wanted to walk me home. He didn't because the guys were all waiting for someone else to arrive with some truck parts that he wanted. So I left without even being molested once and replied to message from another guy inviting out, but I said I didn't feel like going out that he wanted, he could call over.

He arrived surprisingly quickly and after a bit of chitchat we jumped into bed and fucked. But he couldn't stay long and I guessed I was still feeling some affect of that aphrodisiac I'd taken. As soon as he'd gone, I took a shower and called mum. She said she'd be home for dinner and would bring some takeaways but her colleague might arrive before she did so would I please be nice to him? Of course I was delighted to see him again and despite some anxiety that I think both of us felt that mum may walk in any moment, we had time for a really nice fuck which came to a mutual conclusion and we just had time to look decent before Mum came in.

It was almost unusual that mum and I with a mutual friend ate together. After dinner I put my headphones on and played music as I studied fairly late into the evening. The entire week that followed I settled back into my studious routine and I kind of admitted to myself that there were some occasions that I would have liked to have had sex, but the only offers I had were at inconvenient times. The next Saturday morning on my way home from the pool I stopped and had a chat to my elderly neighbour who seemed much better disposed towards me, we had a nice chat but I didn't go inside.

I had several party invites for the evening but mum wanted me to baby sit for Dads in-laws and I thought it might be interesting. We used to spend a lot of time with them when dad was alive but I hadn't seen much of them over the past year although I knew them all well enough. They had 11-year-old-year-old twin girls and a son who was 11. Uncle John as I sometimes called him picked me up after dinner and mum had already gone out. I had a book to read and some music and once the kids were in bed I had a fairly pleasant evening disturbed only by a few texts from friends or guys wanting dates. When he drove me home afterwards, John tried to force himself on me which seemed ever so weird, but he didn't get far and I escaped inside.

A couple of guys were still texting me even though it was after one in the morning and since I wasn't particularly sleepy I accepted an invite to a party. I wasn't actually sure who the guy was but I knew he was someone that I'd met at a swingers party so I began looking forward to having sex and dressed appropriately. I'd only just dressed when a car pulled up and someone knocked on the door. I vaguely recognised him and he reintroduced himself before bundling me into a limousine and the arms of another six guys. I asked where the party was and where all the other girls were but they just said I'd see soon enough.

They were delightfully happy and I actually enjoyed moving around the group and being fondled then we pulled up to a hotel near the airport and they made sure I'd straightened my clothes before we went in. The party was in one of the larger suites and there were many people in various states of undress. Inside I was introduced to the host, a big man with a big cock sticking out so instead of shaking his hand I shook his cock and fondled his balls and everyone all-around laughed. One of the guys who'd bought me in opened by top introducing my 'two perfect mounds'. Mr big was delighted and lifted me from the floor almost crushing me against his body at which point I felt my skirt disappear. Then as he kept standing there I was pulled back into the arms of the guys and they pushed me onto his cock. I tell you that was an amazing experience, here I was being held up by about four guys who held me there while he fucked me. My word he was big and each time I met a man with a big cock I seemed to think that they couldn't possibly get any bigger but this guy seemed to be bigger than any I'd previously encountered and yet the sensation of being filled up by such a big piece of meat was wonderful. So I guess I was held up there for about five minutes or so and then we got down on the floor and he really gave it to me. I normally don't vocalise very much but with the pounding he was giving me, I got the attention of everyone and my nails were digging into his back.

After a while he'd had enough and I certainly needed a rest and slowly bought my attention back to the party. Someone gave me a drink and I swallowed some and I got my focus back, and over the course of the night I had sex with at least half a dozen guys who were much easier in proportion to the host. At some point I fell asleep and woke amid a tangle of bodies. It seemed like I was the first awake and I carefully made my way around searching for my stuff which I found on a dresser in one of the bedrooms. When I went to use the bathroom, a woman was slumped over the bowl having thrown up. After shaking her a few times she started to wake up and realised where she was. She sat holding her head while I used the loo and when I'd finished, I suggested she needed a shower to wake up.

I put my things aside, turned on the shower and helped her to her feet. We showered together with me helping her then after drying off we made our way to the kitchen where she found some aspirin and we drank water while I made coffee. As she recovered her senses she seemed to remember who I was and said that I'd put on a really good show and a lot of the guys had been really impressed, especially her husband. Then I realised she was the wife of the guy who'd fucked me when I arrived. As we were sipping our coffee a couple of guys who'd roused themselves stumbled to join us and somehow they had their morning erections. The lady was quite happy for them to fuck her so we leaned on the counter and let them fuck us from behind while we continued sharing observations and memories from last night. As the two guys finished, another two stepped into their place and we joked that it was a pleasant way to wake up after an all-night party.

After being fucked twice, the lady and I were both wide-awake and she started organising and waking people up while I made a big pot of coffee and contemplated going home. After helping a couple of people through to the bathroom I found my things, dressed and told the lady was leaving. She told me to wait a moment then hurried off and came back and gave me a small purse saying that it was a token of appreciation and a cab fare home. Apart from being a little underdressed and a little tired, I felt fine. When I got home I took a nice long shower and examined myself but there was no damage.

Although I was getting an increasing number of date requests, I had a rather pleasant and quiet week which was probably just as well because my period arrived and went. As an excuse to help remain a bit more low-key, I did some child minding on Friday and Saturday nights and contemplated the long list of guys wanting sex with me. So I was reluctant to make dates with them as I wanted a bit more spontaneity but the following mid week after numerous requests from the husband-and-wife who'd hosted the party, I let them take me out to dinner. They were in their 50s and introduced me to their son was just a couple of years older than me. After dinner the son went off and I had a busy day planned for school tomorrow so I didn't want a late-night and persuaded them to take me home. But I invited them in and she really seemed to get a big kick from watching her husband fuck me and she gave me another bundle of money before they left.

I had two exams coming up so I turned everyone down and I was aware that July was approaching. I thought about joining a crowd of kids going down to Havasu but there were reports that there were some nasty bacteria in the lake so I began to contemplate other options and the most obvious was joining into one of several parties planned for Canyon Lake which was convenient because it meant I didn't have to drive far. This was also the week when I got my own car, a slightly beat up VW beetle with a very sound motor and chassis and drove really well.

I also took the opportunity to have a full medical checkup that showed that I was in good health much to my relief because I'm sure quite a few guys got inside me without condoms on. With Memorial Day fast approaching my nerdy friends had few plans but Bill, Ethan and a group of guys with boats invited me with them so I said yes. I accepted very few dates although one evening my old neighbour knocked on the door and was clearly feeling lonely. I mellowed my attitude towards him and he totally blew me away, like he stayed hard and just kept on going and going to the point where I told him that he must've been taking Viagra or something. He didn't admit to that and four hours later I finally persuaded him to leave. I didn't know that mum had come home during that very long fuck session and I was surprised when she came out and asked who I'd been entertaining. I didn't let on and then party time arrived.

I was going to drive up my own car but Ethan persuaded me to go with him and the guys. Actually we were rather a large party with six powerboats, a few canoes and an almost brand-new houseboat to serve as a base. On the way up I offered to chip in for food but the boys insisted that I was their guest and party pal. We motored around the lake and parked the houseboat at the edge of party cove so we didn't get locked in or overly swamped with partygoers. Even though Memorial Day was a basically a one day event we planned to make almost a week of it and having arrived a day early with time to spare I wanted to try paddling one of the canoes. One of the guys, actually Brian helped me get one down and then he got another for himself and we quietly made our way keeping near the shore because some boats were going a little fast.

It was very pleasant cruising along and we made our way up into every interesting looking Canyon. When we came out I felt like swimming so we parked the canoes and swam across to the next headland and back. Brian struggled to keep up with me and when we pulled ourselves up onto the rocks in the early evening twilight and me being naked as usual I teased him that it's easier swim much faster without the drag of clothing. Even though he was still recovering from the swim, I could see a he had a boner and he couldn't take his eyes off me so I opened my legs giving him a better view and then his shorts come off and we had a nice fuck before getting back to the houseboat just after dark. Not knowing who I was going to encounter, I put my bikini back on before tying up and climbing aboard.

I was introduced to half a half dozen guys and a few girls who I didn't know then I pitched in and helped with dinner preparations. That involved little more than setting out piles of paper plates and napkins while the other girls were setting out bowls of salad and coleslaw while outside the men were cooking up barbecue. Pam, one of the women commented that my bikini was a bit daring. I guessed  she was probably 30 something with a nice figure and big boobs strapped into a rather old-fashioned bikini, I said to her that I find less is always better. She laughed and said yes, but all the guys don't stop staring or trying to touch. I said that if your firm enough with them they do as they're told and by exposing a bit more, they're much easier to wrap around your little finger. She laughed and said that it didn't always work for her. Soon after that we ate and sat around drinking beer and listing to the music booming out of the cove.

Some guys were about to take one of the boats in for a closer look so I asked if I could come and we slowly motored deeper into the cove where as usual the girls were dancing while the guys were mostly drinking beer and staring at the few exposed boobs. I climbed up onto the bow and bounced about to the music jiggling my tits and exchanging comments with the guys on my boat and people nearby. Some guys squeezed past us in a little rubber boat giving out beads in return for flashing so I got beads for boobs and more for pussy. Another lot of guys came up from our boat including Pam and another girl Alexa. They were reluctant to join me, but after a few beers they finally came up and we enjoyed the games.

Partying on these boats is a bit awkward because there is always a risk of falling in and I'm not sure what my female companions were drinking but they soon got very jolly and let tits out for the pleasure of the onlookers. But when some of the guys decided to go back to houseboat I went with them. There'd been no decision made about who was sleeping where and after I'd come aboard I just stored my small bag and shoes on a shelf in back of the main cabin. I walked down the middle of the houseboat looking into the rooms either side, in one room, a couple of guys were asleep on their bunks while in the next, a couple were fucking. Other guys were making hot drinks and since I wasn't particularly drunk or tired, I asked if they'd make me one and I sat on someone else's lap and asked about his dreams. The guys making hot drinks interjected that they just wanted to see lots of naked girls and maybe get laid.

I said that they should get plenty of that as I stood up, put my beads aside and untied my bikini saying that they could look at me all they wanted. The guy sitting behind me put his hand through between my legs as I was being passed a cup of hot chocolate laced with some strong booze. I only got to drink half a cup before my pussy came to life and I just had to respond. I fucked one guy right there as his friends watched and commented. We'd had just finished when a boat came back with Pam on and I was pleased to see she was naked but she seemed concerned that I'd just been fucked. I just said I thought this was what lake parties were all about, you know being sexy, being admired and getting laid. The couple of the guys grabbed Pam and said "how about it baby?" She play fought but didn't object too much as she was groped and fingered, and by now another guy was trying to stick it in me.

I think seeing me getting fucked helped relax Pam's inhibitions and we slowly made our way down to one of the spare bedrooms and I just held my legs up laughing as the guys took turns and Pam who was on her knees lying over the bed and sometimes kissing me. Sometime during that session I think every guy from our got to stick his end in that I think eight and nine must've stuck it into me. In the morning I woke up squeezed in between Pam, Ethan and three other guys.

For some reason I was first awake and after a dip in the lake to wake up I made myself coffee and climbed up on top to see what was happening.  There were a few guys sleeping but all around people slept in the back of their powerboats and they looked very uncomfortable although some had thoughtfully bought mattresses and sleeping bags to lay out on the bows of the larger boats.

When I heard noises from down below so I went back down and served water and coffee, and one of the guys grabbed me and we had a rather nice early morning fuck as some of the others woke  and looked on. After several more cups of coffee and a bite to eat Pam, Alexa, myself and half a dozen guys jumped into one of the boats and we slowly cruised up the lake. Apart from a few fishermen, the section of the lake we were going into was almost deserted.  I'd realised the present company was a little older than the spring break set I'd been with at Havasu so I'd put on a slightly more modest bikini although Alexa's looked sexier. I suggested several times it was time for a swim before we pulled into another small cove and as soon as we'd parked, I said it was time to go skinny dipping, removed my bikini and jumped in.

The others were a bit slow and followed. Normally I would have swam out strongly for half an hour, but I felt a bit more playful so I dived and I wasn't quite sure who was who underwater but I swam between a pair of legs and come up face-to-face and nipple to nipple with Alexa who acted a little surprised and exclaimed that I was just like a dolphin. Then I held her waist and pushed myself down slightly aware that my arm rubbed across her pussy as I turned to swim away and grab one of the guys by the balls kissing him when I surfaced. Then I located Pam and swam down underneath her and slowly came up in front of her. She seemed a little speechless so I kissed her and said it was all okay as I grabbed her pussy. She told me I was very naughty and I said that I felt very naughty this morning and if some of those guys didn't fuck me soon, I was going to fuck her.

She laughed nervously and said she hadn't done it with a girl for a long time but since she hadn't responded to my hand rubbing over her pussy, I figured she probably wanted to. And then Alexa was beside us asking if she heard right and I said "yes, I said if those guys don't fucking soon I'm going to fuck you to." And on that note I grabbed Alexa by the pussy but she was already fingering me and the guys were starting to crowd around to see what was going on. I sat back down under the water and turned to one of the guys taking his cock in my mouth. He was half-hard in anticipation and holding him by the cock we made our way towards the shore and two guys fucked me as I ate out Pam's pussy and another two guys took turns fucking Alexa. We spent a couple of hours laying around and fucking until the guys complained they were hungry. I said I wanted to swim some of the way back, so Alexa joined me and the guys kept the boat about 10 yards behind us. After we climbed on board, we pulled on our bikinis and I was delighted to see a few new female faces in our party.

I hadn't seen Ethan since last night and after I'd eaten, he almost dragged me to one of the bedrooms and we spent the afternoon fucking. A few other people looked in and when he was finally done with me, Alexa and Pam came in feigning disappointment that I hadn't fucked them. So we spent a very pleasant hour having some girl on girl fun before it was time to eat again and there was a great deal of amusement as three naked woman squeezed through what had become a crowd.

Outside the numbers of boats and people had increased hugely and if we wanted to get closer to the party action, it seemed like we'd have to either swim or walk across a flotilla of boats. But what was more concerning to those still dressed in their bikinis was the fact that somehow Pam, Alexa and myself established a precedent for behaviour and as we mixed through the predominantly male group, and the three of us actually welcomed the exploring hands and fingers until we got some food and fairly scoffed at down. Sometime after eating before everyone headed toward party Central, some of the other woman pulled us into a meeting concerned about how to protect themselves and their anxiety about unrestricted access to their bodies should they actually take their bikinis off. We three already naked girls did our best to assure them that it was really okay to just go with the flow because sex is fun and that was the whole point of being here. We chatted for another five minutes and then the guys were calling out who's coming?

One of the girls said we couldn't go completely naked and produced some pasties which we stuck over our pussies and nipples. Then we walked across the boats to where a couple hundred people danced in knee deep water. It was all just sexy dancing and innuendo but there were bottles of drink being passed around although no one was really sure what was in them, but they certainly gave us a buzz and put some energy into our movements. A lot of the guys had their shorts on and a lot of girls were just in their bikini bottoms. And I remember stopping and grabbing Alexa who was nearby to watch a group of guys who were sneaking up on girls and pulling off their bikinis. Some of them acted offended, but others took it in good spirit and a couple of girls having been relieved of their bikinis pulled the boys shorts off and threw them away into the crowd before posing and playing up to the guys until they got close and turned on then pushed them away. We thought was a bit rude.

During the night a few guys and girls wearing T-shirts with official written across the front came round giving out bottles of water which really was a godsend and sometime after that a couple of guys I got dancing with took turns fucking me as people all around just watched. When they were done, I merged back into the crowd looking for anyone from our boat. It one point a girl threw herself into my arms mistaking me for someone else and just about fucked me, but after a while I found Carly, the girl who'd given us the pasties that didn't last half an hour. I danced with her for a while and then we made our way back to our party. The houseboat seemed fairly crowded and there was a good number of people in the powerboats but I ignored all the hands and made cups of hot chocolate for some of us.

But it seemed that most of the visitors on the boat were invited and there were even a couple of extra girls. After finishing my hot drink and quite calmly watching this fat guy finger me as I answered his questions about what it felt like, I would have liked to have slept. Just then a girl pushed through still wearing a rather modest bikini so I put my arms around her, gave her a rather passionate kiss and told her she was so decently dressed she was indecent as I pulled her top off. She didn't really protest and after a momentary look into my eyes, she kissed me back hungrily and I think someone else pulled her bottoms down. I lead her back into the boat where all the beds were occupied, but we pushed into one room where a couple was sleeping and made out. After half an hour of enjoyable pussy licking and general fun, we became aware of a chant outside "where are the girls?" Sometime later several guys burst in and fucked us, but by then I was so tired I fell asleep.

Sometime after sunrise there was a slight stir in camp enough to wake me up and I carefully stepped over bodies to jump into the water. When I surfaced I became aware of the thumping music that seemed somehow out of place and unpleasant, but I guess it had the desired effect of waking people up and I saw many who as they say imbibed in 'a little more of the dog but that them'. I found aspirin and washed it down with almost a quart of water. It seemed unlikely that anyone would be waking up anytime soon and without bothering to find a bikini, I took one of the canoes and went across to the next headland were I parked and had a long refreshing swim. When I got back to the boat over an hour later people were beginning to wake up and almost everyone was naked which was kind of interesting.

I felt completely revived and the girl I'd taken to bed last night emerged looking a little embarrassed and the worse for wear. So I gave her a cuddle and a glass of water before telling her to jump into the lake to wake up. She drank some water and a couple of aspirins, but she was a bit reluctant to jump into the lake protesting that she wasn't a very good swimmer. So after saying I'd did look after her, I took her hand and we went in together. She clearly wasn't a swimmer but I got her to relax and helped her closer to the shore. Then I expressed my appreciation for last night and gently stroked her body. After a few minutes she began to revive and we sat in the sun just chatting for perhaps an hour. We could see the party scene returning to life so on the way back to our boat I gave her a swimming lesson and before we climbed up on deck took a moment for a little kissing and touching.

I picked up making coffee while she woke up those still asleep and encouraged them to drink as much water as they could with a couple of aspirins. By midday the water in the cove looked rather murky but then the barbecue was fired up in the guys cooked up a big feed of sausages, eggs and toast. We were all hungry and didn't muck about eating as much as we could. As they ate, the guys made plans but like yesterday I would have loved to have gone up the lake somewhere and had another nice long swim. There are quite a few visitors looking for water and aspirin and thankfully we had plenty. But then plans were made and after an an hour of mucking about we found our bikinis, climbed onto the boat's and drove off up the lake.

Over an hour later we pulled up in a very beautiful place and most of us skinny dipped. Then the guys figured the way up onto a rock that was probably six or eight yards above the water and jumped in. Of course I followed and the first time I jumped in my pussy ballooned with water and felt really strange, but after a couple more practices I managed to prevent that by crossing my legs and tensing a little before I entered the water. All the other girls had watched me and I assured them that it was great fun and before they jumped I advised them to cross their ankles and squeeze their pelvic floor muscles. They all had a similar experience as me, but with practice they got the hang of it.

A few of the guys climbed higher up and found another place to jump in from but I wasn't following. After our swim and the guys were still amusing themselves along the cliffs, Erin my girlfriend from last night and I climbed on board one of the boats and without any real intention which started making out with the other girls sitting around watching. It was a really sweet girlie half hour then the guys returned looking for a piece of the action but we told them that they'd have to wait for later. Soon after that we headed back down to the houseboat to get ready for another night of partying.

A few guys from our group made their way into the middle of the party but most of us just hung around our houseboat and had our own party and certainly the music was loud enough. After last night I was glad of this more low-key event and sometime during the evening I slipped off to bed with a guy called Glenn, the Phoenix businessman who owned one of the big powerboats in our group. I think a few of the girls were angling to get him into bed, but after a fairly quick fuck we fell asleep and awoke in the morning to find Pam in bed with us.

The three of us had had a surprisingly good night sleep and until nature called we chatted about the fun everyone was having and the low-key mentality. Pam related how before she came to bed couple of the girls were putting on a fairly lewd exhibition for the guys and taking turns to put things up inside themselves like cucumbers and bottles and acting like they enjoyed it. Pam related that was reason why she'd been reluctant to get naked because she was a bit worried about how to cope, but now she realised her worry was all in her own mind and she felt very comfortable.

Nature called so we ventured out, drank water and fresh coffee. Then a group of us took canoes out and once we were well clear of all the party boats I jumped in and swam as the others followed watching.  After a bit Glenn joined me in the water and I was impressed that he was almost able to keep up but when I put on a turn of speed he fell behind.  I think we swim further than I would have by myself. Anyhow when I'd swum far enough we were near some rocks so we climbed up and I relaxed watching the other jump in and play for a bit before joining in.

On the way back we had a really nice discussion about my schoolwork and the nature of the world, and back of the cove many boats had left or were leaving as many had to work the next day. A few people in our camp were packing up as well and I was planning on going back tomorrow. After finding ourselves something to eat Pam and I found a quiet spot in the sun and continued our conversation. She'd began her career as a schoolteacher and got fired for having it off with one of her students which seemed rather outrageous, but apparently it happened quite a lot. She'd been lucky just to get sacked but had it been male teacher with a female student, you could guarantee that he would have gone to jail. So she told me all about that although now she worked as an assistant in a garden centre.

As we talked some of the guys who are leaving came up for a quick cuddle as if to remind themselves that we were real and had shared a few intimate moments. After sunning ourselves for about three hours we went down to where Carly, Vicki, Glenn and another half-dozen guys sat round drinking beer and trying to analyse the party culture on the lake. They took little notice of us as we fixed ourselves some late lunch until we started eating and then everyone else wanted some to. Alexa and Vicki got busy preparing food for the guys after which Glenn drove two guys back to where they'd left their cars and he returned an hour later with more food.

Someone commented about the music that had been playing most of the day and we realised we'd had enough so we drove along the lake and parked about a mile away from the noise talking about what to do over the next few days. It was mostly about sunbathing, swimming fishing and walking and parts of the lake to look and one of the guys cooked up some they'd caught while I took stock of everyone.

Pam I figured wasn't exactly pretty but I expect she had been as a teenager and now that she was naked, she was much more relaxed although she was less likely to take any nonsense from the guys unless she really felt like participating.  Carly had a great sense of humour, a pretty face and a nice figure although her melons seemed disproportionately large compared to her more petite frame.

Vicki had been a popular girl school involved with cheerleading and she'd graduated with a science degree but was only waitressing while she looked for a proper job. Alexa had said she was between jobs and kind of hinted she got by by offering sex for money, but she was very pretty very perky tits.

The guys looked to be all in their 30s and 40s, Glenn as I've said is quite a charming businessman and moderately well endowed. Since I spent the next few days almost exclusively with him, he was great fun and a considerate lover.

Ethan as you know has a rather long cock and knows how to use it and he kind of paired off with Pam. Then there was Brian, a slightly chubby guy and I don't know if I ever had sex with him or not, but he paired up with Alexa.  Then there was Ken, a rather lanky guy with almost no hair and a limited vocabulary. Of all the guys he was the one who most often touched inappropriately and we were kind of tolerant of him but for some reason Vicki seemed to like him although she also liked Brian.

Dale was a lanky guy with a long and rather bent cock, not as long as Ethan's but way more bent and I remember him from when I was being gangbanged.  Brian had almost no hair on its head but a real mess of body hair making him quite nice to cuddle into and he also had a rather large cock that I think the other guys were a bit envious of.  Lenny was something of Wheeler dealer and seemed to know almost everything about everything. He was fairly average build and worked out a lot but I think he also partied hard and looked much older than what he was.

Then there was Cecil, he was like a father figure except he drank incessantly and hardly ever touched us girls acting a bit like a self appointed camp leader although no one took much notice of him and I could have quite easily felt sorry for him, but I figured his life was his own creation.  I mustn't forget Wade, he was something the joker and well equipped in the penis Department although he wasn't all that good at using it. Like so many men I encountered, they are all talk and bluster but when it got down to having sex, I think they needed lessons.

So the plan was to spend a few more days on the lake and not long after dinner I went to bed with Glenn and although I would have liked a longer fuck, it was quite nice to curl beside him and sleep. We woke just before dawn and he wanted to show me some sites so we jumped in his boat to watch the sunrise which I must admit was pretty spectacular. But travelling at speed made me wish that I'd put some clothes on. When we got as far as he intended going, I cuddled against him which led to sex and a slower return to the houseboat where everyone was up making breakfast and Cecil was trying to catch a fish.

After my breakfast had settled, I swam for over an hour and after coming back on board all us girls and Lenny went up top and did an hour of stretching although he seemed more interested in watching than participating. But we didn't really care. Later in the afternoon some of the guys went fishing and I went for another swim then gave all the girls a swimming lesson. That evening I went to bed with Glenn but I think most of the other girls were sharing themselves around, after all there were seven guys and five girls.

I fucked Brian while Glenn was away the next day, but we had such a very nice time I was a little sad to go home. I had a few days school work to catch up on so I spent the next weekend hanging out with my classmates and got up to speed. I turned down everyone but a week after we got back I went out with Glenn who as some girls had told me, he had the makings of a good husband and an ability to provide for a comfortable life. But somehow I knew that he wasn't totally settled within himself but we had a nice time and even though he paid, it was a very expensive cab ride home in the morning and I was late for school.

On the home front, mum put the house on the market and I'm happy with the apartment that we, well she intends to purchase even though it's a bit further away from the pool I go to most days. But since I have a car it doesn't matter quite so much. So here I am a month later, I passed another sexual health exam with flying colours, I've seeing Glenn a couple more times but I'm trying to hold him at a bit of a distance because he's trying to integrate me into his life and I don't know that I'm ready for that. I've also had a few quick fucks with a few other guys and afterwards I almost wished I hadn't because while it was fairly pleasant, I didn't really get a proper orgasm.

So here I am Diana, experimenting with my life and I don't really have any real questions, it's just that this is a convenient way of telling someone and perhaps your readers that sex can be fun as long as you don't try and make it into something it's not.

Best wishes, Sasha xx


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