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Women of the Light and Sexual Healing

Goddess Laurel

by Goddess Laurel

I work with men. I don't mean in an office. I work with them on my bed in my healing room. I'm what we call a "Tantrika" but the new sexual healers can now be called "Women of the Light." My sister Goddesses have many names these days, sacred prostitute, temple priestess, sexual healer, sacred whore, etc.

I teach the basics of Tantra, an ancient spiritual teaching that harnesses pleasure and ecstasy. Tantra is a wide body of knowledge and of course I can't teach the entire body of knowledge connected to the various forms.

I spend two hours with my clients, teaching them how to come down from their heads, move into the present with me and learn to transmit a sexual/spiritual energy called Kundilini up through their bodies, causing waves and waves of spiritual internal orgasms. I watch men transform right before my eyes.

They go into states they have never felt before and this is done simply. It doesn't involve penetration - that would be like putting someone who can't drive behind a automobile steering wheel and say "go for it." So I teach the basics of Tantric lovemaking, which is not just my attempt to educate, but to show these wonderful, open men how to live better and to work on staying in the present and to encourage them to get off the robotic work-a-holic system and take deep breaths, slow down and feel their inner peace. This is not always an easy job - I feel sometimes it has in some obscure way been assigned to me.

Oddly enough, this article is not really about my work with men. I was trying to lead up to how much I have learned about women. I have taken an excerpt from a recent letter I wrote to a very insightful new age man: "Thank you for your informative letter and great insights. You have a good understanding of what has happened to women. It's already hard enough just being female, we have so much to worry about, for we wear many hats: mother, nurturer to all, nurse, housekeeper (some), housewife (some), healer, counselor, teacher, social arranger, a good friend to someone or many ... we do so much, plus work full time jobs along with all that. Then we get hit with a long old age, almost subliminal, paradigm that we women are worthy to the degree of our youth and looks after that we are completely dispensable. We worry about being dumped by the wayside after we lose those two things. "A man doesn't need those two to be of value as long as he has money.

Most women that are single and divorced or widowed do not grow old wealthy so they are tossed away. We have been the "niggers of the world" and that is not a racial statement - black women agree; they even have it worse. We are not considered intelligent and our emotions are frowned upon; if we are firm in business then we are called bitches. We are considered weak and hysterical, irrational and our intuitions, good memories, and sexual power scare the hell out of the unaware man, which is the majority. We are multi-dimensional but yet it's so simple - she wants only two things in life; to be able to give love and to receive love. When this is impeded she revolts and the goddess, the high priestess healer, the angel with a heart full of love turns into a monster with the traits of an uninformed male, the competitive nature, wanting to fight, or she abuses her self along with the man in her life aiding her abuse.

She lost her Goddess nature when she couldn't love or be loved - that is so sad to me. One of my goals in life is to empower women to help them realize all the beauty we hold and how innocent and glorious we are when we are truly loved. It starts out slowly - she has to work on herself to nurture the over and over broken heart. She must hold the little girl inside of her and tell her she is loved and safe. It takes time but a good man can help her with the process. I want all women to come back home and remember those days when we were little girls who loved to spend the night together and have slumber parties and talk about boys, the thrill of life and the happiness of the bonding that we felt together.

We couldn't feel this with mom or dad, for they were preoccupied, but we had our girlfriends and without them we would have had no one to share those deepest secrets with. We avowed to be "your best friend," "I promise never to tell a soul - cross my heart hope to die if I tell a lie." It was so sweet and we loved each other while we giggled in our PJ's, listened to music and danced and felt free as spirits... little angels, happy about life. I see so many damaged women and I know why... sometimes I talk with them in attempt to help them see what is going on, for so many are lost. I'm trying to heal men but women need healing the most, for it's the women that will save our world ... if conceivable!!!

I believe it is the mother in the woman, the earth, the healer that brings harmony to our world. She blesses our children, makes the flowers grow and gives life and refuge to those in need.. She is the arms that need to surround our sickly world. She communicates when men shell up, she cries for us all, she continues through the day in dire pain, tenacious and strong. Don't hurt her any more, don't take her for granted, let us not put her as second hand citizen, when she needs to be honored to the highest homage for she the "Woman" will save our world Give her back her reign and let her lead but this time without the patriarchal influence to create war. She is at peace and only wants to love.. Merely let her do that and watch a beautiful world unfold... Goddess Laurel

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