Skin, Hair & Nails

Healthy Skin requires a healthy body

Neglect may result you your skin looking like a reptiles

Neglect may result in your skin looking like a reptiles

How to keep your good looks and prevent sagging, lines and wrinkles.

Our skin from birth is exposed to sun, dirt and grime, and then washed with various combinations of chemicals. It is also susceptible to the process of ageing and after many years can resemble that of a reptile. But there is hope for lovely soft, clear skin, but first lets think about the skin, it's functions and requirements:

Your Skin is a barrier to keep your insides in, and to keep the outside world out.

The skin is extremely tough and yet sensitive and can heal itself after injury, like the rest of the body, if given the optimal conditions, it is a complete, self regenerating system.

How to make your own hair removal wax

  1. Take one cup of sugar, a half teaspoon of salt and a half cup of lemon juice
  2. Mix with a half cup of water and and heat
  3. Keep stirring until the sugar caramelises (thickens) which takes around five minutes
  4. You can put the solution into a jar, but it sets like toffee so it's a good idea to separate into usable portions (strips) and store in cling wrap

  5. Use what you need soon after cooking while the wax is still soft
  6. The left over wax can be stored and softened in a microwave or hot water but ensure your wax does not contact water when needed.
  7. The quantity made with this recipe is generally enough for armpits and a Brazilian wax

Throughout history, people have been applying various potions to the skin in the attempt to maintain a youthful complexion, for some, it works to a degree, for others no matter how many or how expensive the potions used, their skin looks more like our lizard friend above.

If mirrors were not invented, would vanity be a problem?

The health of your skin is dependant on the health of your body, the more vital and well nourished your body, your skin will likely remain youthful for longer unless some disease is present.

Tips to maintain healthy skin:

  • Ensure your body has optimal nutrition
  • Use soaps and detergents very sparingly
  • Avoid harsh chemicals
  • Only use natural / edible oils and cosmetics
  • Wash in warm water - rinse off with cold water

Skin problems:

  • Dry Skin
    • Eat more leafy green vegetables
  • For pimples, infections and cold sores try
    • Colloidal silver cream
    • Pure essential oil, i.e. lavender
  • Chronic problems like psoriasis
    • Colloidal silver cream
    • Invest in your health by finding a health practitioner who can assist with real healing.
  • Rosacea;
    • Examine diet and lifestyle, and use topical medications.

Colloidal silver cream and essential oils are widely available from health stores and pharmacies. Colloidal silver cream can also be purchased on line and learn more about your skin.

Hair and Nails
The fact that we still have head hair (or at least most of us do when young) probably relates mostly to its importance in sexual attraction. While loss of head hair is common in men, it can occur in women, but when it does, it is generally a thinning of the hair rather than male pattern baldness.

Most of us desire to have thick luxurious hair but sadly many people suffer with limp and lackluster hair which must be constantly bolstered by various enhancing shampoos and treatments.
However the guidelines as above for a healthy skin also apply to hair and nails although the cold rinse does not necessarily apply. Lack luster hair is often a sign of general poor health and mineral deficiency or a mineral imbalance which may be corrected with a mineral supplement.

Rinse off with cold water after washing to tighten your skin

Rinse off with cold water after washing to tighten your skin

  • Hair and Nail Care Tips
    • Regularly trim hair to remove split ends
    • Avoid harsh colourants, shampoos and conditioners that not only damage the hair, but may also damage the scalp and the hair roots
    • Do not wash hair more than once daily and 2 - 3 times weekly is often sufficient
    • When having a bad hair day, oil your hair with almost any vegetable oil and wash out after an hour or so. This will make your hair look great.
    • Nails
      Nail polish removers don't do your nails any favours.
      Keep nails trimmed to avoid breakages
      When nails are ingrown, cut more straight across

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  • Judy Hodgekins

    I often wondered is hair, skin, and nail products worked. There’s so many on the market touting benefits from detoxifying skin to straight up erasing wrinkles, sometimes it leaves me wondering if just clever marketing. It’s nice to put stuff on my skin and be pampered, but really, some grain of common sense say I need to eat healthily and exercise.

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