Science Fiction

A journey of the mind

Science fiction has been with us for 100 years or so and in recent years its become a popular means of expression to play out future concepts and elements of the human psyche which means it can be classed as a mythology.

So many of us loved the action adventure series Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Farscape and so many others because they take us out of our daily mind and into a fantasy world representing a future that may perhaps lay before humanity. Certainly all the gadgets and the technology undreamed up in these movies are inspiring scientists and technicians to try and create such things.

It could perhaps be argued that if it hadn't been for the Star Trek communicator, the mobile phone may not have evolved as quickly as it did. Yet all fiction is a play of the mind representing an underlying consciousness that is perhaps not so comfortable because there is the representation of us and them, me and you as being separate.

Within the mainstream science fantasies, it's the same old story of the man being the hero and getting the girl in the end so really it's just another variation of James Bond. However in the underground comic world, the woman is the hero of the story, she is the hero who bares her body without shame and she stands on her own power although there is an overlay of political correctness because she generally wears some futurist and artsy minimalist costume.

At the more extreme end we get the sexual perversion of most of the woman being raped by some monster expressed by some primitive and underdeveloped psychotic. As long as these expressions are confined to the printed page or in these days digital media and the viewers of such rubbish retaining a healthy indifferent disposition, it's probably harmless but on the other hand it could well encourage real antisocial behaviour.

The two key points of contrast here is that on one hand we have the male hero who gets the girl and on the other hand we have the all powerful feminine archetype. This contrast parallels the patriarchal religious hierarchy we see within today's institutions and natural paganism in which the Divine feminine is more revered.

The patriarchal may huff and puff, he may protect the family, put on a show of ego and in the daily bread. But it is the matriarchal, the feminine who processes the ingredients to make a meal, to fill our bellies and soothe our hurts.

We have an extensive range of often fantasy sex Sci-fi stories and of growing up, especially in relation to sexuality and erotic stories, but these are not searchable.


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