Sex Therapy

Restoring relationships with self and others

domThere was a time that most people when they felt an urge to express themselves sexually, they went ahead, found a person with whom to share that expression with and they got on with it. They did not necessarily have to be in any particular situation and until recently sex between consenting adults often took place in public although not in anyone's face.

So what is sex therapy?

It can mean different things to different people and while sex therapy has become a recognised practice with therapists receiving state certified training, it still remains a very vague term covering many aspects in terms of ones personal sexual perception and gender orientation and fetishes, addiction, relationship issues such as falling out of love, communicating, sex avoidance, lack of interest, achieving intimacy with one's partner as well as all the physical aspects of sex and problems such as frigidity, premature ejaculation and other concerns.

Sex therapy typically involves counselling in order for the therapist to evaluate yourself and possibly your partner. But it may also involve medical examination to ensure that one's body is healthy and capable of sex. Typically the therapist after an evaluation will ask the individual or couple to try out different approaches to sex and some therapists will go as far as having sex with clients to evaluate their sexual ability and responsiveness.

The desired outcome of all sex therapy is to restore sexual function to individuals and couples so that they can participate in sexual experiences and experience what most people consider as sexual pleasure.



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