Saudi Arabia

A country to avoid

Saudi Arabia is a nation of contrasts, the landscape is mostly desert with coastlines on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. For thousands of years the Saudis have been humble desert dwellers, but because trade routes crossed through their region, they were able to make modest profits through trade or criminality.

Prior to the arrival and spread of Islam in the seventh century, the Saudis followed Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). But as a people with nothing in a material sense, the Saudis made Islam their own and perhaps after years of suffering the contempt of their regional neighbours, Islam gave them the power to extract their revenge, not only on their neighbours but the world.

An improved economic fortune smile on Saudi in 1938 when the first commercial quantities of oil were discovered. Since then its economic status has elevated beyond compare. Yet while the majority of the population continues to live in poverty, all the wealth has been concentrated in the hands of the king and his cronies.

They have used as well to fund the Pakistani nuclear program, to buy up the national debt of many countries and today this has given them the bargaining power to dictate some US foreign policy and control the fate of the world. The Saudi regime was suspect in the Twin Towers disaster of 911 and today it funds radical Islamic groups in all corners of the world.

The country has led a military coalition carrying out a devastating air bombardment campaign in Yemen. More than 3,500 civilians have been killed and 6,200 injured in the war, the majority by coalition airstrikes which have struck civilian infrastructure including health facilities, schools, factories, power facilities, bridges and roads. Amnesty International has found that such strikes have often been disproportionate or indiscriminate and in some instances they appear to have directly targeted civilians or civilian objects.

It seems ironic that a country engaged in genocide against neighbouring Yemen, a country that doesn't acknowledge human rights has been appointed for a second term as the facilitator for human rights and United Nations, but to add insult to injury, it has also been appointed to oversee woman's rights in the United Nations.

This is farcical but it shows the level of economic clout that has over the worlds governments. Yet on the home front, with lower oil prices over the past few years, the country has been stagnating economically.

In terms of education, it is not in the Koran, is not worth knowing. Unfortunately modern infrastructure requires a high degree of technological knowledge and competency which is lacking in the Saudi population who really haven't evolved much in the past 2000 years. This is why there is such a huge demand for migrant workers not only in fields of technological expertise, but in manual labour and housekeeping.

However migrant workers are badly treated and often killed at the whim of the Saudi Masters who also purchase children from the conflict zones and slave labourers who are taken from the refugee routes through North Africa. Slavery is alive and well in Saudi Arabia.

Would you or could you visit Saudi Arabia?

If you happen to be male, the primary reason to visit Saudi Arabia would be on business and if you happen to get on well with your business counterparts, you may get to experience some wonderful hospitality and see some ancient sites. But if you happen to be a female, you'd have no rights and you'd also have to endure 40° heat inside a full body covering. Of course if you happened to speak to a male who was not your husband, you might be whipped or stoned, that should be given to the charms of a handsome Saudi man, the judge would cry "off with her head."

Saudi Arabia is not a tourist destination, is the root of the terminal disease called Islam which is spreading like a cancer across the world. To be sure the majority of its citizens are simply normal people brainwashed into believing that their suffering is God's will while the aristocracy and rich businessmen have all the fun.

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