Self Massage

A dimension in self awareness and care

Just like our mind can affect our body, our body can affect our mind. Often times, anxiety and tension will build up in our bodies, making it even harder to get rid of.

What massage does, among other things, is to bring attention to your muscles so you can relax them most effectively. Ideally it's great to be massaged by someone else, but its also something you can do regularly to help relax and feel better about yourself.


You don't need to be an expert, just do what you like in the way of stroking and rubbing over your skin. You can do your head, neck and face without oil, but some nice oil facilitates massage to the rest of your body. Please remove any jewellery that's in the way.

Self massage can easily be done anywhere but a private space reduces distractions and most importantly, be methodical and listen to your body. It's also helpful to be inquisitive, what are you touching? Why aren't you ticklish when you touch yourself in some spots?

  • Note; If it hurts, ease off the pressure, be gentler and spend more time massaging the area around any tender spots.
  1. Head, neck and face massage:
    Use your mostly your fingertips to gently rub over everywhere you can reach in a way that feels good.

    • For best effect, treat the whole face, or the whole head.
    • Press gently with your fingertips and make gentle circles. Instead of sliding over your skin, move your skin over the underlying muscles and bones.
    • Don't forget to massage around the eye socket and unless experienced, avoid any pressure on the eyeballs. Massaging the rim of the eye socket and surrounding skin helps reduce eye-strain and eye bags.
    • Massaging the nose and cheeks helps clear the sinuses.
    • Massaging from the temples down over the jaw helps relieve frustrations.
    • Massaging the ears and all around is delightfully refreshing.
    • When massaging the neck, squeeze with alternate hands so you use the strength of all your fingers and the heels of your hands. Don't strain your thumbs.
    • Use your thumbs along the ridge of your skull and back of head.
  2. Hands and arms:
    • Use a combination of rubbing and squeezing actions to affect the entire limb.
    • Squeeze and gently pull your fingers, but don't try to crack them.
    • Pay attention to the details of how you muscles and bones work together.
  3. Front torso
    • Use your finger tips to rub between your ribs and around the collar bone
    • Run along the sternum or breast bone
    • Slide your fingertips to rub between your ribs. Avoid pressing on any breast tissue and you can lift your breasts to get between several more ribs.
    • Massage the breasts, use a nice oil cream and a combination of your hands and fingertips to gently knead and/the entirety of the breast from the nipples to the armpits. Do what feels nice and be methodical. A good breast massage also doubles as a breast examination and a few massage properly it's almost impossible to miss any irregularities.
    • Massage your abdomen in a circular direction sliding down your left side and pulling up toward your ribs on the right. Do what feels nice and be inquisitive. Sometimes when the bowel is full, when pushing down into the left lower abdomen you can feel the mass awaiting evacuation.
    • Don't forget to massage the pubic area, but again be gentle and thorough. Regular massage of this area helps woman to have lighter periods.
  4. Back massage, ideally you need a friend or alternatively you can use a rubbing
    post or something like a tennis ball that you can roll over.
  5. Legs
    • Use a little oil and a combination of squeezing and rubbing to cover your entire legs. Spend a little more time rubbing any sore spots and try to define the shape of the muscles. You can rub up and down, squeeze and twist the muscles.
    • When doing the legs, you can also include your buttocks and lower back.
    • When massaging your legs, sometimes it's nice to lay on your back and raise the leg in the air, but other times you might want to rest your foot on a bench and bend your knee as needed to reach.
  6. Feet:

    They carry you all day and there's nothing like a good foot massage.

    • The feet can be twisted and stretched, the toes pulled and squeezed like the fingers, the webbing between the toes squeezed and the entire foot rubbed. Reflexology.
    • If you use oil or creams, remember to wipe off before you leave tracks on the carpet.
  7. As you learn about your body, this will become something you can do wherever you are and aid in conscious relaxation whenever and where ever.

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