Sensual Massage

The gentleness of touch

floormass2Before getting into this touchy subject, please remember that we experience the world through our senses and our entire perception of life depends on our sense perception. In other words, everything we see, hear, touch or taste is conveyed through our senses to our minds for interpretation and sensual massage increases our ability to perceive.

Our senses are those of vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Just think,  we exercise our bodies so that they perform more efficiently. We do mental exercises to keep our minds sharp and alert so why not sensual massage to enhance sensitivity?

Sensual massage is generally a soft massage over the entirety of the body that stimulates all the sense receptors in the body so that the recipient becomes more sensitive to their environment - simple?

In many corners of society the word massage conjures up ideas of sex, but when anyone talks about sensual massage, most listeners associate that with some form of deviant sexual pleasure. This is an example of ignorance and plain stupidity because all of life is a sensual experience whereas in truth it is key to life.

Not only is there no massage that is not sensual, there can be no relationship to the outside world without sensuality. Unfortunately, ignorance and stupidity rule the world but almost everyone knows the value of massage. It soothes, heals and most of all, it relaxes.

So sensual massage is firstly about relaxation and secondly it stimulates sensory perception. One of the problems we have is that people are so stressed out and frustrated, one of the first things that happens when they relax is they start fantasising about sex. There is nothing wrong with that providing that it does not interfere with the purpose of the massage. In fact between 30% and 60% of all massage clients will experience some sexual arousal when having a nonsexual massage, but this is never a problem unless they attempt to act on it.

While 'sensual massage' as a public service is mostly found in brothels, all massage by it's very nature is sensual. Of course many are still attached to outdated Victorian ethics which tell us that bodily pleasure is bad and brothels and sexual services have always been a part of civilisation. But today stigma associated with pleasure is diminishing as we get better educated and begin to mature.

As the line between massage and sex is blurred for many because ignorance reigns, and morality varies between different segments of society and in different countries.  Suspend your judgement, think for a moment, how sensual this life is. If we were not sensual in our nature, we would have no contact with the world, we would not be able to feel, see, taste or smell. We feel the world and our environment by using our senses and the sensuality of massage heals and sharpens those senses and opens our inner senses that we may connect with the divine.

Due to the wrong understanding of sensual massage, it presents an ethical dilemma for many therapists. However sensual massage is becoming more widely available as a therapeutic treatment that is far removed from the 'rub and tug' association with the seedy massage parlours that are mostly frequented by lonely and frustrated souls who rarely ever get their real needs met.

For an individual who is going to have a sensual massage, it is an opportunity for them to lay completely naked and have their entire body touched and stroked all over without any sexual connotation although arousal is very likely. But the main reason to go for a sensual massage is for the relaxation, stress release and enhancement of one's perception which enables a person to better interact with and perceive the world around them.

Sensual massage is also a helpful tool for couples to grow their relationships and it's great for low libido and even problems with fertility. It is a part of the holistic equation of treating the whole person and sensual massage plays a role in Tantra. Sensual massage should not be compared to tantra massage, erotic or nuru massage, more information can be found in the books below.

Sensual massage stimulates and restores sensitivity

Sensual Massage for Couples
Sensual Massage for CouplesThis is the most comprehensive Gordon Inkeles massage book, with a spectacular full body massage, exercise and bath tips and hundreds of sensation enhancers. It's an ideal gift book for those who are romantically inclined.

Erotic Massage
Erotic MassageStep-by-step illustrations and great tips for erotic stimulation show you how to enrich you love-making through the power of touch. The book features more than 200 all new erotic and vibrant photographs which demonstrate sensual touching.

 Erotic Passions: A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing, Oral Pleasuring
Erotic Passions: A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing, Oral PleasuringThis guide to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring, and ancient sexual positions is a menu of sexual pleasures crafted by a human sexuality expert. Full-colour illustrations.

Blow Him Away: How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex
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19 comments to Sensual Massage

  • David Twesy

    I provide happy endings for women. The other day an attractive young woman came in and said she needed to feel that she felt disconnected from her husband and life. After agreeing to te massage, I rubbed her near irresistible trim body until she was relaxed and receptive. Then my intuitive hands synced to her deep desires and I teased every hot spot on her body until after two hours of wholesome body rubbing combined with unconditional erotic touching, she broke out in spasmodic vibrations and climaxed before resting restored to her life. We chatted after and she said it one of the most sex positive experiences she’d ever had. Another of my clients told me her husband bragged to his friends that a massage guy prepared his wife for him and he was having the best sex in years.

  • Ranaldo

    Sacred Sensual Massage is massaging intuitively from your heart, is a real pleasure to give as well as to receive and uniquely non sexual although that can happen. It’s highly recommended not only for creating very deep relaxation, nurturing and openness but also for releasing trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

  • ARS

    Nice to read everyone’s stories.. I love massage and have them regularly, but once I went to this gorgeous guy an I was so nervous I was actually trembling when he put his hands on my back! He took his time giving me the basic back rub, but when he started on my hip area and even though i had sore spots, I lifted my hips and spread my legs invitingly. He leaned over and whispered, “Do you want more? ‘Cause I want to give it to you…” I really did but I could barely nod my head as I lifted my hips further toward him. His touch was light at first, but it got stronger as he slipped his fingers inside of me. After 15 intense minutes, I was in heaven!

  • Harry

    Clients asking for sensual massage is like a trick question because by definition, all massage is a sensual experience. It is perceived through our senses. It makes you feel good. It is meant to be pleasing to the senses.

  • Julie

    This happened a few years ago after my divorce. I’d not been interested in relationships but had been missing touch and intimacy. I stumbled across an advert from a guy offering sensual massages under the heading “Why shouldn’t women also have a happy ending?” This intrigued me and and I knew men had happy endings all the time so I decided to go for it!

    I was very nervous but he put me at ease. The massage started with me laying face down and like any normal massage he had my legs and bum covered with a towel. We chatted a bit and I relaxed as his hands caressed my back hips and legs without being too intimate. But as he did my legs I started to get a little turned on and soon my bottom was also part of the fun. It was hard to not respond and I opened my legs inviting a more intimate touch.

    After he asked me to roll over, he did my head and face that contained my need and after he’d done most of my front which included massaging my breasts ever so nicely, I found myself with my hand on his bum (which is apparently quite common). He then moved down to my legs and teased me massively until finally pulling away the towel and taking me to a wonderful climax. Then held me and stroked my head before covering me with a towel.

    I was too embarrassed to tell my friends but I’ve been a few more times as it helps keep life in perspective and I just had to share!

  • Stan

    I’ve heard of sensual massages and happy ending so I thought I’d try one, I was nervous, the masseuse was pretty and I felt more nervous as she touched where none had touched before as she worked on my back and legs. She gave me a knowing smile when I turned over and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel. Well next I know she was waking me up and I felt totally refreshed after.

  • Brandon

    I was nervous the firstime, but overall my Asian massage experiences have been fun. No everyone was great, but some girls just have the knack and I’m not suggesting you get one. But a happy ending massage is definitely a great fantasy that’s worth thinking about!

  • Tasha

    Hi, I’ve had some esoteric sensual massages, they’re a beautiful, tender treatments, and from experiencing this tenderness I’ve came to realise that being tender with myself was something that’d evaded me in my life, or more to the point, I’d avoided. Most women think it’s not for them but there’s a great liberating pleasure in being stroked all over without expectation.

  • Hi girls,

    I’d like to share with you my first experience of an erotic massage: it was a while ago, maybe 6-9 months ago but it was i think the best best massage. I have been quite a few times for normal massages, but this time i decided to go for what i call “The massage”:)and it has been in my mind for a long time. Well, i have to tell you it was amazing, and i received it from a male therapist, what he called: masseur. Quite good looking guy, very friendly and very professional. I only had to relax, then all my tensions and worries of how it will be have melted. The room was really warm and lovely, candles, music and all the rest….i heard of him from a friend of mine, she practices yoga and tantra so i was hoping to be in good hands.
    So after a really nice relaxing soft touch massage all over my body which happened i guess for about 50 min, he started approaching my private area and this was the best as i felt like i was healing from certain blockages, and pains that i previously had. He was really nice, took me very gently and seemed to know well what he was doing. I felt like making love to a stranger, but i wasn’t obviously, but in the same time it felt like i am very comfortable and trusted him, had to learn to surrender, though….and all this only with his hands.
    I have to say it took me a while to get used to the idea that i will be touched by a different person than my husband in my private area, but it worth it. I recommended to you all.

  • justine

    When I first began my massage business I was offended that men would ask for sexy massages, but I also knew that many masseuses accommodated their requests and it was a very common practice. So after a few months I began to accommodate them and with some advice from my peers I became comfortable doing nude sensual massages. I am selective about my clients, the work is easier than only doing politically correct massages and more profitable.

  • Leslie

    Hello, I’ve always known that guys have been getting massages with happy endings for untold generations and it just seemed so unfair that women are missing out on one of the most pleasurable aspects of life and their bodies.
    I talked about this with some girlfriends and while they agreed with the idea in principle, I thought it would be impossible and I got the idea to find out.
    I thought about going to a brothel that that idea seemed so wrong in many ways so I went for a normal massage and asked the girl what she thought about men asking for extras. She said it happened far too often but when it did she sometimes curtailed the massage and told them to leave so I didn’t elaborate.
    A few weeks later I found a male therapist and asked the same thing and interestingly he said that he found men quite often asked him for extras whereas women and were generally much more modest. So I asked if he ever did extras but he said he’d lose his job if that happened.
    So again I was deterred but not put off and a few weeks later I went to another guy and we had a similar conversation but he seemed a little more open to the idea but I wasn’t game to ask.
    Then I came across an online advertisement for a guy offering free massages for women.
    I knew what that meant, a rubdown in return for sex and I after thinking about it for a few days, I figured that being fucked could be nice as well so I gave him a call. Over the phone he sounded pleasant enough but when I arrived at his place he looked rather rough. But his manner was okay so I stripped off and he got on with it.
    I’ve had enough massages to know the difference between good and bad and this was bad and didn’t know quite how to get out of it, so I ended up giving him a blow job just so I could get away without being fucked.
    Over the next couple of months I got massaged by another three different guys and these were good massages but the third one although he said it was a taboo in the clinic could be arranged privately. After a little more discussion he said he could come to my house.
    Before leaving he gave me his number and I called him the next day. We both had schedules and I needed the house to myself and a time when my husband would be playing golf. The guy arrived on time and not being sure what I should wear or how I should behave I just had a towel wrapped around and I sat on the bed watching as he set up his table.
    Then he put me on the spot when he asked if I would like him to be naked and if I knew how erotic a massage I wanted. I told him that it would be up to him but that it would be great if I could have an orgasm and I liked the idea of him being naked.
    Well, to start with I lay face down and he had me partly covered with my towel. His massage began like any regular massage except that when his hands went near my hips his fingers would sometimes brush over my butt hole which felt weird because I hardly ever get touched there. When he did my legs he repeated some of the strokes through the crease of my bum and the sense of familiarity turned into an exquisite deliciousness.
    Then his strokes began to flow around my labia which also felt amazing. Then I turned over and he gave me a very nice head and face massage which took my mind completely off everything including sex, then he did my arms and hands which was nice and then he completely oiled my front body and legs. He started again working from my legs which included lots of strokes that went over and around my vagina in various ways which was ever so nice. After that he worked a little on my belly and gave me a very detailed and lovely breast massage with regular strokes back down over my legs and at times his fingers penetrated my vagina.
    He was giving me a general call over massage but slowly his techniques were becoming more focused then he had one hand massaging my breasts and playing with my nipples as his other hand got into full penetrative masturbation mode. I opened my legs together to give him better access and I couldn’t help it but I began fondling his leg and butt as my energy began to build.
    I know sex is different for every woman, but I go into a kind of timeless space but I was also in a state of full body ecstasy for a good while before I came and it was a total full body experience, not just the genital experience that I get when my husband and I make love.
    When I realised that he’d finished, he was gently stroking my head with one hand and my pussy with the other. I felt amazing but then I was aware of his erection and I knew I couldn’t let that go to waste so I rolled up on to one side and to give him a little oral sex before offering him my body to pleasure himself.
    Amazingly I orgasmed again and like before it was the entirety of my body. Since then I’ve been having semi regular massages like this and they are the best. I’ve found life better in so many different ways, my periods that had been increasingly more unpleasant became a breeze, I’m getting on better and having better sex with my husband and other areas of my life have improved as well.
    So to any women who are reading this, I would urge you to go for it, be daring because there’s a whole other world of pleasure waiting to be discovered

    • Sasha Wellford

      A nice summary and I’ve had similar experiences. May you continue to enjoy such healing and transformational treatments.

  • Bonehead

    Tickling can be fun

  • Mr Flip

    To be fair this topic needs more discussion and while everything sensual takes place within our own minds from a scientific perspective, our minds have been programmed to respond, to relax and dissociate the sensual with erotic. In terms of a massage is really hard to separate the two and when I go for a sensual massage I’d be disappointed if it didn’t include some erotic elements and a happy ending

  • Karen

    Hi, sensual massage is perceived as something of a guys thing, but I’ve found there’s nothing more wonderful than having my entire body deliciously and sensuously oiled and stroked. Sometimes it’s an absolute turn on and I like the fact that I’ve had the option of the therapist providing release or hurrying home to my man. But there’s been a few times when I’ve not been at all turned on and it’s a feast of wholesome deliciousness.

  • Mike

    Hey, it’s hard to beat a good sensual massage. It’s like with therapeutic massage, it generally hurts and sometimes you don’t even feel any better afterwards. But with a delicate soft and sensuous massage and especially where the masseuse is also nude and uses her boobs in the massage, I feel totally reenergised and transformed like I’m a new man, everyone should have one regularly

    • Dianna

      An interesting point you’ve made their Mike is that the therapeutic works more physical level whereas the soft and sensual works on an energetic level which can be just as therapeutic and healing although many don’t like to admit that

  • Willian Gianelli

    Hey you’re right there but I rarely ever get a massage without getting turned on and it’s a bummer if the therapist says no. But when she does, there’s nothing like a full body rub down with a happy ending as I feel great for a week or so after. My wife and I also massage each other and we loved the tips in ‘blow him’ – can’t recommend it enough

  • Mark

    I perfectly understand that all massage is sensual, but there is often something magical and transformative about very light sensual massages to the fingers and nails trip ever so gently over the skin and include the erogenous zones. Sometimes these massages can be an absolute turn on and sex or other relief is essential, but other times it’s totally transformative and nonsexual even though the genitals may be touched.