Sex Talk

A conversation recorded

clitMy sister Ciara and her friend Sandy were a little bored as they sat watching the rain running down the windows. I'd just stacked fire and I think they'd forgotten I was still there doing some homework, but it was hard not to hear what they were saying and this is some of their conversation.

Sandy: what is it about men Ciara? You know I quite like Alfie, in many ways he's really nice and I feel strongly attracted to him but he's really useless at sex.

Ciara: unfortunately I kinda know what you mean because most of the boys I've been with just please themselves and sometimes I just can't be bothered having sex because I'm sure all be disappointed even though I've given into them a few times just in case it does get good.

They laughed knowingly and Ciara continued: you know I can count the number of times I've been completely satisfied on the fingers of one hand and the feeling is just mind blowingly amazing and I feel great for days afterwards but you know kinda getting tired of it because I'm sure they could do better if they wanted.

Sandy: yeah, I know it you mean. Like a few of the boys of being with came before they put it in which in some ways was kinda funny but sad that they were so nervous and unable to hold much of a conversation because I think that's what it needs, you know more talking and an easiness of being together.

Ciara: somehow I think our worlds got pretty fucked up because half the boys just treat me like an object with tits and arse and that's all they want to play with, but I really want to have a conversation at all because I guess at some level they think they are going to be contradicted or told their ideas are stupid. You know I do my best to encourage them can't believe the stupid things they say that I laugh at and agree with, but it's like they all need coaching.

Sandy: do you remember James Morris? That English boy that came to school for a term. He was cute and good fun. He was good at maths so I invited him home after school one day and we just fell into this nice easy conversation and for some reason as he was trying to explain algebra to me I just got so hot and bothered that I couldn't focus. I guess it must have showed because he asked me if I was okay and I said I was, he put his hand up my skirt. I still can't believe how big a risk I took because Mum and Dad were home and after we'd had sex I felt really great. It didn't last very long but it's like we both came together.

Ciara: yeah, funny that can sometimes beguile be thrusting in and out and I'm getting nowhere, like it's kinda nice but like I need something to happen to make it extra special and nothing I do seems to make it any different. Perhaps that's what our parents call vanilla sex?

Sandy: maybe in I think the best sex I have had was with my uncle Ben. Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that if you promise to keep a secret I'll tell you all about it.

Ciara: sure, I won't tell anyone I promise.

Sandy: make sure you don't doesn't cause a lot of trouble. Anyhow, not long after I started growing boobs getting my period dad's brother and his wife were staying here for a few weeks and uncle Ben was so sweet. Actually we got along really well and I was having a lot of fun then for a whole week he was home when I got home from school. I guess we'd already been flirting a little but in a surprise when he said how sexy I was and even though I knew it was wrong, I let him undress me. We didn't do anything like, we just played around, flirted and did a bit of restling. Cause may be promise that it was our secret and then the next night we had sex.

Ciara: did it hurt and did you get pregnant?

Sandy: I'd already been experimenting with a few boys and compared to them uncle Ben's penis was rather small and it didn't hurt a bit, factor felt so wonderful I was really eager to come home from school the next few nights and then he was gone. So started experimenting with a few more boys and started to learn more about what I liked and didn't like. Is like my body reacts differently with different boys. Remember that guy Danny that went off to California? He was a bit crude and rude, but I fucked with him a few times.

Ciara: I heard his cock was a bit of a bigun?

Sandy: sure was and there were at least five of the girls I know who had sex with him. Ali was one and Tanja another. When he left we got together and had a chat, but is most redeeming feature seemed to be that he can stay hard for 30 minutes or so which I found reasonably satisfying.

Ciara: yeah, sometimes I even get that much and sometimes I think I need to have two or three guys lined up.

Sandy: that'd be funny, but apparently some women are into that but I don't see how that they'd get any real intimacy with the next guy so it'd just be a matter of vaginal stimulation and I don't know for be any better than just using your fingers or a vibrator to finish off with.

Ciara: I watched a few gang bangs on the Internet and I must say it looks kind of intriguing, but can't tell how much the girl is just acting or whether she is really enjoying herself. If it was pure pleasure, I reckon I'd be into it.

Sandy: sounds like dangerous territory to me that still beats me why we don't have some sort of real-life sex education because I think that most adults are still just fumbling their way through trying to work things out and they expect us to do the same.

Ciara: I've heard rumours that some fathers take their sons to brothels so that they learn their way around a woman's body and get to have sex which seems like a good idea but it seemed like we are supposed to instinctively know what to do without any training at all and Mum was useless talking about sex which makes me wonder if she enjoyed it at all.

Sandy: nothing most people find sex pleasurable, but is just that there's no proper rapport or coordination.

Ciara: I think there has to be some sort of active intelligence besides the base desire just to get more just to be with any particular person. You know that guy Rosswell who's captain of the hockey team has asked me out and he's damn good looking. We already chatted and flirted a bit at school so I'm hoping he turns out to be good in bed as well. But sometimes I think I need more experience and to be quite nice to be seduced by an older man.

Sandy: you know that Mr Rushton who runs the science department is really sweet and has a nice masculine air about him.

Ciara: I know it you mean, nothing is quite a few girls fancy him but you know there's any number of blokes that leer at our bodies and letting any of them get close is a bit of a risk and I'm not sure if I want to go there yet.

Sandy: yeah, everything in life is a risk these days and since were talking about sex I could feel myself getting all wet and sticky so I am gonna go home and take a shower.

Their conversation returned to more mundane things and in a few minutes Sandy was gone. But what they said got me thinking the sex education we get at school is really poor and I think the girls are right about our parents just stumbling through life without really knowing much about what they're doing. It also seems too bad that we can't have these conversations with her parents because any time the subject of sex, they simply say not to do it until after marriage and then everything will become clear. What do you think?


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