Sex therapy

An all too common story labelled as love in decline

sxtherBenjamin was a brash dominating man who expected his wife of five years to be the perfect wife. That entailed keeping house and serving all his needs. He was not particularly unkind or inconsiderate, he was simply emulating his father's behaviour toward his mother who suffered from chronic depression.

For the first year, Maryann was happy. Her girlfriends were envious because she had made a good catch, but behind the scenes the novelty was wearing off. It was not that she didn't love Benjamin, it's just that they were losing their spark and in his mind, it was her fault.

As her interest in sex wore off and life became a monotonous grind, she did the house work and made sure his shirts and suits were immaculately pressed. She was discovering that she was not suited to this monotonous regime.Benjamin noticed that she was less willing to have sex. They talked about it and made several attempts to spice things up with Viagra and other women's aphrodisiacs. This created a diversion and temporary relief for Benjamin as afterwards they settled back into the same routine.

Maryann did her best, she wore sexy clothes and watched porn while he was at work. She found herself casting her eyes over unlikely men and she thought she needed a change. But she was worried she may be found out  as Benjamin had a wicked temper and she didn't want to be on the receiving end.

Everything eventually came to a head and Benjamin took a day off work. They saw a counsellor and discussed their diminishing sex life. That evening, they enjoyed the best sex that they'd had in the past year. It didn't last of course, a week later they were back to square one and Maryann enduring sex. The following month, they went to see a sex therapist. They discussed the issue and then they came back a few days later for separate appointments.

Maryann enjoyed her session with the handsome young doctor. They had sex and she enjoyed one of the best orgasms she'd had for a long time. Benjamin also enjoyed his experience with a delectable young nurse. They had sex together that night and it was the best they'd had for a long time, but a week later, they were back to square one.

Maryann bought a fresh supply of herbal aphrodisiacs that helped and made her sex life enjoyable for a few months. Because the herbal aphrodisiacs had worked and provided better results than counselling and sex therapy which was a euphemism for sex with someone else, she searched the web for natural solutions to improving libido, but she was also noticing that her husband also seemed less interested.

Unknown to her, Benjamin was making regular trips to the sex clinic and he was also having a discreet affair. Maryann suspected as much and she was relieved that he wasn't pressuring her. Because she'd enjoyed her own experience at the sex clinic, she experimented with some of the available young men around town with whom she was more fully responsive than with her own husband.

A little confused by this, Maryann thought she had stopped loving husband or that he had stopped loving her and the decline in her libido was his fault. They tried discussing the issue, but it turned into an argument and the drama that Maryann turned on left Benjamin feeling that he was not doing enough.

He did his own research and he read that massage was supposed to be a natural solution to low libido, so he made an appointment with a therapist in the next town and on Saturday they drove over. Maryann was relieved that the therapist was a strong handsome man with a nice personality. During the interview, he asked about their diet, nutrition and lifestyle, then he asked Maryann to undress and lay on the examination table.

She'd never had a professional massage before. She enjoyed the way her body was squeezed and rolled in his hands as Benjamin watched. This was a preliminary treatment, so he didn't touch her genitals but she loved the way he massaged her breasts and spoke about the importance of breast massage as a preventative measure against breast cancer.

On the drive home, Benjamin agreed in principle with much of what the massage guy had said and they discussed a few changes to their diet and lifestyle. Over the next month, their sex life returned and Benjamin was hard pressed to service his wife as well as his lover. As their sex life began to ebb again, Benjamin suggested that Maryann arrange some more treatments with the massage guy.

Two days later she nervously entered his clinic. They discussed how things were been between her and her husband and the few improvements she had made to her diet. In the previous treatment, they'd discussed the possibility of genital massage and as she was undressing, he raised that idea again.

What he said made sense, so Maryann agreed. He spent almost an hour easing the knots out of her back and legs. She was in another space, carried by the music and the niceness of his touch that she scarcely noticed when his fingers slid through the crease of her butt cheeks. But his fingers stayed there, gently massaging the bony rim either side of her anus and his fingers coming perilously close to her ass and vagina.

It felt wonderful and when he asked how I felt, she didn't lie and opened her legs a little wider. All too soon he asked her to turn over and she contemplated if she should feel embarrassed or not because her nipples were fully erect and her pussy felt engorged and wet. He spent some time massaging her feet which put her back into a kind of translucent state.

She was vaguely aware as he massaged her legs, and then he was massaged her belly and her arms and hands, and then her neck and face. She wondered if she had fallen asleep, and then she struggled to keep her hands to herself as he massaged each breast in turn with meticulous detail.

Then his hands went to her pubic area and she felt pleased that she'd shaved completely this morning. Her sense of urgency was growing and yet he was taking his time as he gently massaged all around her genitals in fine detail. She rested her hand on his hip and then walked her fingers up under his shirt, her fingertips pulling at his skin and trying to convey her need.

He didn't keep awaiting much longer, he separated and massaged each fold of her labia, he exposed her clitoris at his touch there caused her to bend and open her knees giving him more access. It seemed to her and eternity before his two fingers slipped inside, but he didn't finger fuck her like she expected and wanted. He carefully massaged around all the internal services of her vagina. But he saved her G spot for last.

As he hooked both his fingers up onto the internal surface of her clitoris, he began stroking her swollen and erect bulb. Maryann wanted to tear his clothes off and pull him down on top of her as he bought her to a wonderful orgasm. Her body spasmed several times before she was able to open her eyes and gaze up at him in appreciation.

He left one hand cupped over her genitals and the tip of one finger pressing against her perineum, with his other hand, he touched on her chakra points until his other hand rested on the top of her head. Maryann had closed her eyes and she felt wave upon wave of energy pulsing through her body.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, he'd gone. She felt her breasts, they felt full and her nipples were still erect. She put her hand to her vagina, it was still swollen and extremely sensitive and she hoped that he would come back in and fuck her completely. Thoughts of her husband her boring life seemed so far removed as now she felt so alive and ready for anything.

A diet and lifestyle problem

After a few months of treatments, Maryann realised that there was nothing wrong with her libido and sex drive, the problems lay with her relationships and lifestyle.

Many of her female acquaintances she knew were in similar positions to her, they were mostly home bound wives who once the husband was off to work in the kids off to school found themselves bored out of their trees. Her parents were getting dementia, her husband began spending more time with his lover and just to have a life, she had several lovers of own.  Of all the treatments that she'd tried to resolve her low libido and poor sex drive, on reflection, massage had worked best.

Maryann finally dead to discuss some of these problems and when it came to talk about low libido, she talked about her experience with the massage therapist.  Some of these women took her advice and reported a similar improvement although they spent more time talking about the challenge to overcome their shyness and open their bodies to a stranger.

They rationalised that it was not much different to a one night stand or a quickie with a stranger and because there was no sexual intercourse per say, it was not classified as infidelity thanks to the new interpretation of the word by Bill Clinton, a definition that was rapidly picked up by all the worlds dictionaries.

Maryann and her husband evolved an open relationship and became friendly with each other's lovers.  At times it made their social life a little more complicated, but it served their personal happiness.

Maryann was 25 years old and six years into her relationship when she decided she wanted children.  She made sure that the first one was to her husband and during that first year, her libido dipped slightly.  But thanks to a couple of girlfriends who were experimenting with a similar open lifestyle, child raising was relatively easy and they took turns babysitting and cooperated in making dates to go shopping, have a massage, or spend some time with a boyfriend.

When the financial crisis hit, the woman co-opted lovers who as a reward for sex either contributed financially or with manual work in their homes and gardens.  Their lifestyle became a little more organic and while around and people were losing their homes and their health, Maryann and friends improved their general state of wealth and good fortune.


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