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Sex and the Human Condition

A state of confusion about how to behave

sweetguyWe only come into this world following the act of sexual copulation and it is a biological driver that helps to ensure the continuation of our species.

But in this modern age as in some ages before, there is a great deal of confusion about the act of sex and sexuality. Typically, young people will begin to fantasise about sex and if their social environment is conducive, they may experiment.

There are some modern schools who include human relationships within their curriculum is, but for the majority of young people in the world, sex and what we know about relationships is not taught beyond some simplistic biology.

Consequently, the majority of the worlds population stumble through life in confusion as well as a considerable amount of guilt when their sexual behaviour is not strictly in accordance with their community's standards.

Because of the confusion and most adults recognition that they simply don't know, they are more content to let their children fumble their way through that sexual abyss as they had to, and because they had to, it's often seen as a rite of passage that teenagers must find their own way.

As a consequence of this, our self-knowledge in the area of sexuality is failing to keep up with the general knowledge about the nature of our universe.

It seems that if we are to educate our children about sex and human relationships, we first need to clarify what these are. The act of sex referred to as copulation is twofold, the first is for procreation and the second is for pleasure.

There is clearly a force with the nature that wants us to perpetuate our species and the incentive to have sex in large part is the pleasure that physical sex between two people experience. Pleasure is the incentive to have sex and to try and have sex in such a way that the amount of pleasure is increased.

Yet sex is little to do with relationships. Most of us live within a patriarchal society where men dominate physical and social life. Men typically like to have pleasure without taking too much responsibility. Like in nature with a cock to lasers eggs on someone else's nest or other species where once impregnating a female, he has no further responsibility in raising the offspring.

Struggling with sexuality

We think we know:

It's not so long ago that the raising of children was the responsibility of entire communities, then with the advent of Christianity and the Industrial Revolution the idea of monogamy, of the man and woman joining in marriage for a lifetime and raising their kids.

But today we have invented a myriad of different ways of having sex as well is relating to each other and what is a money centred marketplace. With the spread of capitalism, sex and women's bodies became commodities in a similar way as the land or in many places the water we drink and depend on for life.

In this commercial world, there is sex with one's self in private, sex for money, same-sex relationships and every orgiastic combination conceivable. It is a place for all that sex occurs is within our own minds.

Just think for a moment, the light from the screen as reflecting through the lenses of your eyes, onto the retina behind the eye and then a signal goes to your brain which then decides what you are seeing. In fact you can't actually see this screen at all, it's only an idea in your own mind.

Similarly all our life experiences can only ever take place within our own minds or consciousness. All the sensations of touch, of pleasure and pain are only ever registered within one's own mind and we can never have any external experience.

This is one of the grand illusions of life which most of us would prefer not to think about. But in this modern age where the earth is over populated and there is no great need to reproduce, the primary drive to have sex is for pleasure. However once people have tasted sexual pleasure, they often want more and will do anything to achieve it.

There has been a new book released about Mahatma Gandhi and what many see as his sexual perversity and sleeping with pretty young girls. Many people see this as a moral case, but we humans have this need for human intimacy that is powerful enough that our minds can twist any morality to accommodate those needs.

Sex should never be a moral issue and provided the precautions are taken to prevent the spreading of any diseases and that sexual activities are not exploiting or hurting anyone, there should be no social restrictions placed on sex.

There are many people who believe that the world would be a much better place if our children were properly educated on not just the biology of procreation, but also learn about the intricacies of human relationships, morality and social responsibility. Of course for this to happen in the proper way, we all need to get over the unhealthy attitudes that most people have towards the human body.

In a perfect world, apart from protecting the body from the elements, there would be no real need of clothing and if two people wanted to go and have sex, they would be free to do so.

In the mediaeval cities of Europe as well is in the slums of some modern cities, it would have been relatively common to see people having sex in public. Of course the moralists disapprove and even made laws against this, but once that desire becomes compulsive, it's very hard to stop so people end up seeking pleasure whenever and wherever they can.

The other word is addictive behaviour and there is little difference between addiction to sex or addiction to drugs and other behaviours because there is a reward that makes it all worthwhile even sometimes when the consequences are disastrous.

Like a good conversation, the act of sex is simply another way of sharing with another human being and there is nothing wrong with that. But when we look at the enforced celibacy found within the church, and clearly doesn't work because we have tens of thousands of cases of church representatives, the priests conniving to have sex with children.

The repression of human sexuality simply leads to deviant and antisocial behaviour. As such this church idea of celibacy must be abandoned and the priests encouraged to marry. Because so many of them are homosexual, in this modern world they can marry each other and there should be no problem with that.

Repression does not lead to any understanding or liberation, it only causes more suffering, but the widespread prevalence of what can only be called a corruption of being human can only be remedied by allowing society to become much more permissive and experimental. But because this behaviour reflects a spiritual emergency within every individual who has some compulsive behaviour, we also need some honesty and some more frank discussion about our spiritual nature and what it means to be human.


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