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Looking at porn upsets the prostate gland

For a great many men and women, sex is a strange and twisted pleasure. When is good, life is fantastic but then it has been good few times and then not so good even more times, the fabric of perception and understanding of our sexuality gets twisted.

Our civilisation is highly sexualised. We live in a society where women's bodies are used to sell everything and yet if a woman dares to breastfeed in public, she is sometimes criticised. This is a sad reflection on what's going on inside our minds and one of the many symptoms of the sickness in our world.

For men, having sex and that orgasmic release of sperm is one of the greatest forms of relaxation, yet the very act of having good sex with a real partner instead one's own hand does not always occur as often as one would like.

So we have this situation today where untold millions of men are fantasising about sex and the women (and sometimes men) that they would like to do it with.  But in our modern technological age, so many men lack the confidence to get along with women or they lack the financial resources to go and buy one for an hour.

To help grow their fantasies, there are millions of websites that have largely replaced the printed magazines displaying every aspect of pornography.

So what happens to guys who spend untold hours looking at porn?

They get sexually turned on, and in the beginning of their porn watching career, they will jerk off to relieve that pent-up stress or if they are more fortunate they will go and let it out with their spouse or lover.

However there millions of men who don't have any significant other with whom they can have that sexual expression.  Over time their arm gets tired, but still they're watching all this porn which is moving their body chemistry.

Even if they don't get an erection, the testes are getting excited because they are getting the signal to begin preparation for that race for the egg, and the prostate is also gearing up to support that event which comes less often.

There is an energetic and physiological preparation happening within the male reproductive system that never seems to come to fruition, and when this is combined with a more sedentary lifestyle as with office work, all those chemicals just stagnate with the reproductive system.

When there is a rich chemical soup sitting around with no place to go, it can begin to have an adverse effect on reproductive health, and one of the first areas to be affected is the prostate which slowly enlarges.  As the prostate gland enlarges and that chemical soup thickens, this stagnancy within the reproductive system creates the ideal breeding ground for what we term as cancer.

Because this is such a sensitive subject and most men think of themselves as being invincible, there is very little discussion and research being done.  Men who want to be healthy should never look at porn, yet to keep their reproductive systems healthy, they need to have real sexual relationships.

While polygamy and polyandry exist, over most of the world, the ideal relationship is monogamy. This is important because it helps to keep track of parentage and family lineages to prevent inbreeding and genetic weakness. However it fails to address the real needs of every individual for sexual expression.

In some cultures that are today considered primitive, adolescents were free to explore their sexuality until the time they married provided of course they didn't get pregnant.  In these cultures, even monogamous relationships were more flexible than relationships today.

So to retain the sexual health and vitality of our population, to reduce not only the reproductive health issues and decreasing fertility that our civilisation is facing, we'll need to rethink our rights and freedoms so we all enjoy better health.

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