Sex as a Career?

Women have been counselled to become sex workers

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The concept of a woman offering sex for money and other favours is generally thought of as the world's oldest profession and as far as we know, there has never been a time in human history where this has not occurred.

Today in many countries despite the cries of some moralists, what many regard as prostitution has been legalised in many countries.  Yet when we look at many marriages, they are often little more than agreements validating sex for money.

Yet moralists around the world even though they may be prostituting themselves condemn the activity of the women who make themselves available to men, but rarely ever condemning the men who demand and utilise this service.

In some bygone eras, the exchange of sex for money may have taken place in the temple. This is where young men and women could get some degree of training in the arts of sensual and sexual pleasure. For young people it was simply a training in preparation for marriage and for the mostly more mature men, it was sometimes for hedonistic pleasure or the intimacy that was lacking in their marriages.

As a civilisation, while wives and girlfriends may be upset at the significant man in their life taking solace with another woman, this has always been a normalised social behaviour. While other woman may frown, most men are tolerant and understanding.

Sex for money as part of the human condition and a pathway to pleasure utilised by a majority of men with means including business leaders, government officials, popes and presidents. It seems that sex is a real human need and women who enjoy sex and intimacy without much commitment and always made themselves available.

Sex and the ancient world was much more straightforward and perhaps civilised, but in today's world it is regulated and politicised by people claiming to have an interest in what is really none of their business. Even the church which claims to be the most moral of institutions that decries prostitution suffers from a great deal of sexual deviance by its administrators and not so long ago, churches and brothels were always near to each other.

Stepping forwards into today's high-tech world, there are many arguments and yet the same basic human needs and desires exist. Despite moral arguments no country has been able to eliminate what is referred to as prostitution and exchange of sex for money.

What is different is that our population has become huge and today's capitalistic free-market economy treats people as economic chattels. There have been periods in the past when sex workers would have been slaves, but never on the scale of sex slavery that exists in the modern world. This is the real downside of the modern sex industry where many of the woman who work in it have little freedom or choice as well as ever younger children being co-opted.

"Under Germany's welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take any available job – including in the sex industry." ~ Telegraph

Sex work is generally a high-risk occupation due to the risk of disease and criminal behaviour which tarnishes the industry. Yet it's an industry where modern countries like South Korea have an estimated 160,000 sex workers within a population of 50 million. All around the world and especially in poor countries, there are millions of women who don't regard themselves as prostitutes, escort or sect workers, but they are quite happy to exchange sex for money. Even in the dating game which has evolved in modern times, the idea of a man paying for a woman's dinner was considered a payment for sex.

Human sexuality is one of the most conflicted arenas of life. Some people want it and can't get it, other people get it but don't do it right and some people can't get enough. In today's sexualised world, human sexuality has become a commodity and a marketing tool which deepens people's confusion and even drives some to suicide.

So, whatever your opinion about the concept of sex for money, it happens and it's always going to happen regardless of what you think about it. So the question we must ask is do you want to participate as a customer or a service provider?

As a customer

For most people, intimacy and sex are very real human needs and very few people have their needs met within their normal social confines which is why so many stray. Sex workers are very mixed, some do intimacy really well, some do sex really well and others just take the money in return for limited access to their bodies.

As our world is becoming more gender equal in some areas, woman have similar opportunity to seek out different levels of intimacy and sex in exchange for money, but like the men they will also have two shop around and suffer a few unpleasant experiences before finding some satisfaction or just giving up.

When you hire any sex worker, the self to know what you want and you can negotiate for that. But the most important thing is that all sex workers are human beings and deserve equal respect.

Becoming a sex worker

This is not the easiest job in the world, but it's taken up by millions of women and some men, often as an occupation of last resort. It is probably fair to say that a majority of clients come with high expectations for the fulfilment of their fantasy. The people who take to this occupation don't necessarily like sex but they must be able to act as if they like it as well as taking care of their health and safety concerns.

Massage, counselling and interpersonal communication skills are often more valuable than being good at sex because so many clients are coming to live out some fantasy. Therefore sex workers need to have the skills to be able to interpret those fantasies and yet offer the human intimacy so sadly lacking in today's world.

The idea of doing this work may be repulsive too many and infringe on moral beliefs, but if you happen to be a mildly attractive person seeking work, it is becoming increasingly probable that should you refuse such work, you will be denied any welfare or Social Security help.

"i’m gonna get my bachelor’s degree in engineering. i’m gonna get my pilot’s licence. i’m gonna work in my field so i can get my iron ring. i’m gonna learn to dance and i’m gonna perform. i’m gonna get my master’s and my PhD and i’m gonna research artificial intelligence. i’m gonna learn how to speak French fluently. i’m gonna travel and become worldly and live as a local in so many different countries. i’m gonna build an awe-inspiring resume and become an astronaut. i’m gonna keep adding more and more stuff to this list because i’m a hoe and a hoe’s potential is limitless when she isn’t held back by her bank account. sex work isn’t just work, but it’s also a catalyst and a spark for those who otherwise would not have the means to reach their dreams." ~ kelsey

All through the development of modern civilisation, sex and money have been necessary although uneasy bedfellows from any moral standpoint, but it's not going away anytime soon. With the legalisation of sex for money in many countries wages and working conditions have become standardised but for those sex workers with ambition, who can avoid the drugs and other dangers this can be a very lucrative career.

The key to success is seeing the divine in everyone while learning how to be a counsellor, a lover, a mother or a best friend for brief interludes. Life is an act and I'm not counselling anyone to take up this role, but wherever you're coming from don't judge others and if this is not for you, carry on doing something else they gives you fulfilment.

As the idea of sex for money becomes a more accepted aspect of our social structure, more resources can go into stamping out the corruption, mistreatment of sex workers, slavery and and sex trafficking so prevalent today.

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